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  • Concerned about his stray brother from Islam Date: 30-12-2004

    How do I convince my brother to stop straying from Islam, and I mean severely straying. I have hidden all of the things he does from my parents, for sure for the best, but he's going out of control. He's picked up drinking, I don't know since when, he's extremely violent, towards my sisters, and even raises his hand to my father. My father threatens.. More

  • Has Muslim housemate who does not practice Islam, drinks alcohol, etc. Date: 18-11-2004

    I have a question. Currently I am living in overseas I have a housemate he is Muslim but he never pray and he drinks alcohol some more he has a girl friend and some times he brings her at home and she sleep over. Now he is doing some Haraam things at home, I told him so many times do not do those things but he doesn't. My question.. More

  • Monitors his younger brother's e-mail without his knowledge Date: 7-9-2004

    I want to ask about reading emails. What does Islaam says about this. Actually I read emails of my brother without his knowledge. As he is my younger brother and involved in friendship with girls. Parents asked him also, not to indulge in this but he is unable to leave this habit. He is safe I know no Zina and things like that, but just friendship... More

  • Her friend uses her as an alibi to meet her boyfriend Date: 21-6-2004

    I have a friend who meets her boyfriend even though she knows it is not right in Islam. The problem is that she tells her mom that she's going to meet me, but meets her boyfriend and tells me not to call at her home because she tells her mom that she's with me. Will it be a sin on me if she uses my name? I don't help her in any way; I just don't.. More

  • Telling family about their Bid'ah practices Date: 27-5-2004

    I have come to know that celebrating Maulid is Haram and Bid'ah I used to celebrate before with zeal and Allah has shown me the light. I know the severity of doing Bid'ah. Now the problem lies with my family. We usually celebrate Maulid and anniversaries of our ancestors and other Auliya's like Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jelani and many more. Now how.. More

  • Family practices Islam to the extent of their desires Date: 10-4-2004

    I belong to a family which practices Islam to the extent that their desires personal lives are not interrupted. My problem is that recently a pious Muslim proposed me but he doesn’t know much about my family. I have some terrible secrets regarding my parents and family which I think if he or any other person would come to know about,.. More

  • Help for a friend who has strayed Date: 13-3-2004

    I have a friend who is a good and kind-hearted person. The problem is he also does lot of Haram things like watching movies, listening to songs, etc. A few years ago he was a very pious person, but now I am seeing lot of changes in him. Even I used to do lot of Haram things but, Al-Hamdu Lillah, now I have stopped doing all those things. When I.. More

  • Concerned for brother who with his family neglect Allah and their elderly mother Date: 8-2-2004

    I'm currently living in my mother's home along with my brother and his family. I'm concerned that my brother and his family are neglectful in their duties towards Allah and towards our elderly mother who serves us constantly, but who needs a great deal of help herself. They are good people, very wealthy Ma Shaa' Allah, but are also very worldly.. More

  • How to treat those who lie to give false impression of Islam Date: 20-5-2003

    How should we behave with the members of our community who are lying on Islam in the media or when we are at work, only to give Islam a false appearance? (I mean the hypocrites who have submitted, and surrendered to occidental values)... More

  • Mother-in-law covering her daughter's sins Date: 26-2-2003

    My mother-in-law has two daughters. Her daughters are like American girls, going out with guys and one even married an American. But my mother-in-law, instead of punishing the girls, covers for the girls saying "no, they are going to their grandmothers house or they are going to their dentist". If they are late at night, or are with a guy or staying.. More

  • Suspicious of Adultery Date: 5-8-2002

    Someone close to me is in the process of committing adultery. She has confided about it to someone close to me, who is a very reliable source. However when we confronted her she denied it. Is it permissible in Islam that we as her family can spy on her to attain evidence of her meeting another man so that we can confront her. We feel if we do not do.. More

  • Enjoining good and forbidding evil Date: 22-6-2002

    Please explain enjoining good and forbidding evil in the light of Hadeeth. .. More

  • Wife Wants Her Husband and His Family to Let His Sister Wear Hijab Date: 11-6-2002

    I am a Muslim convert who lives in the U.S. with my husband. His youngest sister, who is also living in the U.S. but in a different area, has just started to wear Hijab. However, when she returned to her home country last week (which is supposed to be a Muslim country, I might add), her parents made her take it off. Her sister criticized her, as well... More

  • How to Stop a Muslim from Watching Movies of Bad Influence Date: 22-4-2002

    If an ignorant Muslim brother is watching Hindu or English movies that have music women not dress properly, much Kufr and many things against Islam, how should I stop it? Do I have to use my hand, fist or tongue or heart? If it is hand, how can I use my hand to stop it? Can I break the tapes or video player or T.V secretly so he wouldn't know it's done.. More

  • Giving Farewell Gift To Alcohol Drinker Date: 15-1-2002

    We were helping one low-paid office boy in our office every month with some money. But suddenly we discovered occasionally he drinks alcohol. So we decided we have to stop helping as per Hadith/order of Allah. At present we found that he has to leave the company as their contract expired. Is it permissible to give him money as farewell as per Hadith/.. More