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  • Sinners must still encourage good and forbid evil Date: 11-3-2012

    I heard the Imaam in a Friday sermon say that whoever desires to advise a person should first investigate whether he himself is free from that sin or not, this is because the Prophet, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, warned us against this. However, all of us commit sins, especially in this era which is full of temptations. Man tries to resist his.. More

  • Encouraging good and forbidding evil: means, degrees, and conditions Date: 8-3-2012

    What are useful ways to encourage good and forbid evil? How can a person forbid evil in the following situations: 1) When a person sees an evil on the way to performing prayer at the mosque but does not have time to stop? 2) When travelling in a taxi where there is evil, such as songs and the like. What should a person do given that they.. More

  • Enjoin good and forbid evil according to ability Date: 6-3-2012

    I am studying in France. Whenever I see a non-Muslim or a disobedient Muslim, I feel that I must advise him because I was disobedient myself but now I know the truth, praise be to Allaah The Almighty. It is impossible to advise all non-Muslims and disobedient Muslims. I feel that I do not meet the obligation of enjoining good and forbidding evil as.. More

  • One's responsibility for giving bad advice to people Date: 20-9-2011

    Please tell me to what degree we will be held responisable for incorrect advice we give to people. If you give bad advice to someone (on purpose or unwittingly), will you be held responsable for the consequences or is it the person making the mistake that will be held accountable? I know that the person who guides to good gets the same reward as the.. More

  • Forbidding evil as much as possible Date: 20-7-2011

    I see immoral acts in the streets of our city that provoke my tears, but I cannot forbid it except with my heart. Am I sinful? What advice would you give me? .. More

  • When forbidding evil is obligatory on an individual Date: 10-4-2011

    A young man is asking what he should do with his mother who spends most of her time outdoors. Her behavior has aroused suspicions. She refuses to listen to her children’s advice. Even though they are capable of preventing her by force, they do not do this because they fear the wrath of Allaah. They have tried everything with her except two.. More

  • Actions towards overt and covert wrongdoing Date: 28-2-2011

    A man travels often due to his work and leaves his wife at home. More than once their neighbors saw a stranger entering the house during his absence. They say that his wife is betraying him. Is it permissible for them to tell her husband?.. More

  • Guilty of collaboration if an unlawful deed is not objected to Date: 6-2-2011

    I was in a European country last year. When I was near a grocery store. I saw a woman steal a banana and hide it up her sleeve. I know she was not poor because I saw her buy food afterwards. I did not take any action for fear of making trouble. Was I sinning? If so, what should I do to expiate?.. More

  • Useful guidelines for practicing Da‘wah (Call to Islam) Date: 28-10-2010

    What are the ways or methods that would help me religiously affect female students in preparatory and secondary schools?.. More

  • Jihaad of fighting corruption with wise Da‘wah (propagation) Date: 7-10-2010

    In the name of Allaah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. Peace be upon you. When corruption and immorality are rampant and the Sharee‘ah is abandoned, is resisting all that considered a Jihaad in the cause of Allaah The Almighty? Is this obligatory? And what is the most suitable way of doing this? .. More

  • Calling others to pray in the mosque may make them get offended Date: 22-6-2010

    AsalamoAlikum Is it an absolute obligation on a believer to ask others to come with him to the mosque if he is leaving them for it. Kindly take into accounting following situations: A person sitting in a gathering and knows that people get offended if he tells them to come to the mosque. These people usually do not like dication from others. If you.. More

  • His grandfather is too lenient with his non-practicing daughters Date: 31-3-2010

    assalaamu alaikum My maternal grandfather usually scolds,mocks my mother because she sleeps during daytime 2hour after fajr till dhuhr but my mom regularly prays 5times a day On other hand, he does not even advice,preach to my mother's other sisters who perform their fard prayers rarely,dont fast during ramadan,dont try reading&understanding Qur'an.. More

  • His father used to watch forbidden stuff on TV when they sit and eat together Date: 27-1-2010

    AsalamoAlikum Please consider the following situation We eat food together on a table nearby TV. My father most of the time watch haram stuff on it which makes me uneasy. If I leave the please quietly without raising my voice in front of parents to eat elsewhere as a way to forbidding evil and doing Jihad against it through my behaviour than whats.. More

  • His boss does not care about his commitments towards people Date: 23-6-2009

    i work in organisation,where boss does not take care of commitments, i face peoples ,and to save him sometimes i have to lie ,and many times chqs are dishonoured, peoples cry,they do lose talk.its unbearable , guide me how i should guide my boss.. More

  • Visiting a clinic where there are crosses and music Date: 4-5-2009

    salam i read acupuncture is a halal method of treatment so i have started treatment with it but i have some doutful thoughts about the clinic i am going to they have a cross in the logo of the center as well as in the sitting area of the reception but the doctor i see works in a network of doctors in the same place or clinic but she does not do anything.. More