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  • Bought prize-bonds to settle his usurious loan Date: 24-3-2009

    Dear Moulana Sahab,i have taken Credit Cards & Car loan from Non Islamic Banks which i regret on daily basis & i pray to ALLAH to release me from this HARAAM means. Moreover, i have purchased Bonds from Ahli Bank with intention that if i won any price money from them i will settle my outstanding Loan amount and rest of the money will be given.. More

  • Wants to get rid of his Riba-based home loan Date: 18-2-2009

    Asallamolikum! Two years ago i took bank loan on my house without much realising and felling the prey for shaitan in form of interest etc. Now when I finally sold my house on much loss to avoid interest, I still have a specific sum to pay to the bank which is very very hard to pay back since i lost my job and looking for new one which is equally.. More

  • Building a house financed by a Riba based loan Date: 12-2-2009

    as salaam alikum WA rah math Ulla e WA barakathu, Dearest Shaikh, i am in a dilemma whether to accept a project/contract to build a house for my sister ... the point is my brother-in -law will be using the money partially (more than 50 %) from the banks ... is this permitted for me to work for him ...another thing is i need this job as i am out of work.. More

  • Wants to join a course based on a usurious loan Date: 8-1-2009

    Assalamu alaikum, a friend of mine is taking an ECE course(early childhood education) and its a base on loan and she'll pay before the date that it will start the interest,free of interest with in certain amount of time and then few months of the course she'll need to take the practicum in which all kind of non muslim holidays like eastern, christmass.. More

  • The government gave him usurious bank deposit as compensation Date: 16-12-2008

    i met road accident before ten years and i claimed on govt. i won the case and now gov. has puted Rs.90,000 as fixed diposit in one bank for which i am getting interest of Rs. 1700/- every quarterly and principle amount of Rs. 90,000 will be received after next seven years. Where can I utilize the principle amount as well as the interest amount received.. More

  • Profit resulting from a car bought with a Riba-based loan Date: 6-12-2007

    Dear Scholar – Asslam alaikum, A person buys a taxi car by taking a loan from conventional bank by giving interest and he start earning by driving the taxi. It is clear that paying interest is forbidden, but my question is what about the money he earn from that taxi car by himself driving it, is that haram for him because he own the taxi in haram.. More

  • Islamic associations receiving funds from usurious banks Date: 28-11-2007

    Assalam Dar Al Falah community education association is a muslim association which teaches arabic and islamic studies to muslim children in the Glasgow community it is permited to apply for funds and grants to cover the running costs and charges of the school from funders like LLyods TSB and Abbey National charitable Trust banks my question is that:.. More

  • Borrowing money with Riba to marry off one’s daughter Date: 5-11-2007

    Assalamualaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatu... May allaah bless all of your team for this wonderful work..Aameen.. My question is: Can Loan be taken from Public Provident Fund (PPF) on Interest Basis which is low when compared to the market. My father is in Police Dept. and he can get a loan of 1 lakh rupees from his PPF on low interest. As we are try.. More

  • Wants to pay off his parents’ non-Islamic mortgage Date: 30-9-2007

    Is it ok to help pay off my parents mortgage which is not an islamic mortgage but an interest based one. They would find it diffficult to change to an islamic one because of the lump sum fee you have to pay to the islamic company first. .. More

  • Giving money that resulted from Ribaa to those who pay interest charges Date: 5-9-2007

    Assalamu alaikum.Can interest money be given to a person to repay his interest he took as loan?My grandmother gives her interest money to help his son pay back his interest that he has to pay for the loan he took.If people start acting like this wont it motivate people to take loan with interest?Thank you. .. More

  • Giving service fees for borrowing money from a company Date: 2-9-2007

    I believe that interest is haraam whether it small or bigger. But my concern is regarding our cooperative which we barrowed for example 1000 to be paid equally every 15 days, through salary diduction. We give a minimm amount of 20 upon reciept of the money as service pay. Is this service pay considered riba? Sukhran and Allah Bless Us... More

  • Buying a house with mortgage whose interests will be paid back by the government Date: 28-3-2007

    As salaamalaykum, In the netherlands, the government gives back the interests that was paid on mortgatge. in such a case is it permissible to take mortgage and buy a house? I don't want to take loan and buy house because of riba and also because I hate loans. I am then always afraid of dying without paying the loan. My husband and my family are always.. More

  • An employee given an interest free loan but in case of his resignation he will be charged interest Date: 19-3-2007

    The company I work for offers an interest free housing loan. However, upon resignation the company reserves the right to charge interest on the balance amount. So far no one who has resigned has been charged interest. If I have the means to clear the loan whenever I resign, does the provision to charge interest make the loan unlawful?.. More

  • Benefiting from a car bought by a usurious loan Date: 19-3-2007

    Selamu Aleikum Dear Brother. I am writing this e-mail, hoping that you will answer my concern regarding an issue that has taken away my peace of mind. I recently bought a car, I mean financed thru a bank that is intrest based bank. At a time, I didnt have enough money to buy this car, and i was in need of a car so that I can go work, support my family,.. More

  • A church group sponsoring the building of a house for a Muslim Date: 26-2-2007

    1) What does Islam has about a church group sponsoring the building of a house for a Muslim in the U.S? 2) What is the Islamic teaching on buying houses through Mortgage in places where you can not get other options? 3) Are there any Muslim Institutions in America that can sell house to muslims in the U.S. without Riba? Thank you... More