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108 fatwas

  • Reading books of the scholars Date: 12-3-2001

    I am in a dilemma whether to read and follow the book written by Sheikh Qaradawi "The Halal and Haram in Islam". I came to know it had some weak Hadith. Please help me in this regard. The second part of the question is what should we do if we are in a situation like this where the ahle-ilm (the family of learned/knowledgeable people) sometime misguide.. More

  • Questions about Islam, sites etc. Date: 31-8-2000

    Asaalam Alakum. I am a new Muslim and have lots of questions that I want answered about Islam. If the prayer is very important, how shall I go about it? Do you recommend any site where I could find the answers?. If there is any audio site can I download it? Also, do I tell my parents I am converted since I am from hindu background?.. More

  • Best way of following Islam Date: 20-4-2000

    What is the best way for following Islam?.. More