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  • Ruling on a woman who supports her children and her sick husband Date: 16-6-2010

    What is the rulling in islam on a muslim lady who supports his familly because husband is sick and cannot do that . They have children 15,12 and 4. The lady is not complaining as she took it as an exam from Allah and she is patient with the situation . She has been doing so for the last 10 years now.GOD has given her a better job and she can take care.. More

  • He is under depression because he has contracted diabetes Date: 18-4-2010

    Dear Brother Salam, I am 28 years old. recently I have got diabetes type 1. which made very sad. I feel this is becuase of my sins I got diabetes & not taking care of my health. though I don't have bad habits of drinking & smoking. my family is depandant on my source of earning. I work in gulf. now my situation is that I am not being able to cope with.. More

  • Wants to supplicate against her ex-husband and his new wife Date: 11-4-2010

    Assalamo alaikom, I married a converted Muslim. While we were married he used to chat with another woman from my country. I asked them to stop, but both were very attached to each other. She invited him to visit her. Their relationship became stronger, so he divorced me and he marry her, because he said he is not happy with me. I have a child with him... More

  • A disabled child is not a punishment for his mother's sins Date: 29-3-2010

    What do Quran say about baby born with abnormalities? Here in india people blame the mother for an abnormal baby born to her?Are there any reasons for which a baby is born disabled?Sometime it is said probably the mother had done something very bad in past for which she is been punished by Allah by giving her an abnormal baby.Please explain in detail. Thank.. More

  • His friend took his money and then denied that he had taken anything from him Date: 17-12-2009

    Assalamu Alai Kum, I am from india and have been cheated by my close muslim friend(UAE National) whom I considered brother in UAE, I handed him my money in his car, next day he gave me false story and said it is not with him. I filled police complaint against him, but due to lack of witness or proof(since money was given in car), he could not be procecuted... More

  • His business has suffered greatly due to the world monetary crisis Date: 6-8-2009

    Dear Sir, Assalamualikum, My name is Raza Ahmed and I work in Dubai as Property consultant, I got married in 24th October 2007 with my parents wish and they became very happy, after marry I got very good deals and I made so much money, since last year July 2009 I am very much upset because after July 2008 I didn’t sale any property till October,.. More

  • How she deals with missing her dead daughter Date: 13-5-2009

    Dear brother as you know my daughter passed away 4 months back.She was my only child.Like siad in shariah we are not supposed mourn more than 3 days and should act patiently on such ocassion.I did it the same way.I did not cry when she died and mourned only for 3 days.But being mother there are times when i miss her but i dont cry because me and.. More

  • Has not yet been informed that her newborn daughter is abnormal Date: 23-4-2009

    Assalamo aleikom wa rahmatuallah w barakato.Ihave a problem and i dont know how to deal with it,i am a married man alhamdolialah and i have 4 children walilah alhamd .one week ago my sister gave birth to her 6th child, and its a girl walhamdoli alah . But the child is abnormal and her husband and all my family didnt tell her till this time and i dont.. More

  • Allaah does not overburden a person beyond his scope Date: 16-4-2009

    i dont know if we shall call this a fatwa or a trial to think.i dont mean to be rude.but i always have this question bugging me. look i have a complex called prayers.i am not exagerating.sorry again if you dont like what i am saying. but i am a person who can not control gases.i know well the fatwa for this.but it means i have to make wodou' every.. More

  • Her ex-husband makes her life miserable Date: 26-3-2009

    I know a muslim sister who is a practicing muslim and is divorced from her husband. Her husband is a very highly educated man and but for some reason he is causing so much problems for her and her and this having a direct effect on the children. He is using people to spy on her just to make her paranoid and cause distress. He also pays people to make.. More

  • Supplicating for patience when one is not afflicted Date: 25-11-2008

    Assalamualaykum, dear scholar, could you please inform me whether is it true that we should not ask for patience when we are living at ease? There is a hadeeth which says that Muhammad saw prevented a sahabi from asking Allah swt for patience since it also means asking for trials. However i've heard that it is a weak hadeeth. Jazaakallah khayr brother.. More

  • In distress and wishing to die Date: 21-4-2008

    Assalam Alikum, my younger sister took khula on the advise of my mom because she was physically abused by her mother in law. against the court orders the husband took away the infant. my sister was depressed that after iddath she was married to older ,three times divorced man on the promise that he will take her for a life time. this man divorced his.. More

  • Not successful and fears to be rejected by Allaah Date: 4-9-2007

    asalamuraleikoum, my question is about intelligence and education. i have never been successful at school and i end up now uneducated. i always see many other muslims doing good and many karirs as well. so , this make me feel like , Allah rejects me and make me not successful. i know this conclusion is not appropriate . how should i take this? .. More

  • Had two miscarriages and is eager to have children Date: 20-5-2007

    salam.please i wanna ask about something that's really worrying sister in law cannot get pregnant and my sister takes a medicine that she cannot stop to get pregnant and i have had two miscarriages unfortunately, does this mean that Allah SWT is not happy with us?? what can i do to satisfy Allah SWT knowing that i am different than a lot of people.. More

  • Do not grieve at things you failed to get Date: 24-4-2007

    As'salamualaikum. I am a student and lately I haven't been able to live my life normally, I get very depressed at numerous occassions. I had an assignment that I thought I have completed every task that was given. I just found out that I missed out important questions, a few days later when I have already handed in my assignment. I feel guilty and very.. More