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  • Interested in Investing in Doubtful Stock Market Date: 30-10-2019

    Asslamaulikum, I am intrested in investing in indian stock market “nifty 50 sharaih@“In this stock market compines are screened based on shariah principle.I want to ask weather there is a concept in islam maxium tolerance limit for intrest in islam and concept called income purification ration which means in order to full complied with shariah.. More

  • The Zakah of shares depends upon your intention in sharing Date: 16-8-2015

    I bought shares in a hospital three years ago, and until now the share price has not changed. Is Zakaah due on this investment? In case it is, how much and when should I give it, knowing that I bought these shares with the intention to trade and make profits? .. More

  • Zakah of shares is based on their kind Date: 16-8-2015

    What is the ruling on the profits of shares and investment certificates, and their related Zakaah? .. More

  • Zakah of shares intended for the utilization of their revenues Date: 22-1-2014

    I bought shares in an Islamic bank and I utilize the revenue. Do I have to pay Zakaah for these shares?.. More

  • Zakah on deposited funds Date: 21-1-2014

    I have an insurance deposit of 20,000 Dinars for the license of a construction company. I deposited this sum into a financial firm. Is Zakaah due on this money noting that it is now not eligible for withdrawal? May Allaah Reward you... More

  • Zakah on shares bought for the purpose of benefitting from their revenue Date: 10-11-2010

    Assalam o Alaikum I have invested some money as a sleeping partner with Islamic Bank in form of shares / certificates for 07 years with sole intention of only gaining annual profit / dividends. I do not have any intention to engage in any trade of shares / certificates. The bank further invests that money in providing Islamic financing to its customers.. More

  • Zakah on a restricted investment deposit in an Islamic bank Date: 8-4-2010

    Assalam o Alaikum I have deposited some money with Qatar Islamic Bank as mudarabah in fixed deposits account for 01 year on 50 % share in profit condition and they give me quarterly profits. Profit is not fixed as a percentage of capital but it is just a predetermined share from the profit they made. i can take any time my capital back if i like. is.. More

  • Zakat on money invested in a mutual fund for 10 years Date: 26-11-2007

    I deposited200,000 Riyals in a Mutual fund 10 years ago. The amount has become now261,982 Riyals. What Zakat has to be paid now as nothing has been paid for the last 10 years.. More

  • Zakat on money invested in Mutual Funds Date: 21-11-2007

    A salam Alaikum Wa Rahmatul Allah Wa Barakatuh. Your fatwa # 88050 does not answer the question about Mutual Funds. In America, Mutual Funds are financial tools people purchase similar to a degree to stocks and Bonds in the Banking industry. cash values can go up or down through time. Please give new fatwa. Thank you.. More

  • Calculating Zakat on savings with interest added to it every 6 months Date: 8-5-2005

    How I will calculate the Zakaah every year. Please note that I have a fixed deposit in a bank run with Islamic procedure. This deposit is tied for 5 years. Bank is calculating the profit every 6 months and adding to my principal amount and thus the amount is increasing. The rate profit is as declared by bank's management in keeping with the business... More

  • Zakat on land bought for investment Date: 9-3-2005

    I owned a land which gives a meager amount from leasing to others for crops yearly. Actually I bought it as an investment. While calculating Zakaah, do I need to calculate the value of land or income from lease only. your kind advise is requested. .. More

  • Zakat on installment payments Date: 5-12-2004

    I constructed a commercial Building in 1995. In 1997 and after 2 years I managed to sell it to a company receiving my money over 5-years installments (20%) each year ending in 2001. Now, how do I calculate the Zakaat? .. More

  • Calculating Zakat on investment Date: 1-11-2004

    I've a question for u and I hope that you would oblige me with the answer. I've invested some half a million Rs. in partnership in business, but somehow I vent got any profits yet and moreover I've no control over my money as its with my partners and they are saying that they will clear off my investment within a few months, so I've neither.. More

  • Zakah on tradable shares Date: 24-4-2004

    I understand that to pay Zakah on tradable shares we calculate market value of share and apply 2.5%. A friend has the opinion that if you are not buying those shares for daily trade, meaning to buy and sell immediately to make money, then you can pay Zakah of this money after you sell them. Please advise in line with Qur’an and Shariah... More

  • Zakah is due on all the money invested Date: 23-10-2003

    I live and work away from my home country. I am trying to save money to go back with my family to my country. I am paying Zakah now since I am working. When I go back to my country, I do not expect to make enough money to make a good living. Say, I saved $100,000 and I would like to invest it and live from its proceeds. Am I obligated to pay Zakah.. More