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  • Permission of the Shaykh to do Zikr loudly Date: 17-3-2005

    Do you need permission from a Shaykh to do Zikr loudly? Is it a sin to do loud Zikr while someone is sleeping nearby? If so, can the person trying to sleep tell the brother to quiet down his Zikr? .. More

  • Best times for Dua Date: 19-7-2004

    Are there any specific times for making Dua, or can someone make Dua at any time he/she wants... More

  • Facing Qibla while making Dua Date: 15-7-2004

    Does a person have to face the Qibla while making Dua? Is it the same Hukm for prayer?.. More

  • Wants peace of mind and heart Date: 14-7-2004

    How can I get a peace of mind? How can I increase my Sabr? I pray every day to God that he will give me peace in my mind and in my heart. I feel every day depressed, restless, worrying about the future (even though knowing that the future lies in God's hands). I am 26 and not married, living in this difficultChristian country, feeling alone. I pray.. More

  • Best ways to glorify Allah (Tasbeeh) Date: 24-4-2004

    What is a good ritual to glorify Allah (Tasbeeh) during the day? I like to keep on mentioning Allah all through the day, even while cooking, working in the house, driving and so on. .. More

  • Zikr in the state of impurity Date: 27-3-2004

    While in the state of "Janabah" (being Junbi) can we do the "Zikr", i.e. Tasbeehat? That is in our daily routine before going to bed. Remember it includes "Ayat-ul-kursi”, "Surah al-Falaq", Surah An-Nas" and also last two Ayahs of "Surah al-Baqarah". Please do reply... More

  • Joining in prayers on television Date: 17-3-2004

    If we say, "Ameen"during the live prayers on television, like live telecast of Arafat prayer, we will be included in the groups saying "Ameen" on Arafat?.. More

  • Response to a taped Du’a Date: 24-2-2004

    I know many sisters who make Du’a by playing a taped a Du’a made by an Imam. Is it correct for one to raise his hand and say ‘Ameen’ as the Imam makes the Du’a? .. More

  • Group Supplication Date: 29-6-2003

    Is group supplication Shirk? (One person or an Imam reciting "Du'a" and other saying "Ameen" for it). One of my friends arguing that it is a Shirk as the people who say Ameen depending on the person who recite Du'a. .. More

  • Didn't get a husband after praying to Allah for 5 years Date: 25-6-2003

    I want to get married and pray 5 years for Allah to give me a good husband, but I didn't get one yet. I think that I am not good enough or something's wrong about me so I am not getting what I want now. I gave up to even asking Allah to give me a husband because if I see my past is so bad then I tell myself I don't deserve good. Am I right to think.. More

  • The best time for Zikr Date: 24-12-2002

    My question is about supplications said in morning and evening. Do we have specific time to read it or we can say morning Zikr until evening and vice versa?Second question is about the fasting on Mondays and Fridays. Could I fast even if I wake up late in the morning 7am and still did not perform Ghusl for major impurity... More

  • Intercourse and rules of remembering Allah Date: 3-12-2002

    A'isha said: The Apostle of Allah (may peace be upon him) used to remember Allah at all moments.How can we remember Allah during intercourse when we sleep with our wives?.. More

  • A prayer that will be accepted Date: 15-10-2002

    I have a request of God. I mean I have a wish that I want God accept. For many years I pray and asked God to accept it, but God doesn't accept my prayer. What should I do? What kind of prayer to God will be accepted?.. More

  • Supplicating Allah for a Girl to Marry Date: 13-7-2002

    I love one Muslim girl from my heart since 5 years. I want to marry her but her parents don't know. My parents know and agree for me to marry her. Is it Sunnah to pray to Allah for her, to make her my life partner? .. More

  • Raising hands while Du'a is made on TV Date: 14-5-2002

    Can I raise my hand to Allah while someone is saying a Du'a on the TV?.. More