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  • Is yellow and brown discharge part of menses?

    Asalamu alaykom. In the past, I used to not really pay much attention to praying especially when it was nearing the time of my period. I used to like class any type of discharge as “period” and never really prayed those. What should i do? I used to not always pray on time either. I was ignorant of many rulings/ didn’t care about them. Is it obligatory.. More

  • Does onset of menses during prayer time necessitate making it up?

    I oversleep fajr, woke up prayed it. Then went back to sleep. Woke up again and it was dhuhr time. I (MAY!) have gone to the bathroom to pee then spending more time before praying dhuhr prayer. Then towards the end of asr prayer I was about to pray but saw my menses.Now i don’t know when exactly the menses started. It could have started all the way.. More

  • She is confused about purity following menses

    When I’m on my menses I see my purity towards the seventh day I know this by seeing no coloured discharges when at the beginning of on prayer for example asr I see no coloured discharges then an hour goes by and I see coloured discharges (I see red discharge or blood in my discharge or brown) and then it stops and then it starts at one point. around.. More

  • How to make up for missed fasts and prayers due to menstruation

    A 12 year old girl that has had her period for a few months, and the first ramadan on her period. At the beginning of ramadan she has her period and after it peforms ghusl, then notices more and peforms ghusl again. She fasts and notices more in the toilet, but forgets about it and fasts and prays. She only remembers it 2 weeks later and peforms ghusl.. More

  • Going for Umrah and Fears for Her Irregular Discharges

    I have read all your fatwa regarding regular vaginal discharges of women..I.was satisfied ..but now iam going to umrah and it has made me worried case is that the discharge is more during the ovulation period of my cycle and after that it is less but it lasts all day long in such a case that I cannot say when it actually stops so I fear delaying.. More

  • The Duration of Menses

    Assalamualaikum. My question is that I am facing long periods since one year.. my period starts same day monthly but continue 14 days.. for seven days bleeding color is red after 7 days it's color changes from red to dark brown and black and blood flow also low..after day 10 it's color changes from dark brown to light brown or yellow.. when should I.. More

  • Signs of Purity (after Menses)

    Assalamu alaykom. I wanted to ask more information about purity after menses. I usually experience white discharge at the end of period. But sometimes I see dryness first and only after 12 hours or more I see the white discharge. What should I do in this case? Can I perform ghusl right after seeing dryness or should I wait to see the white discharge?.. More

  • The Signs of Purification from Menses

    i thought my period had lasted for a amount of days (4) and i did ghusl then prayed but then the next day there was blood so i waited until there was no trace of blood, when i checked it was dry and there was no blood so i did ghusl again then prayed ish and the next morning (today) there was still no blood so i did my fajr prayer, later on my Zuhr.. More

  • Signs of Purity from Menses

    Hello I have a question regarding menses being over. So I don't get white discharge and I check to see my purity by inserting tissue inside. When I go to do this it comes out dry sometimes and other times brown. Sometimes I'll check over and over and it is usually dry but when I flex there is brown. Is this regarded as menses or is my purity there? .. More

  • The Two Signs of Purification from Menstruation

    Salaam please I normally start my menses with dark/ brown discharge then after some hours or day the normal menses begin and last for 5 days then on the 4th/5th day it decreases and changes colour to dark brown and it may takes 10 to 12 hours before it appears again in small amounts and later stoped. Should I pray during the break and should I Waite.. More

  • Confused About Menses and Prayer

    I have questions bout my period I am on the Implant and since my period has been irregular last time I had a period was December 2021 it's now Ramadan 2022 I have been experiencing brown/black blood with clots does count as my period and break my fast or am I able to continue fast if you could answer my question please thank .. More

  • No Restrictions on a Woman in Postpartum Bleeding to Travel, Go Out and Share Bed with Husband

    As salam alikum wohrehmathulai wobarkatahoo brother. After a woman delivery how many days she can’t have sex with husband. Or can husband abs wife share same bed or there any restrictions of her travelling or attending funeral . HowMany days she can’t go out or perform namaz. Please advise Jazaka Allah khair .. More

  • Vowed to Fast but Then Had Menses

    Assalamualaikum! This is an urgent question. What is the case for a woman who had vowed to fast the days from Monday to Thursday (4 days consecutively), specifically of the following week, but got her menses? So when her menses stops, should she fast straight away to make up those four days, whichever days they may be, or should she wait until the Monday.. More

  • Ruling on the Use of Menstrual Cup during Menses

    assalamu alikum. is using menstrual allowed? A menstrual cup is a feminine hygiene device that is inserted into the vagina during menstruation. Its purpose is to collect menstrual fluid (blood from uterine lining ) and prevent its leaking onto clothes. Menstrual cups are usually made of flexible medical grade silicone and shaped like a bell with a stem... More

  • Confused About Vaginal Discharges and Prayer

    My question is about regular vaginal discharge outside of menstruation or period times of the month. Your website states that this discharge nullifies wudoo' whereas other scholars such as Sh. Assimalhakeem say the opposite. I am OK to refresh my wudoo when I am at home and can "check" for the stains of discharge on the panty before each prayer (if.. More