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  • Giving priority to reading the translations of the Quran Date: 19-10-2005

    I was talking to my Muslim brother and we started a conversation about the following: What is better - to read translations of the Quran and Tafseers, or to read the books of the Ahlul Sunnah scholars, - which interpret the Quran and the Sunnah? Please answer as soon as possible!.. More

  • Wants to become a scholar but has doubts Date: 30-6-2005

    My first question is: I am someone who likes to become a scholar that gives lectures, Friday sermons, lead the prayer and give lessons on Islam. I want to become scholars like Al-Bukhaari, Ahmed Ibn Hanbal, Ibn Taymiyyah, etc. These were scholars that feared Allaah. But I afraid that my desire of becoming a scholar would mix up with show-off,.. More

  • He studies in the mosque in USA to retain his interest in Islam Date: 18-5-2005

    I feel sad because sometimes I thought I cannot finish my school because I study in America this make me if I study hard in English language I am afraid to forget my interesting in Islam. For that I stay a lot of time in the mosque and study easy than before. Please give me advice... More

  • Questions her future studies in science Date: 16-5-2005

    I have a query regarding my studies. I have opted for biotechnology in my higher secondary school. Right now I'm in my second year. Is it a wise choice to continue my studies in biotech or other related fields like genetics/biomedicine/bioinformatics/forensic science, etc? I mean, science can be used in both good and bad ways, right? I'm interested.. More

  • Uncomfortable in un-Islamic studies Date: 3-5-2005

    First I highly appreciated how well you are serving our religion and I beg Allaah to be rewarded you and forgives your mistakes also. After that I am MBA student, I intended my knowledge to service our religion besides I know our religion because I was born in Muslim country, my father, mother and all my relatives are Muslim but now I am not with.. More

  • Distressed over his failure to study, and become an Imaam Date: 20-3-2005

    I have a problem that has been very stressful lately. I am a young man in my early 20's. I try my best to practice Islam. I have memorized more than 25 Juz' of the Qur'an. About 2 years ago my local Imaam here in the UK, sent me to study Islam overseas in a Arab country. He encouraged me and promises me a job as an Imaam when I come back. To.. More

  • Wants to gain Islamic knowledge but finds difficulty from Muslim lands Date: 19-12-2004

    I would like to for you to please assist me in understanding why Muslims in the Arab states make it difficult to migrate there for the sake of Islam. I am a revert to Islam living in South Africa, since my being Muslim I have encountered many things that have made it very difficult for to study Islam in South Africa. I then cam across a Hadeeth.. More

  • Wants to be a scholar but father objects Date: 24-8-2004

    I reverted to Islaam in last Ramadhaan and in order to achieve my goal in life, I would like to become a scholar. But my father wouldn't like to become one because he wants me to enter the business field and to earn a lot of money. But I am content with what Allaah has given me and have no interest in becoming affluent. What can I do.. More

  • Learning Centers in Yemen Date: 23-8-2004

    I have a question about a place in Yemen, called Dammaj. I have heard that they teach Arabic and Islaam there. That someone named Shaykh Muqbil used to teach there, something called "Daar ul-Hadeeth". My question is, since we have a lot of young people/students who want to study, is this a place that is ok and good in Deen, or not. .. More

  • Wants to become a religious scholar Date: 9-8-2004

    I am a 16 year old student living in Manchester and have an urge to become an Alimah (religious scholar). I have heard of courses that are held in Nottingham, Bradford and Lancaster. I am wondering if you could please give me information and details about any Alimah courses, because I cannot find any myself. I am very desperate due to the reason.. More

  • Fiqh and its importance Date: 24-6-2004

    Why is Fiqh necessary? What is its importance? .. More

  • Needs help with questions about Islam Date: 22-4-2004

    I'm a 20 year-old Pakistani girl of a Muslim family.I just recently realised that I am not a true Muslim and Iwant to be. The problem arises whenI ask questionsabout my religion and howto beon the right pathI get different answers. I'm just so confused.I don't know whom to consult and how toclear my doubts. Iwent through your website and think.. More

  • Studying in Tarim, Yemen Date: 10-4-2004

    Here in Sweden we have many young students who have already gone, and others planning to go, to study in a specific traditional Islamic school inTarim, Yemen. What advice can you give us about this school? .. More

  • Books of knowledge about Islam Date: 13-3-2004

    Please name some of the best books of Tafseer, Seerah of Prophet, history of previous Prophets, companions and early scholars of Islam... More

  • Conflicts with college and Islamic study programs Date: 23-2-2004

    I am a 16 year-old Muslim girl. I really want to become a scholar in Islam, but I'm worried that I don’t have the time for it. I did actually come across a study program to become a scholar called the Arlemah course but its 5 days a weeks starting from 5-7pm. The problem is, on most days I finish college at 4:15 pm and it takes me at least 40.. More