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  • Violation of prize-giving-authority's conditions Date: 6-9-2015

    There was a competition on the internet. Although I knew the answer, I did not meet the conditions of the competition. So, I agreed with someone who did not know the answer but who met the conditions to write his name as the answerer while I solved the question. I stipulated that I would take the prize if I won and that I would give him an agreed-upon.. More

  • Lying to father to get money for secondary expenses Date: 3-9-2015

    I am a university student. My father is stingy; he is difficult to deal with when it comes to money issues. However, he gives me money without discussion when I ask him to give me money for study. But when I ask him to give me money for personal use, he refuses without stating any reasons. It should be known that I do not spend money in unlawful ways.. More

  • Resorting to lying to avoid being prevented from wearing the Hijab Date: 2-9-2015

    I am a Muslim girl who loves Islam very much, but wearing the Hijaab in public is forbidden in my country. I am a religiously committed Muslim girl, and I wear the Hijaab all the time. The police always stop me and ask for my name and my family name, but I give them incorrect information. Is this permissible or not? .. More

  • Mistakenly received more government assistance than entitled Date: 15-5-2015

    A person claimed benefits from the government as they had low income. The government said they were entitled as long as their savings were not above 16000 pounds. However recently the person realised that saving certificates abroad were supposed to be declared. The person didn't haver access to the money till recently and has repented from the interest.. More

  • Using ambiguous language to appear qualified for a job Date: 1-4-2015

    Assalyamu Alaikum!Could you please help me? 1. Am I allowed to use Tawriyah (saying something which has more than one meaning and intending a meaning different from what the listener is likely to understand) when applying for a job? I don’t know if any other Muslims are competing for the same job with me (I know that it forbidden to use Tawriyah to.. More

  • Forbidden to use deceit to obtain a study visa Date: 12-3-2015

    please i wanted to know that i applied for study visa in Australia,they rejected my visa just because there was a study gap between my last degree and till date to fulfill that time difference and to meet visa reqirements i was doing bachelor degree online from my homeland,as i am no more there i couldn't attempt some of my exams due to load of work.. More

  • Forging income statement to receive free tuition Date: 12-1-2015

    Assalaamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu, I am an Electronics Engineer working with my 1st job from the last 2 years. My graduation as an Engineer consisted of 4years with Rs.30,000/year of the tuition fee. For the 1st and 2nd year of Graduation I had studied free of cost using the fee reimbursement scheme of the government (For families with income.. More

  • Withholding partially relevant information to get a job Date: 17-11-2014

    Salaam, I have question about halal earnings. I was unemployed for a long period and it was causing me heavy mental stress, depression and hopelessness. Also, I had to lower my dignity and borrow from people as a result. I applied for a job at a food factory. When asked whether I had any allergies, I admitted nut allergy. However, I did not disclose.. More

  • Concealing from an old man the news of his fatal illness Date: 15-11-2014

    Asalam Alaikum My grandfather is an old man and he has recently been diagnosed with cancer. The tumor is big and he needs to take chemotherapy. His sons and other family decided to not tell him that he has cancer because they think he will be scared and his health might get worse and die. They did tell him he has a sac and he needs medicine and everything.. More

  • Impermissible to skip classes and arrange proxy attendance Date: 7-11-2014

    Asalamu alykum is it sinful to bunk(leave the class without teachers permission) classes? because my physics teacher doesn't teach good so i use to bunk his classes. is it sinful to make proxy during attendence? .. More

  • Lying to father about accessing the internet Date: 27-10-2014

    Aslamaualakaum Please can you reply back as soon as possible as it is important. Here is the story, my dad thinks me and my brothers wath haram stuff on the internet, so he blocked out internet, but i dont wath anything haram i use it for islmic talks and news, i found a way to unlbock it seacetly and my dad doesnt know. I dont feal to bad about it.. More

  • Taking a paid sick-leave while not sick is lying Date: 26-9-2014

    Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah. In ramadan this month i didnt work anything simply because og ramadan, i wanted to focus on The month and on to draw nearer to Allah SWT, but I told my job that I either couldn't come or was sick. So I may have lied. So this month i got The salary for that month I worked and I noticed that I got more money and money.. More

  • It is not lying to say Al-Hamdu Lillaah Date: 3-6-2014

    assalamu alaikum my question is that if a muslim meets you and asks "how are you?" and you say alhamdulilah(with the intention of praising allah or answering their question) even if you don't actually feel alright or OK, does this count as lying? (whereby you may deceive the brother into thinking you're alright by saying alhamdulilah even if its not.. More

  • How to treat unjustifiable fear and how to avoid lying Date: 1-6-2014

    I have two question: firstly, When somebody had strange fears which make no sense but cause great grief ( certain shapes etc) are things like these from the works of shaytan or tests from Allah? My second question is does one incur a sin for lying in the case that they are lying to match the story of someone else to save them trouble and embarrassment.. More

  • Lying about past drug abuse in order to donate blood Date: 3-5-2014

    Salam aleikum, a friend of mine in a western country ask for advice, he is a convert and before islam he was on drugs and in jail. Since about 4 years he moslem and free of drugs and so on. Since this time he donated blood with different organizations many times without problems. Now he came to a new oganisation and they ask very specific question,.. More