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  • Wants to become Hafiz and questions call to Tableeghs Date: 14-6-2003

    I am very interested in religious studies. I am 38, married with 3 children. I am a Singaporean and my ambition since I was young was to be a Alim, Hafiz, but due to some reasons I'm an computer executive. Where can I pursue my course? Is there any correspondence courses for Alim, etc. Is it too late for me to fulfill my ambition? Please advise and.. More

  • Which Scholars to Consult to Resolve Issues Date: 14-5-2003

    Some people when they face a problem related to knowledge of the Islam they contact to the Islamic scholars in the Muslim world, but we live in another place like North America so the situation here is totally different from the Muslim world. So when we need to resolve some issue related about training in the place we live, shall we contact our scholars.. More

  • Islamic universities in KSA Date: 14-5-2003

    Which one do you think is better for Islamic/Hadith studies, Islamic University Madinah or Imam University Riyadh? I heard Riyadh is better for studies in the sense that there are more scholars there. I would appreciate your opinion in this regard. Plus I plan to go to Saudi this summer; can you go and apply there any time of the year?.. More

  • Husband objects to her reading Sahih Bukhari and Muslim Date: 13-5-2003

    I would like to read the books written by Bukhari and Muslim. However my husband says in order to fully appreciate them one must have a deeper understanding of Islam. I don't know how I'm supposed to reach this deeper understanding. I pray and recite the Qur'an often. But I wish to read these text to increase my knowledge, however so far I have been.. More

  • How to Gain Knowledge of Islam Date: 4-5-2003

    I am a young brother living in Australia. Unfortunately, we do not have enough scholars or learned people here. I am very eager to study Shariah. I am in the process of applying to the Islamic University of Medinah. At the moment I am also studying under the guidance of a local Sheikh who has qualified from the Islamic University of Medinah. I am reading.. More

  • Wants to learn Islam and move on Date: 2-4-2003

    I am married with 5 children; one is married off; but i want to leave everything behind, go reaserch and learn Islam, that is leave this duniya behind. Please inform me of this... More

  • Best university for study of Da'wah Date: 4-2-2003

    What is the Best Islamic University to Study in Da'wah in all the World. because I'm interested learning the Da'wah and Will Give Da'wah in the Future?.. More

  • Limiting One's Respect for Other Scholars Date: 27-1-2003

    What do you say about a person who follows only one or two scholars and adopt their opinions leaving others? .. More

  • Worldly studies takes time from Islamic studies Date: 26-8-2002

    I love learning and reading about Islam, but I also know that we should acquire knowledge of Dunya, to be able to help ourselves, family and fellow muslims. But my problem is when I try to learn subjects of Dunya, I feel as if I'm cheating my Islamic learning time. What do you suggest I do?.. More

  • Islamic books and tapes for the believers Date: 15-7-2002

    As you know if the believers want to follow the right way, he should be close to an Islamic group so as to urge him to Islam. What books and tapes would you advice me to buy?.. More

  • Seeking worldly education before religious knowledge Date: 24-6-2002

    I'm 23 and studying cost and management accountancy. I frequently think my education is not according to Islam, because, this education won't help us on the Day of Judgment. Is it correct to say that we should learn Quran and Sharee'ah law first and then learn other knowledge? If it is correct, then are we committing sin by studying worldly education.. More

  • Punishments for disobedience/disrespect to teachers Date: 5-3-2002

    Please could you tell me- what are the punishments for disobeying/ disrespecting your teachers?.. More

  • Choosing a vocation for Allah's sake Date: 20-7-2001

    I just finished a university degree in economics (4 years) here in Canada. I have been thinking recently of going into the Islamic Univ. Medinah, S.A. Do you recommend this to me from an Islamic point of view? Is it worth it to spend another 4 years to get another degree in Sharia? .. More

  • Seeking the Truth in Islamic Knowledge Date: 24-3-2001

    I want to be like the companions of the Prophet and the Salaf in following the Prophet's teachings. However, in our country it is difficult to do so our Ulama' and scholars confuse me about whether teaching the truth about Islam. By their answers to some questions regarding the government or a sensitive issue, they seem fearful of stating the whole.. More

  • Reading Books of Scholars Date: 12-3-2001

    I am in a dilemma whether to read and follow the book written by Sheikh Qaradawi "The Halal and Haram in Islam". I came to know it had some weak Hadith. Please help me in this regard. The second part of the question is what should we do if we are in a situation like this where the ahle-ilm (the family of learned/knowledgeable people) sometime misguide.. More