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  • Bad or good visions of the dead: indications of their destiny? Date: 3-10-2010

    Does seeing the dead in dreams in good conditions indicate that they are enjoying the pleasure of Paradise? Does seeing the dead in a bad condition indicate that they are suffering the tortures of Hell? .. More

  • Punishment for the person who falsely claims to see a vision Date: 30-9-2010

    I want to know the meaning of the following Hadeeth (narration): It was narrated on the authority of Ibn ‘Abbaas, may Allaah be pleased with him, that the Prophet, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, said that whoever claims to have seen a vision which he did not, will be ordered to make a knot between two barley grains on the Day of Resurrection... More

  • Permissibility of interpreting visions Date: 23-9-2010

    What is the Sharee‘ah (Islamic legislation) ruling on interpreting dreams? .. More

  • Seeing a dream about dogs while in Makkah Date: 20-9-2010

    Assalammualaikum wbh Recently I performed the Umrah. While in Mecca I dreamt a few incidents. Are dreams in Mecca can be believed and cosidered guidence from Allah? I hate dogs. To me dogs are dirty animals. In Mecca I dreamt that i reared a lot of dogs and they are very intimate to me. Did this dream try to show to me that dogs are also God's creation.. More

  • No interpretation of dreams on this site Date: 31-8-2010

    What is the ruling regarding someone who has dreamt of all the Prophets, may Allaah exalt their mention, as well as Maryam (Mary), may Allaah exalt her mention, and Faatimah, may Allaah be pleased with her, praying at the Ka‘bah? .. More

  • Declining a request to interpret dreams Date: 30-8-2010

    I had a dream. Can I recount it to you so that you can interpret it?.. More

  • May a sinner see the Prophet, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, in a dream? Date: 30-8-2010

    Last week, I dreamt that I was offering prayers in a mosque; after concluding them, I began to read the Noble Quran. While memorizing, I was confused about certain verses and could not locate them in the Mus-haf (printed copy of the Quran), so I asked a man to help me. He beckoned to another individual, identifying him as the Prophet, sallallaahu.. More

  • This dream interpretation should not make you think bad about that woman Date: 12-4-2010

    asalamoualaikum, I am just in a dilemma whether to believe my relative or not cause she told me she dreamed her mum covered in poo from her leg to her neck. when she ask a imam from the mosque he told her that mum is doing shirk and I know her mum I don't believe she will do any harm to her children. Thank you in advance... More

  • Seriousness of wrong interpretation of dreams Date: 18-3-2010

    Assalam wa alykum can u pls tell me the seriousness of wrong interpretation of dreams by any unskilled person... More

  • Only part of her dream about her Christian boyfriend came true Date: 16-9-2009

    Assalam aleikum, I'm thankful to Allah because I have been experiencing true dreams once in a while, I even got an opportunity of seeing the Prophet (pbuh) on one of my dreams. My story begins like this...I regret saying this but I had a Christian boyfriend. I was with him for around 2 years and my intention was for him to become a Muslim and later.. More

  • Although she sees true dreams, she lies sometimes Date: 12-8-2009

    assalam wa alykum is it true that a person who get true dream is truthful i.e dosen't speak lie. my sister says that she see true dreams n the one who see true dreams is not a liar but i know that she tell lies n i have caught her many times. when i tell her that it is not true that only a truthful person see true dreams, she told that i am jealous.. More

  • Dreams are not a source of legislation Date: 30-6-2009

    Asalaam.O.Aliykum Now a day we got a one message by one Alim, that someone had seen Muhammad PBUH in dream and Muhammad SW said him Allah will punish onto the “Pakistan” if you want to protect than recite the Surah e Shams 70,000 times. My question is that – Is it possible that Muhammad SW comes in Dream and give some instructions? I hope.. More

  • Seeing visions while awake Date: 25-5-2009

    Does Allah show visions to us in the awakening state? For example, if you see something appear on let's say a wall that isn't actually there in reality, is this definatley a hallucination of the nafs or could it have been a vision from Allah?.. More

  • Always has nightmares about someone raping her Date: 6-5-2008

    Assalamu alaikom, I have been having a recurring horrible dreams. The same dream about once or twice ever 2 weeks. It is of a man dressed in all black and I can never see his face. The man always has violent sex with me. In my dream I am scared and I fear him. I beg him not to but he normally hold me down and has sex with me. He never speaks or anything... More

  • Dreams are glad tidings, not source for rulings Date: 8-1-2008

    Is it permissible to believe the people who interpret dreams?.. More