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  • Sucking wife's breast Date: 9-8-2004

    Is sucking a wife's breast Halal or not?.. More

  • Looking at spouse's private parts Date: 10-5-2004

    Did Prophet (peace be upon him) never ever in his life looked on His (peace be upon him) private parts of his wives? This Hadith is narrated from Ayisha (Allah bless her) that he (peace be upon) never looked at my private parts and i never looked at his (peace be upon him) private parts? Why did he never do that? Was that for modesty and shyness? Is.. More

  • Using lubricants when having sexual intercourse Date: 2-5-2004

    Is it permissible to use lubricants (such as KY Jelly) when having intercourse?.. More

  • Oral sex with wives Date: 10-4-2004

    What does the Shari'a say about oral sex?.. More

  • What to do if husband demands oral sex Date: 10-4-2004

    I just want to know if after I get married my husband wanted me to give him oral sex but I did not want to do it because I think that it is disgusting, what do I do? If my husband really wanted it, would it be Haram if I refused to give in to him? This is a concern of mine and I would benefit from your knowledge on this matter. .. More

  • Dancing for husband Date: 10-4-2004

    My question was my husband wants me to dance for him and wear sexy clothes when I dance in our home and I am not really comfortable doing it I want to know if it is good or bad. Please tell me because I am not doing it and he is angry... More

  • Spouses seeing each other nude Date: 10-4-2004

    Are husband and wife allowed to see each other completely nude in Islam? What sexual positions are best? .. More

  • Arousing husband using cheap or vulgar words Date: 27-3-2004

    Is it permissible in Islam to arouse your husband by using cheap or vulgar words?.. More

  • Sucking the wife’s breast Date: 10-3-2004

    1) What is the Islamic way to perform oral sex? 2) My wife has excess of milk and after feeding baby, still lot amount of milk remains in her breast which need to be consumed, otherwise its pain her and also will gone stop process of milk production and we cant afford it as baby is only 2 months old, she had tried to waste the milk by pumping.. More

  • Ejaculating between the wife's buttocks Date: 2-3-2004

    Is it allowed to ejaculate between your wife's buttocks and outside her anus? .. More

  • Unable to enjoy orgasm with husband Date: 26-2-2004

    I have been married for 8 years. Sexual relations with my husband are not so good as I never had my orgasm with him. This leaves me in a very bad mood, so I use my imagination to get my orgasm without using my hands. Tell me what to do because I love my husband, but I am afraid that I am doing something wrong. We even tried allot to improve our.. More

  • Massaging the penis with oils to enjoy sex, etc. Date: 8-2-2004

    My friends in Malaysia said that the male penis can be massaged with certain oils available in their country so that it will be better for sex and urinary problems. Another claim is that they can apply an oil to prevent premature ejaculation and cause sex to last longer. Is this allowed in Islam? .. More

  • Drinking wife's milk during sex Date: 26-1-2004

    During intimacy if a husband drinks his wife's milk, is it necessary for him to rinse his mouth immediately or it can be done after completing sex?.. More

  • Hearing the Azan while having sex Date: 30-12-2003

    Sometimes when I am in relation with my wife (that is during intercourse) we hear the call for prayer. Are we committing a sin if we continue our sex at the time of Azan? If so, is there any penalty for us?.. More

  • Convince yourself of your wife Date: 11-10-2003

    I would say I am a devout Muslim but sometimes during encounters with my wife I imagine copulating other women in place of my wife, is this sinful? If so, how can I stop it?.. More