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  • Wife enjoying her husband sexually while he is asleep Date: 27-4-2006

    Is it allowed for a wife to stimulate the penis of her husband while he still sleeping? Once the penis becomes hard and fully erected she will start a foreplay and intercourse with him. One of our teachers in Islamic Studies said, a husband must be on top to respect the wife. Please send me a proof for the right of a wife regarding this matter. .. More

  • Husband having sex with wife before the consummation of their marriage Date: 23-4-2006

    I have just recently had my Nikaah with my husband, and I understand that this now makes us lawful for one another. I have heard in many Hadeeth that when a man calls his wife to bed she must obey but I am worried that I may get pregnant before our actual wedding, which is in the summer. Also if my parents knew about it they would not be happy at.. More

  • Talking about other women to arouse her husband sexually Date: 9-2-2006

    I am married to a Muslim and have children. My main problem is that my husband is really unable to perform sexually unless we talk about other women or describe some sexual scenes while talking. I always feel very guilty doing this and have done Tawbah many times. I have tried many times to avoid this but I always go back after a while because I feel.. More

  • Husband and wife's looking at each other's private parts Date: 29-12-2005

    I am a new reader of your site. I read almost all your "Fatwas", and I am confused due to your "Fatwas", since you had given Fatwa for query, i.e. Fatwa 82419. Related to see the private parts of a married couple. You had stated that "Prophet did not do it. As Aa'ishah said: "But in the Fatwa" 83392. You had stated this, i.e. copy of what.. More

  • Confused about suckling wife's breasts Date: 6-10-2005

    I am having some confusion related to your Fataawa, i.e. "Fatwa: 84646and 83713". In 84646you told that "a husband can enjoy his wife as he wishes provided he avoids having intercourse during menses or in her anus. So, you may suck your wives breasts. If the milk flows and you drink, this does not affect the marital relations. Only the.. More

  • Having sex in accordance with the natural disposition Date: 2-10-2005

    It is lawful (permissible) to lick wife's anus as foreplay, and she to lick her husband's? And as foreplay can she put her finger into the anus and can the husband do it to her anus, just as foreplay, before having sex? In many Fataawa is only mentioned "entire body"! Please explained detailed. .. More

  • Conditions for a husband to have sex with his wife Date: 11-8-2005

    Can a husband who is not taking good care of his wife compulsorily have sex with the wife despite the fact that the wife is not happy with him and not in sexual mood? .. More

  • Using artificial means to satisfy wife sexually Date: 2-6-2005

    If a man cannot satisfy his wife properly because of sickness or weakness in his penis, is it allowed for the pair to use artificial means/products to satisfy her? .. More

  • Having intercourse in the open, but out of public view Date: 8-5-2005

    Is it a sin for married couple to stay alone outside in nature, and to have a intimate contact, but to make sure no one from people sees them. .. More

  • Pleasing his wife by oral sex Date: 12-4-2005

    Thank you so much for answer my question about oral sex. The reason I am writing again is that I am still confused. I would be very happy if you can guide me further. I am married for 10 years. we have fantastic relation with each other. My wife and I are very religious and would not do anything against Islam. The only problem I have is that.. More

  • Extent of sex acts in marriage Date: 11-4-2005

    I have two questions regarding sex in married life:-1.I know that husband and wife are not allowed to have sexual intercourse during menstruation period but are they allowed any type of sex other then this and what is the limit?Can wife touch and see husband's private parts and also masturbate him (to fulfill his sexual desire during this period).Can.. More

  • Sexual difficulties in marriage Date: 28-3-2005

    My marriage is coming up to 4 years and I have 3 children. My question is my husband expects to receive oral sex but is never prepared to give it as he considers it an act which is dirty. Secondly he sits in front of me and my children rubbing his gentile arousing himself all the time. Is this a form of masturbation? He had suddenly minimized.. More

  • Wife insists he manipulates her vagina with his finger Date: 5-1-2005

    I'm a new married man. My wife wear Hijaab, I'm Muslim, in our sex relation she was so late to get the pleasure which make me irritated because I get very tired. She always insisted on me to put my finger in her vagina (badr), 15 minutes, I ask if she is ill (Borod Jinsi) if so what can we do, there are some medicines. She get angry with.. More

  • Penis between his wife's buttocks Date: 26-12-2004

    If during sex with wife some one chooses to keep his penis between her buttocks as for the enjoyment but not putting inside anal is it allowed?.. More

  • Sex in marriage Date: 7-12-2004

    Is it lawful for a husband to suck his wife's breast during sex to give her pleasure in Islam? .. More