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  • Friends Who Lie, Insult Their Father, Cheat Non-Muslims Etc. Date: 20-11-2001

    I have Muslim friends, yet I am unsure whether they are of true faith. I question this because I find they are happy and purposely lie about most things. Can you advise where I can learn about speaking the truth, and honesty is in accord with Islam, and defrauding and stealing from non-Muslims? I am 27 years old and have a sister 19 years of age, living.. More

  • Lying to wife to avoid suspicions, etc. Date: 31-7-2001

    Can someone lie to his wife to avoid her accusations and suspicions? Although if this is OK, it is not one of the 3 exceptions for lying... More

  • Lying to obtain US passport Date: 30-7-2001

    I am an Egyptian citizen who holds the American green card. After five years from acquiring the green card I can get an American passport in case I have spent at least 50% of that time in the States. In 10 days I'm going to the States to apply for American citizenship because 5 years have passed since I got the green card. However, I have not spent.. More

  • Husband may be lying to wife about not taking another wife Date: 11-6-2001

    Is it Haram or Halal for a husband to lie to his wife about taking another wife to prevent her from becoming upset or leaving the marriage as a result of his new marriage?.. More