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  • Thinking good of Allaah while making Du'a Date: 1-1-2009

    “There is no Muslim that makes a supplication, as long as it does not pertain to anything sinful or the cutting of ties with one’s kinship, except that Allaah will give him due to it one of three things. Either He will immediately respond to his supplication, or He will save it (its reward) for him in the Hereafter, or He will prevent a similar.. More

  • Supplicating when hearing the crow of a cock Date: 2-12-2008

    assalam wa alykum it is said in a hadith that cock crows when it sees an angel. dose this mean that it crows only when it sees the angel and does not crow at all when it does not see it ? .. More

  • Asking other Muslims to supplicate for her to get pregnant Date: 14-5-2008

    Salam Alaykom. I wanted to know- is it permissable to tell a friend or other close person to pray for me for something I want in this, if my muslimah friend wants me to pray for her to get a house soon, is this allowed? What about also if I ask her to pray for me that I get pregnant soon, even though I am praying for the same thing? Is this.. More

  • Taking a payment from a person to supplicate to Allaah for him Date: 2-1-2008

    Assalaamu alaikum, A sister from our forums is asking the following question, "Is it permissable to have du'a made my someone in the sense that you are paying them to make du'aa for you if you think they are more pious than you? This is common in the Indian subcontinent but I feel uncomfortable with it as it seems to me as bordering on shirk.. So.. More

  • Supplicating Allaah to marry a man whose marriage to another girl is fixed Date: 31-12-2007

    if one boy and girl's marriage are fixed another girl can pray for marriage with the same boy. please give the answer in the light of islam... More

  • A son saying Aameen when his Christian mother supplicates good for him Date: 27-9-2007

    a. Is it permissible for some to recite two different Surahs in a Rakah after Suratul Fathia in an Obligatory Prayers. b. I have loving and caring mother who loves to pray for me everytime, she is Christian and prays in Jesus Name, please, can I be saying, " AMEN" to her prayers c. I owe some people some money, I cannot locate them now and and I want.. More

  • Supplicating in congregation Date: 14-3-2007

    Please explain sharia position on: 1. making collective dua (i.e. one person making dua and the others reciting aameen) 2. after farl salaath the imam reciting dua and the musallis reciting aameen 3. while making dua in sajadha is it required to precede the dua with hamd and salawath... More

  • Supplicating while reading from a supplication book Date: 11-3-2007

    Assalamualikum.. While making dua is it allowed to have a dua book n look from that and ask dua because i have not by hearted allthe duas.. .. More

  • Questions about answering one's supplication Date: 23-8-2006

    Salaam the following is a question on behalf of a brother. His question is realted to Allah answering an individuals Du'a. 1. why was my dua not accepted and the non muslims was? 2. why are my duas never accepted? 3. does that mean next time i shudnt make any more duas because my duas are never accepted, going on past records. 4. if you sincerely.. More

  • Asking Allaah to make one handsome Date: 27-7-2006

    Assalamu alaykum, My question is that can you ask Allah anything like due'a, you can ask Allah any dua you want right like, o allah make me smart, or give me beauty, will Allah except this dua , please let me know insha allah assalamu alaykum.. More

  • Supplication during prostration Date: 10-5-2006

    I was wondering about if its ok to supplicate during Sajdah, and if its ok to supplicate silently when I'm out and about?.. More

  • There is no harm for a woman in menses to supplicate and other women to say “Aameen” Date: 21-3-2006

    Is it permissible for a woman in menses to supplicate and other women behind her to say "Aameen"? .. More

  • Asking Allaah to forgive the disbelievers Date: 2-1-2006

    I wanted to know that is it ok to pray for the Kuffaar's because as far as I know you can only pray for their guidance but you cannot pray for anything else but someone just recently told me that our Prophet, sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam, did ask Allaah to forgive Kaafir's. If you look at what happened to the people of Kuraish. He did ask.. More

  • The mention of Allaah with one's heart Date: 29-12-2005

    Is there a Hadeeth that says that the 'Dhikr of the Heart' (that which the angles cannot hear) earns us Hasanaat 70 times more that the 'Dhikr of the Tongue' (that which the angles can hear?) Please do reply. .. More

  • Praying for non-Muslims Date: 22-12-2005

    Can we pray for non-Muslims? Please reply in the light of Quran and Hadeeth. .. More