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  • Companions going out for Da'wah with their wives Date: 12-7-2016

    Respected Shaikh, assalamu alaykum. Is there any evidence/proof in hadiths that can confirm that any one of the Companions had ever gone out with his wife for Da'wah (proselytization)or Islah (Preaching of Islam)? Best regards. .. More

  • Men and women participating in forums for the purpose of Da‘wah Date: 8-3-2012

    Is a woman permitted to register in forums and to reply to and discuss the postings of men with full respect and in a fraternal atmosphere free of foul language, given that the objective of joining these forums is Islamic, like the posting of Islamic articles and beneficial moral stories?.. More

  • Woman going out of her home for Da`wah Date: 12-7-2009

    As salamualaykum, Could you please answer my question related to Dawah (calling non-muslims towards Islam). My question is: Is it obligatory on Muslim women to go out of their home for dawah purpose. Can you please explain in detail how muslim women should do dawah (please answer w.r.t married women as well as unmarried women). Please answer this in.. More

  • Conditions for women practicing Da‘wah Date: 17-3-2008

    Some women from my family, together with other girls, want to go out for Da‘wah to our neighbours and other women in the neighbourhood, calling them to Allaah. Is this a correct means of Da‘wah? If it is correct, what is your advice to them? If not, what is a suitable means for practicing Da'wah?.. More

  • She wants to call a male colleague to Islam Date: 7-7-2004

    Please advise me. I have a very kind colleagueat work who is French, very polite and a respectful man. I want to help him convert Islam. He said he is ready to do if I can convince him. He has the intentionto search and convert. What is thebest wayfor meto convince him,e.g.the best subjects or sites for him tosearch, stories of people who converted.. More

  • Women giving Da'wah on Internet Date: 19-2-2003

    I would like to know if a women can give a Da'wah in a public place like the Internet? Tell me a hadith or Surah/ayat that mentions that in the Quran.Jazaka allah... More

  • Using own picture on website Date: 9-7-2002

    I am building my own website and I want to use my picture to explain Hijab and its benefit in Islam... More

  • Talking with men about religion Date: 12-1-2002

    I want to know if we are allowed to speak with men about religion... More

  • Women giving speeches before male audiences Date: 23-4-2000

    I have been asked by many unbelievers why women do not give religious speeches in front of men and women... More

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