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  • Wife Not Listening to Him and Not Answering Him in A Nice Manner Date: 12-6-2023

    Are there any conditions that a Muslim man has to fulfill if he wants to divorce his wife? I mean if the wife is for example not listening to him and is not answering him in a nice manner and so on, which she did before, then is he allowed to divorce his wife on the basis of her behaviour or is he obliged to talk to her first even if he knows she will.. More

  • Drunken Husband Told Her ‘I Can't Stay with You Anymore’ Date: 21-5-2023

    AssalamuaalikumI'm a wife who has 8 months son. Sometimes, I argue and fight with my husband while he is drunk. Almost every fighting time, he said I can't stay with you anymore (I divorce you). He said it in our Language, Burmese. This meaning same as Twalaq (I think so). But he doesn't understand Twalaq. I would like to know is "does really tawlaq.. More

  • Divorce at a moment of extreme anger Date: 13-4-2023

    My husband has said Talaq 3 times in extrem heated argument and i forced him to say the talaq 3 times when he was angery is this a valid divorce or not, or is this 1 divorce. .. More

  • Divorce under the influence of drugs and intense anger Date: 4-4-2023

    My husband divorced me 2 years ago by saying I divorce you three times whilst heavily under the influence of drugs. It was clear to me that he was not in his right mental state. he divorced me again last year same way and he was in the same condition. After getting some advice we came to the understanding that both of them divorces did not class as.. More

  • Divorced His Wife Repeatedly and Wants to Take Her Back Date: 30-3-2023

    I got married After sometime my wife left me,to warn her I divorced her,later after sometime we have rajoo/intercourse,but still my wife didn't returned my home, he was living at her parent house,i send her 2nd divorce,and we again met and have intercourse and she got pregnant,but still she was at her parent house ,once i was angry i gave her divorce,.. More

  • Narrating a Divorce that Took Place in the Past Does Not Lead to a New Divorce Date: 30-3-2023

    Salam,My husband in a telephone conversation today referred to a past incident in which he has said “you are divorced”. So basically in the telephone conversation he said “I have in the past told you that you are divorced”. I’m This statement he was referring to the past incident but does the fact that he said “you are divorced” constitute.. More

  • Ruling on divorce at a moment of intense anger Date: 26-3-2023

    Assalamualaikum My family and I are in a very unfortunate situation. The first day of Ramadan my husband and I had a fight when my husband was extremely angry and couldn’t control the words he uttered and did not understand the consequences of them when he uttered the word I talaq you. He was very angry and out of his senses. This is the third talaq.. More

  • Husband Issued Divorce to His Wife and Wrote It Few Times on Paper Date: 16-3-2023

    Salamun alaikum,May Allah increase you in knowledge and wisdom. My humble question is: A husband said to his wife that she is divorced in may 2022, and after he returned her he gave her another written divorce containing two divorce at once stating that if she finished her idda she could get married. As the women went in parking her belongings to leave.. More

  • If Husband Says ‘It is One Talaq’ while Wife Says ‘It Is Three’, whose Statement to Take into Account Date: 12-3-2023

    How many talaqs will happen here by telling you one talaq one talaq one talaq?At one point in quarrel with his wife, the husband says, "One talaq, one talaq, one talaq." says How many takaqs will fall here? The wife claims that she heard triple talaq. The husband claims that he pronounced one talaq three times. The husband now wants to take his wife.. More

  • Validity of Taking Wife Back without Intercourse Date: 12-3-2023

    On Feb, 2, 2023, my husband and I had a small argument and he said once that he divorces me. He was upset. He later regretted it and we reconciled and hugged each other. What is the true nature of reconciliation? Should there be an intercourse involved?. My husband has an erectile dysfunction and it would be hard to impossible to have an intercourse... More

  • Said to His Wife in Anger ‘I Am Not Your Husband’ Date: 28-2-2023

    I was fighting with my wife and in anger, I said that don't call me by my nickname and I am not your husband as you're not treating me like one even though I had no intention of divorcing as we just had our nikkah done. have I done something wrong or is our nikkah invalid? .. More

  • Woman Saw Her Husband Committing Adultery Date: 23-2-2023

    A woman saw her husband having sex with another woman. She saw with her own eyes . Is she considered automatically divorced from the man or she is still his wife ?Jazaaka allahu kheyran. .. More

  • Told His Wife ‘If You Do Not Pray You Are Divorced’ Date: 18-2-2023

    Assalamualaikum I want to know about conditional divorce.{I told to my wife if you do not pray namaz you are divorce }As far as I know conditional divorce depends on intention. I am very confused or in doubt about my intentions. If there is any doubt about my intention, will conditional divorce be valid or not? What is the ruling of Islam? .. More

  • Issued Written Divorce to His Wife Date: 9-2-2023

    Have been married for 14 yrs and had no children w/ wife who did ask for divorce. Did give her written statement w/ only 1 witness, the 2nd witness she had said she'll care of it. So she left the house, for 3.8 yrs now, but kept close contact w/ me. We live in an islamic country .. More

  • Divorce by Judge who Rules by Man-Made Laws Date: 4-2-2023

    Can a non-Muslim judge in a non-Muslim country rule on a divorce between a Muslim husband and a Muslim wife? The nikah was placed according to Shariah in a Muslim country. Is this divorce that is given by a non-Muslim judge in a non-Muslim country valid in the light of shariah, especially when the husband did not intend to divorce? The couple has two.. More