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53 fatwas

  • Eating food that fell on floor is good conduct, not an obligation Date: 17-1-2015

    As-salaamu 3laikum, I heard that the Messenger of Allah (salla Allahu 3laihi wa salam) said that we should pick up any food that falls on the floor and eat it. Can you give me some more information about this, such as whether this is fardh or mustahabb, and whether there could be any valid excuse for not doing it, like if the food falls in a place where.. More

  • Ruling on blowing into hot food Date: 9-10-2014

    assalamualaikum is it allowed to blow on the food if its too hot .. More

  • Ruling on throwing away egg yolks for health concerns Date: 15-3-2014

    Due to the health concern, I separate yolk (yellow part) from egg before frying. Is it allowable in Isalm as it is a wastage. Can I request my wife to remove yolk for me? She is hesitant to do that for me as she thought she would be held responsible for the wastage. .. More

  • Drinking in broken vessels and wearing torn clothes Date: 21-3-2013

    Assalamu Alaikum w w Is it not permissible for using broken drinking vessel? Is it not permissible for wearing torn dresses without saw it? .. More

  • Eating food remnants stuck between teeth Date: 11-3-2013

    Assalamu Alaikum W w Is it permissible to eat small food pieces which are between two teeth space inside mouth, Because some time I use to pick out beef pieces from teeth space by using thooth picker and eat that particles .. More

  • Supplicating when consuming milk and its products Date: 6-9-2012

    Salam alaikum, I have once read a duaa for drinking milk (which I regrettably cannot find anymore). Now I would like to ask, if this duaa can be said for any kind of milk (sheep, goat, cow etc.) and also if it is only to be said when drinking a cup of milk or also when drinking coffee with milk or eating milk products such as cheese etc.? Is.. More

  • Saying Bismillaah when taking the medicine Date: 16-5-2012

    my mother in law was sick and i had to give her mediciens while giving here the capsule to eat i told her say bismillah and eat.So my sister in law stopped me from giving her the medicine and said y did u ask her to say bismillah it wrong, now by the baraka of bismillah she will keep eating those medicines.I sais she was wrong and had a argument.. More

  • Covering head while eating Date: 27-2-2012

    covering head while eating is obligatory / sunnah please let us know .. More

  • You may eat from the food of your sister’s children Date: 15-9-2011

    Asalaamu, aleykum. Q my sister goes to work I look after her kids she some time bring some food 4 them, is it halal for me & my kids to eat their food. .. More

  • The nutrition style of the Prophet, sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam Date: 5-9-2011

    Dear sheikh assalamualaikum! I want to know how may meals did prophet muhammed eat? does he take snak food? what is our nomal stomoch size, in order to find 1/3 of it. now a days it's difficult to select healthy food. even fruits & vegies also full of chemicals.. even the honey is sugarly syrup like.. how to look after our children with healthy.. More

  • Throwing up to lose weight Date: 31-3-2011

    Is it halal or haram for my husband to lose weight by throwing up? He says he wants to lose weight, so he vomits to get rid of the food he eats. I am so sad because of this. .. More

  • Ruling on drinking much water Date: 22-6-2010

    What those islam say about drinking alot of water?.. More

  • Licking the fingers after eating Date: 7-2-2010

    Assalamualykum Could you please advice about sucking of fingers after eating food.Is it sunnah?Can suck fingers during eating?or it is after finishing eating.pls advice Regards Khan kangazha.. More

  • Eating while lying down Date: 8-3-2009

    Is is permissible to eat whily lying down.. More

  • The Sunnah way of eating food Date: 22-12-2008

    assalam wa alykum what is the sunnah way of eating food? how should it be eaten, whether it should be eaten by all the five fingers or 3 fingers (thumb,index finger and middle finger) because some people say that sunnah way of eating is with 3fingers only(mentioned above)?.. More