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  • She lied to her husband about her age Date: 16-1-2013

    By Allah I did a great wrong by not telling my husband my true age that i am a year older than him before we got married 22 years ago. We now have a daughter.My husband is the kindest and most religious husband. He tries very hard to emulate the Sunnah and follow the Quran and i know at this point age would not be a problem in our marriage but the.. More

  • Reporting those who lie to receive government benefits Date: 10-1-2013

    Asalamu-Alaikum, I live in Australia and there are many Muslims here that are cheating the welfare system. They do not disclose their earnings and they continue to receive welfare payments and benefits. They also state that they are divorced to earn single parent payments, whilst they are actually married. My question is this, can I inform the tax.. More

  • He helped his friend to falsify his diploma to become an engineer Date: 25-11-2012

    Assalamua’laikum. I have a Muslim friend he graduated as technician, I help him to falsify his diploma to become an Engineer; I knew what I did helping him for the falsification was an act of cheating. I repent for what I did and ask Allah (SWT) forgiveness. Recently he applied a job as an engineer using his false diploma and false working experience.. More

  • Using a fake bank account to get an English passport Date: 11-11-2012

    My friend who is studying in England wants to inquire about some methods for acquiring the nationality of England, that whether it will be legal accoding to Islamic Shariah. 1. Acquiring nationality through Paper Marriage. 2. Acquiring nationality through the process called Inter-Tenure. It is a process where you invest your money in England for.. More

  • She might have got admission to college through cheating Date: 13-6-2012

    salaam i am a 21 year old girl and studying medicine. u will find my problem very silly but believe me i have been suffering from mental torture since two years. before admission when i was giving my practical exam of chemistry of intermediate, my preparation was not so good and i am weak in performing practicals since beginning. so i asked the.. More

  • Using forged documents to work in the U.S. Date: 12-9-2011

    My problem is that my father is living in USA with a wrong name in his pasport and he works a halal work so is that sin or danbi? but he sends me money for his wrong name and he change my name to respond me to go to USA what are u advicing me to refuse that wrong or to go to him and after that i change my real name?.. More

  • The impermissibility of ascribing research to yourself that you did not do Date: 19-7-2011

    What is the ruling on a student assigning the task of conducting a research to another person because that student does not have enough time or because the research is too large? The assigned person will be given the required references and a sum of money, provided that he will do the research within a certain period of time. The research will be.. More

  • A fake bill is not lawful Date: 19-7-2011

    I work in a major company which is located away from the capital. The company allocates a number of days for employees to spend in a hotel based in the capital and assigns a sum of money as hotel fees and another sum as food costs. However, some employees find the hotel food unsuitable for them and therefore ask the hotel accountant to add the price.. More

  • Using circumvention to obtain the retirement salary Date: 18-7-2011

    I am the widow of a man who worked in France and left a son. After his death, I married his brother, who died as well. I wanted to get my pension rights for my first dead husband after the death of my second husband, and so the French authorities sent me the pension file to fill in. The file included a question; whether or not I had subsequently gotten.. More

  • She may be subjected to lie detector test at American airports Date: 16-6-2011

    i was not a practicing muslim in the past.ALHAMDULILLAH WITH THE HELP OF ALLAHI I MENDED MAY WAYS AND TRYING MY BEST TO LEAD AGOOD LIFE.I HAVE LIED IN THE PAST BUT NOW I AM VERY CAREFUL ABOUT WHAT I SAY.I LIVE IN USA .I HAVE HEARD THAT THEY R THINKING ABOUT Lie detector test at of the question wil be, have u ever lied to authorities,.. More

  • It is impermissible to write theses for others to obtain the Master’s degree Date: 11-5-2011

    What is the ruling on the person who writes theses, whether or not for a charge, for others to obtain the Master's degree?.. More

  • Feigning to make the husband happy Date: 3-5-2011

    I do not feel any pleasure when having sexual intercourse with my husband. However, I moan to pretend that I feel pleasure and to make my husband, whom I love, happy. Is this considered lying? May Allaah reward you... More

  • She regretted forging her son’s date of birth Date: 12-4-2011

    asslam u alaikum i hope u are okay.i am a mother of 2 boys living in usa for 8 years. when my husband applied for my immigration ,for some reasons i had to lie in my documents and we had to change the date of birth of my elder son by 4 months.i am repenting for what i have done and i keep crying but there is no way to undo the time of immigration.. More

  • Wants to do a marriage contract with a Chrisitian man to get a UK visa Date: 29-3-2011

    i have a question regarding contract marriage i am an 18yrs old girl i want to go to UK someone suggested i do contract marriage with a christian boy to get visa and then he will divorce me after 2yrs mean while i have to pay some amount for that.i want to know if this is right according to islamic way. As this paper marriage is just for the and.. More

  • Wants to cheat his non-Muslim employers Date: 16-3-2011

    I am working in an International organization, they need software but I have the crack version. The person who needs this software is my friend, I discussed with him that we will share the price and will sell the soft on them through another channel. I am doing this, because this is not an Islamic organization, and they waste money on many other useless.. More