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  • Children performing Hajj without observing some Ihram restrictions Date: 22-8-2016

    Two years ago, I went to Hajj along with my wife and children. My son was six months old, and my daughter was four years old. I intended Hajj for them and performed the rituals for them. However, my infant son did not wear Ihram (ritual state of consecration) clothes, and my little daughter did not cover her hair during the rituals. We performed several.. More

  • How can someone perform tawaf with his children? Date: 7-9-2015

    What should I do if I want to perform Hajj while two children are with me, especially during the Tawaf (circumambulation) and sa‘y (going back and forth between Mount Safa and Mount Marwah)? Does pulling them or carrying them in a stroller require me to repeat tawaf and sa‘y? Should I perform tawaf for myself first and then do it on their behalf? .. More

  • A child falling into actions prohibited in the state of Ihraam Date: 19-1-2014

    I went to Hajj and intended it on behalf of my young son who is eight months old. I forgot to dress him in the Ihraam and no one with me brought this to my attention until when we were in Mina after having told them about my intention in his Hajj and I performed all the actions on his behalf. What is the ruling on such a case? .. More

  • A child's guardian does the rituals he is unable to do on his behalf Date: 19-1-2014

    With the spread of Swine Flu, are the children who are 4-8 years old required to perform Tawaaf and Sa‘y? .. More

  • What should be done by the guardian when accompanying a non-discerning child during ‘Umrah Date: 16-1-2014

    I want to perform ‘Umrah for a five-month-old baby and I do not know how to keep him pure. Is it permissible to cut his hair? .. More

  • Performing ‘Umrah on behalf of a child Date: 10-3-2011

    iam going to umrah for the first time, i have two chidren , can i do umrah on their behalf after completing mine . pl reply.. More

  • Husband and wife taking their 10-month baby for 'Umrah Date: 26-9-2006

    i am planning to go for ummra but same time we have 10 months baby which is very disturb i mean she not sleep night crying, so i am affraid she may disturb others sleep there & in journey too. If she with us one can go for jamma prayer i mean wither me or my wife have to take care while pray or my wife pray in room, Can u please suggest me what.. More