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  • Ordering dying person to say Shahaadah Date: 14-2-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. I came to know from this site that we should order disbelievers to say the Shahaadah (the two Testimonies of Faith) when they are close to death. Should the same also be done with one who had done something that took him out of the fold of Islam (like mocking anything related to Islam, deeming something haram to be halal, believing.. More

  • What to do for dying person Date: 2-11-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum. A relative is in their last stage of illness and has a few months to live. What can be read (from Quran) and done for them, and what could the patient do for themselves, as the patient is not a practising Muslim, and bearing in mind that they have no mobility. May Allaah reward you. .. More

  • Ruling on prompting the disbeliever to say the Shahaadah when death approaches him Date: 20-1-2014

    What is the ruling on urging a sick Christian woman to say the Shahaadah, "La ilaaha illa Allaah, Muhammadun Rasoolullaah (There is no god but Allaah, Muhammad is the Messenger of Allaah?) What if she indeed repeats it, but when we give her the remembrance beads she glorifies "in the name of the God, Jesus.".. More

  • A menstruating woman being in the presence of a dying person Date: 13-6-2013

    Is it permissible for a menstruating woman to be in the presence of her dying mother?.. More

  • Teaching the dead Laa Ilaaha Illa Allaah Date: 31-10-2011

    As i have asked you allot qustion and got Satisfaction reply by you I woul like to really Thankfull to you and for your Patience. Regarding my Question. I would like to ask you that Can dead person hear us or not?Can we suggest to dead person about Kalima Or Shahadat Allah?Can we Instruct to any dead person about KALIMA SHAHDAT AFTER PUTTING IN GRAVE?.. More

  • Died while his last words were Allaahu Akbar Date: 4-11-2010

    assalamu alaikum wara matullahi wa barakatoh. whoever dies while his last word was the kalima will enter parasise.... what about allahu akbar? if it is his last word then dies, does he also enter paradise with that word? thank u.. More

  • Her pious mother suffered a lot at the time of her death Date: 15-6-2009

    Salamualikum.We r 3 sister's and a brother(none of us got married we all r just in 20's).3months back our mother died due to sudden heart attack,she got 3 attacks in one day.My mother was a very pious lady ,she recites Quran everyday,offers 5 times prayer,helps the needy people,she try her best to eascape from backbitting,she was right hand of my father.. More

  • State of Faith upon death is what matters Date: 12-11-2007

    What is the ruling on a person who died naturally but he died outside his country?.. More

  • Probable sign of the good ending of a deceased person Date: 29-3-2007

    My Grandfather passed away last week. May Allah SWT have mercy on him and grant him Jannah. My Grandfather was very, very religious. The last few minutes before he passed away on his bed he was talking to my relatives and told them he started seeing a huge, beautiful Masjid, rain and a garden with lots of green plants. What does that vision mean? .. More