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  • Crying for departing with righteous person Date: 19-2-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. I live abroad. In the country in which I live, a Muslim preacher visits from my own country. I used to go to his lectures with my husband. He was a very good speaker me, and my husband likes his speeches very much. My question is: of the last day of his speeches, he was giving a lecture in the masjid; by the time the speech finished,.. More

  • Love for the sake of Allaah The Almighty provides security on the Day of Judgment Date: 7-2-2012

    I love my sister very much for the sake of our religion which we both follow. If I enter Paradise, if Allaah The Almighty wills, and do not find my beloved sister there, is it possible for me to see her if she is in Hell? If yes, is it possible for me then to supplicate to Allaah The Almighty for her to be forgiven and with me in Paradise?.. More

  • Loving people and being patient with them Date: 5-9-2011

    Assalamualaikum I heared from my friend she told me that we love some people in this life be cause of our love in the heaven or nextlife.Is that true ? Because some time we feel like we want to be friend with someone ,sometime we don't want to to be friend with some other people but some time some of our family member even thouhg we dont like their.. More

  • Loving for the sake of Allaah is an obligation Date: 2-11-2010

    salam alaikum Love and Sake for Allah is best....... but can it be said that it is """"OBLIGATORY""""" to love for the sake of Allah..... for there are many who love people for friendship...... I wanted a cnfrmaion whether it is OBLIGATORY OR RECOMMENDED(mustahab)" and how authentic is this narration that martyrs will envy people because of the position.. More

  • One is not sinful for not loving all his fellow Muslims equally Date: 30-12-2008

    As a muslim revert I do my best to be a good muslim. I read once that the prophet SAS never spoke to Hind because the hatred she had for Hamza and the prophet SAS before her becoming a muslim. My sister in law had a fight with my my husband(her brother) and stoped talking to me and even offended me in public. I don't hate her but I can't feel like.. More

  • Help your colleagues but do not harm yourself Date: 18-2-2008

    assalam alaikum.i am a medical student and alhamdulillah Allah has bestowed me with a hard working spirit and a good understanding of the material.i stay in the female hostel(sakan)of the university.because i do well,many students want assistance from me,and since our course is so stressful,sometimes its so hard for me to help everyone since our course.. More

  • Loving an Imaam and wishing he was one’s father Date: 18-2-2007

    can you love an Imam and wish he was your dad?.. More

  • Feelings of brotherhood toward someone who is not a brother Date: 3-3-2004

    Is it wrong to have a feeling of brotherhood towards someone who is not my real brother?.. More

  • Complexion of "good" or "bad" Muslims Date: 21-5-2001

    Is it true we could know someone (Muslim) either they were bad or good by looking at their face or complexion. I heard some scholars said that the good Muslim their complexion look radiant and people love to look at them and the bad Muslim complexion looks glum ...etc. Has Allah (S.W.T) given some mark or sign that make people recognized them. Give.. More