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  • Hacking computers to forbid evil Date: 6-12-2007

    I own an internet café. Is it permissible for me to hack the customers’ computers so as to hinder them from visiting porn sites? Would this be considered spying on others?.. More

  • Meaning and way to forbid evil Date: 29-11-2007

    What is the meaning of forbidding evil and how should it be done?.. More

  • Enjoining a woman to do good deeds Date: 12-11-2007

    What is the ruling on working with a woman in the administrative field, speaking to her about work related matters, and advising her to perform prayers and to wear the Hijaab?.. More

  • Advice in pilgrimage is cooperation in righteousness Date: 12-11-2007

    While performing Pilgrimage, I saw some mistakes made by pilgrims and others. Consequently, I advised them as much as I could. Do I bear guilt for doing that?.. More

  • Rescue yourself first Date: 12-11-2007

    I am a young woman. I made the acquaintance of a Muslim colleague who studies with me. However, I discovered that her behavior violates religious teachings and that she imitates young men. Should I completely cut my relations with her, deal with her just as a colleague or call her to commit to the teachings of religion?.. More

  • How to address someone committing adultery with his relative Date: 12-11-2007

    I learnt that a friend of mine is committing adultery with his sister-in-law. What should I do, knowing that I am certain about it?.. More

  • Duty of the Quran's teacher towards unveiled girls Date: 12-11-2007

    Does a teacher of the Quran bear sin if the girls she teaches are not adhering to the Hijaab? .. More

  • Evil is to be forbidden as much as possible Date: 11-11-2007

    What should I do if I saw my sister in a secluded place with a non-Mahram talking and kissing each other?.. More

  • Sinners to be advised or deserted Date: 11-11-2007

    Some of my relatives living with me commit many wrong deeds. I cannot rebuke them for every single wrongdoing because they make so many mistakes. What should I do, especially that I am always with them?.. More

  • Liars to be rebuked and advised Date: 11-11-2007

    I know someone who lies a lot. Should I rebuke him or keep silent?.. More

  • Deserting sinners if it leads them to obey Allaah Date: 11-11-2007

    A Christian embraced Islam and married a Muslim woman, however he does not perform prayers or observe fasting under the pretext of having diabetes. He does not perform any of the basic acts of worship of Islam; moreover his wife does not regularly perform her prayers or wear the Hijaab. What is the ruling in Islam about dealing with them? .. More

  • The obligation of enjoining Hijab Date: 11-11-2007

    What is the ruling of ordering unveiled women on the street to wear Hijaab? .. More

  • Overcoming bad habits Date: 11-11-2007

    How can we overcome bad habits in society?.. More

  • Attending a banquet involving sin for the purpose of Da‘wah Date: 11-11-2007

    Is it permissible to share a table with people who eat prohibited food for the sake of advising those people; given that this is the only available opportunity to preach to them?.. More

  • Obligatory to advise sinners if achievable Date: 11-11-2007

    While going to the mosque, I come across a person who does not pray and who deals in drugs. He confesses this and says that he has to deal in drugs because he is unemployed. However, he always says to me that he admires my constant attendance to prayers and not socializing with evil people, and he advises me to stay steadfast on that. This person.. More