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  • Ruling on financial certificates and how to get rid of interest Date: 19-3-2012

    AsSalamOAlaikum-Warehmatullahi-Wabarakatuhu, My father was a very successful businessman in his times but wasn't religious at all. He bought some National Saving Certificates from "National Saving Centre" which is one popular government institution in Pakistan. He bought following certificates: (i) Behbood Saving Certificates (BSC) (ii) Regular Income.. More

  • An employee given a bonus by his company whose money is mixed Date: 22-7-2011

    I am working in a govt. Gas Transmission & Distribution Company. Its main business is purchasing and selling of natural gas. Every year company gives 5%profit bonus as 'Workers Profit Participation Fund'(WPPF) from Profit before tax. Every year each and every employee get the same amount of money from it in addition to regular salary, bonuses.. More

  • Taking an interest-based loan from compulsory savings Date: 19-7-2011

    I am working in an institution which compulsorily saves a portion of my salary in a bank in return for interest. At the end of my service, I will receive such money in addition to the interest. The firm allows the employees to take a portion from the savings in the form of a loan with interest equal to that interest which they should get in addition.. More

  • The transaction in question combines two abominable kinds of Ribaa Date: 19-7-2011

    I have a friend who was waiting to receive a bank money order from another country in order to send it with someone who would then travel to another country. However, the bank money order did not reach on time. Therefore, he asked me for a loan saying, “If I do not receive this amount of money today, I must travel or I will lose 700 dollars in.. More

  • He purchased a piece of agricultural land by Ribaa, will its produce be unlawful? Date: 18-7-2011

    A father purchased a piece of agricultural land by a bank loan. Will the produce of the land be unlawful, noting that the loan is based on Ribaa? If yes, are the children considered consumers of Ribaa like their father?.. More

  • Ruling on paying the rent of one’s apartment with bank interest Date: 18-7-2011

    There is a man who has an amount of money which he deposited in the bank so as to pay the rent of his apartment from the interest that it accrues. He does not have any other resource. Is this lawful?.. More

  • His wife insists on investing her money in saving certificates Date: 30-6-2011

    Investing in govt. Savings certificates is halal or not & my wife insisting to invest her own amount in these certificates but i am refusing coz its not gud & halal and did i have rights to stop her to do not invest?.. More

  • Buying a car does not make it permissible to enter into a Riba-based dealing Date: 11-5-2011

    I have a bank account in a certain bank from which I got a loan on interest, like other banks. At the same time, I provide a monthly sum for an orphan whose father has died. Does the unlawfulness of the interests (of the loan) consume the reward of providing for the orphan? It is noteworthy that I was forced to obtain the loan to be able to buy a.. More

  • They help their customers get usurious loans to buy from them Date: 10-5-2011

    We started a business of selling Air Conditions, Furnaces and water heater etc. If the customer requires we arrange loan with interest form commercial bank for them and we do not charge any thing from our customers for this extra service. (This is not the part of our business still we have to assist them to secure our business) If we do not provide.. More

  • Tricks do not make Riba (usury) lawful Date: 10-5-2011

    I wanted an amount of money, so I transferred the ownership of a piece of land that I own on paper to my brother. After this, I went to an authority that sells on installments and told them that I want to buy this land which is worth 200 thousand Riyals. They agreed to buy it from its owner and sell it to me on installments for 260 thousand Riyals... More

  • Selling deferred debt for a lesser amount is Riba (usury) Date: 9-5-2011

    There is a strange transaction that takes place here and that I have never seen the like of it in Islamic Fiqh (jurisprudence). Some sellers go to people at home, make customers and sell them things on installments. As a result, the seller may have ten thousand dollars as a debt that should be paid by his customers. After that, he might be obliged.. More

  • Receiving a salary by overdrawing in case it is delayed Date: 9-5-2011

    I am an employee in the government sector and have a bank account from which I receive my salary. Sometimes, I am forced to receive it by overdrawing, due to the salary being delayed. Please advise us in this respect... More

  • You are only obliged to pay the original amount of the loan Date: 20-3-2011

    Alsalam Alaikum My question is regarding loans. When I was younger I wasnt religious and made a mistake of taking an interest student loan to finance my studies. Alhamdulilla now Allah has shown me the right path to Islam and after completing my studies I am thinking about repayments. I took the loan when I was studying and living in one country and.. More

  • Wants to take a Riba-based loan to continue his studies Date: 20-3-2011

    Assalamu aleykum. We have a system of saving money through savings and credit cooperative societies (SACCO). certain amount is deducted each month from your salary (by your consent) and this amount becomes your share in the society. They provide loans of upto 3 times your share which you repay with an interest of 1% per month (12%per year). i am a.. More

  • You only have to pay the original debt Date: 20-11-2010

    My family first bought our home from a company which was considered halal by the local masjid to buy from, because they didn't charge an interest rate and they didn't deal with banks. After some years the company was sold to Country Wide, and they started charging us interest, and after that, Country Wide was bought by Bank of America. So basically.. More