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  • The punishment for a sin in this world will not be repeated in the Hereafter Date: 1-8-2006

    If you get punishment for your sins in this world does this mean that you will not get punishment for your sins in the next world, ie life after death. .. More

  • Never despair, Allaah has sent down a cure for every disease Date: 26-7-2006

    i have sickness, which doctrs says is not easy to cure.... could you pls tell me a Du'a prophet recied for sickness or a medicine for sickness whihc prophat used... More

  • Wants to get out of disability he had because of masturbation Date: 30-4-2006

    I am 38 years old. I did some wrong in my life, which was doing evil things to my body (masturbation) while I was adolescent. 10 years ago I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and I have severe disability. I am in wheelchair, having tremors and difficulties with speech. I would like to know what does religion say about the relation between the above.. More

  • You can do many things Date: 26-3-2006

    I am fifteen years old and I feel that I am unsuccessful as my abilities are limited, so what should I do? .. More

  • Controlling anger Date: 14-1-2006

    Could you please tell me of the best way to overcome anger and the ability to control oneself in difficult and challenging circumstances. I'm aware of the significance of reciting "A'udhu Billaahi mina sh-Shaytaanir-Rajeem" - "I seek protection of Allaah against the accursed satan". However certain situations get the better of you, so please advise.. More

  • Hardships wipe out one's sins even if he has caused them Date: 10-10-2005

    In Islamic teachings, we understand that as Muslims we may hope that Allaah would give us rewards or reduce our punishment in the Hereafter because of hardships we may experience in this world. Is this true even if the hardships were caused by our own sins and mistakes? For example, making a hasty and poorly thought decision or, a person suffering.. More

  • Responding to negative comments Date: 12-7-2005

    If someone reacts to you in a negative way how do you react back? Like I am feeling pressure at school, and they make rumors about me, how am I to react back?.. More

  • Questioning reason for child's death by car accident Date: 4-4-2005

    I want to know about child death in car accident (he was 1 year and 11 month) by his father. Do Allaah already plan how one die or it was our mistake or it is the punishment by Allaah? How I deal with my 4 year son he cries a lot miss his brother?.. More

  • Thinks his name and magic may be the cause of his problems Date: 24-3-2005

    My name is Khoker Zafarulla khan, s/o. Khoker Jamal khan belongs to Muslim Indian presently expatriate of Kuwait. From 15 years onwards I had been a lot of troubles in my life. Presently I have a lot of credits on my shoulders. I have two daughters. One is 9 years another one 4 years living along with my wife. Is there any trouble from my name? Some.. More

  • Family members mistreat her because she is a devout Muslim Date: 27-2-2005

    My family insults me on every occasion they get merely because I am trying to live by Islamic laws. Recently I was told half the things I do regarding the Hijaab/Niqaab, in front of non-Mahram is nonsense, and no where to be found in the Qur'an. I don't consider myself to be extreme and I don't force my views on my family, although if they ask me.. More

  • Trying to cope with cancer and faith Date: 29-12-2004

    I am writing in today because I have just been diagnosed with cancer and I am having a hard time coping. I try to be a good Muslim and as a matter of fact I have recently become stronger in faith than ever before. The problem is that once I received word that I was ill, I started asking "why me" and everyone around me keeps yelling at me saying.. More

  • Cannot understand God's actions Date: 28-12-2004

    I just don't understand life at all, when you pray and be really good why things happen for those good people? My question is about my mom who used to pray most of her day and talk about Allaah all the time always telling as how God is merciful and how we always have to thank God whatever he give as. I am really having a hard time believing in.. More

  • Muslimah is unfairly treated on her job Date: 1-12-2004

    My wife is having problems with her colleagues. Her in-charge is treating her very unfairly. She and another colleague is most of the times communicating in Chinese which my wife does not understand. When there is any latest update regarding work my wife is not informed and she feels she is left out. When once she told her in-charge about.. More

  • Divorced wife with children suffers many problems Date: 17-11-2004

    I am a mother who has been taking care of my three kids by myself. I work, go to school and live with my parents. I divorced my husband after he left us 3 years ago. I am suffering from depression, anxiety, and anger. I am too worried about the way I am raising my kids, since I already see signs of disobedience, falling grades in school, laziness.. More

  • Feels depressed and angry Date: 1-11-2004

    I am a 30-years-old mother. I am single, divorced, and taking care of 4 kids on my own. I work, go to school, and live with my parents. Life has been tough with me and I believe I inherited some angry genes from my father's side of the family. I always get angry easily, become frustrated, loud, and a big procrastinator. My kids can't accept.. More