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  • Taking interest-based loan to perform Hajj Date: 3-4-2017

    Can Hajj be performed by taking a loan form a GPF fund, which is interest-based? .. More

  • Performing Hajj and ‘Umrah on installments Date: 28-8-2016

    Is it permissible to go for Hajj or ‘Umrah on installments? Some companies offer ‘Umrah on installments. With such offers, one is considered financially able to perform Hajj or ‘Umrah, especially if performing it is an immediate obligation. If it is impermissible, then who bears the sin, the company's owner or the pilgrim? .. More

  • Wants to go to Hajj but owes an interest-based bank Date: 7-9-2015

    I studied in the United States 8 years ago. During that period, I had usurious credit cards from several bodies amounting to US$ 10,000. I did not pay back the sum. Now I want to go to Hajj this year, but I do not know how to pay back that sum. What should I do? .. More

  • Parents may use children's money to make ‘Umrah but with conditions Date: 17-11-2014

    Salaam Alaikum My question is regarding about umrah. Can me and my wife go umrah with kids from kids money because in UK government give us money for u r children that call tax credits. Child tax ccredits. So can I take my family with kids money and kids are going too for umrah as well. .. More

  • Validity of Hajj has nothing to do with making up missed fast-days Date: 21-9-2014

    When a person performs Hajj before making up for missed fast-days of Ramadan, is his Hajj valid?.. More

  • Performing Hajj with money from cooperative fund Date: 15-4-2014

    I am planning to perform hajj this year along with my parents (In Sha Alla) and would like to know if I can go hajj with committee/Jamaeya/self financing money where a group of people put in some amount every month and is given to each person in a different month. Thanks, .. More

  • Paying for 'Umrah from Islamic bank loan taken to buy a house Date: 27-2-2014

    assalamu alaikum, i am bit confused need your help , i took loan for house from an islamic bank for which iam paying my instalment regularly , i didnt used that money to buy house as couldnt find a good one yet, so that money is lying in my account from last 5months, now i planned to use some money from that to send my parents to umrah, can i use this.. More

  • A Hajj funded by the financial contributions of Muslim and non-Muslim staff Date: 20-1-2014

    What is the ruling of a Hajj where the expenses are funded by the company in which a person works? Please note that the expenses are collected by deducting shares from staff including Muslim and Christian members. I have paid shares of my salary to this fund and many employees performed Hajj from its money before. .. More

  • Conditions of the permissibility on performing a Hajj whose costs are paid by a disbeliever Date: 20-1-2014

    Is it permissible to perform Hajj if its expenses are gifted by the owner of the company I work for? Please note that he is a Moroccan Jew. .. More

  • Not all types of debt take precedence over Hajj Date: 19-1-2014

    How do we resolve the seeming contradiction between the statement that paying back the debt takes precedence over Hajj and the Hadeeth in which the Prophet, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, says: "The debt of Allaah is worthier to be paid back." What should a Muslim give precedence to, the debt to people or the debt to Allaah? .. More

  • The Sharee‘ah ruling on borrowing for Hajj Date: 19-1-2014

    A person borrowed money from his family members in order to pay for his Hajj expenses and intends to pay the money back before going to Hajj. He borrowed the money because he did not have the sum at the time when he was asked to pay it to the concerned authorities. What is the ruling? .. More

  • Paying debts or performing ‘Umrah on the mother’s behalf Date: 16-1-2014

    My mother died without performing ‘Umrah or Hajj and I want to perform ‘Umrah on her behalf, knowing that I work in Saudi Arabia but I have debts. Is it permissible for me to borrow money? Please advise. .. More

  • Debt that prevents from Hajj Date: 6-10-2013

    I am a university student. My father pays my tuition fees. The university demands the tuition of the semester in advance. I want to travel to perform the obligation of Hajj with my mother. My mother will pay for the expenses of Hajj from her salary. I want to register in the subjects of the second semester before going to Hajj. Are the tuition fees.. More

  • Paying a Riba-based loan is given priority over performing Hajj Date: 29-1-2013

    Asalamu alaykum, I took out a government loan for university studies under the impression of no interest until my salary reaches a certain level, but the money was subject to an inflation rate every year. After gaining information about inflation being a type of riba, I stoped studying. If the amount I took is 20,000 + 8,000 inflation 1- Can I go.. More

  • Going to Hajj without paying an overpriced bill Date: 2-10-2012

    Salam Alikoum, I'm going to hajj in two weeks inchAllah. I paid all my debt except one agency which provided a service to me 3 years ago. We did not agree about the price at the beginning of the deal and we did not sign any contract, however, after getting the service, the bill was extremely over priced. I told them that was not fair and they.. More