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  • Ruling on entrusting children to a nursery that feeds them with what is impermissible

    Alsalamualaikom,I live in the United States and I have to work long hours so my 1 year old baby daughter started going to daycare from 8am till 6pm. They give them meals at daycare that include chicken and turkey that are not slaughtered according to Islamic standards (not zabiha halal certified), but no pork. Is it permissible for her to eat this chicken.. More

  • Does impure meat invalidate the acts of worship?

    Assalamu Alikum, I have a question regarding Non-halal meat. I live in Norway and my family do not bring halal meat, they bring it from the local store, which all I’m pretty their meat is impure, by the meaning of it not being slaughtered in the sharia way also when I go out with friends we eat from restaurants in which have the same type of meat... More

  • Owns a school where there is free mixing. Is his income Halal?

    My father owns a school where there is free mixing. Is his income halal ? Will our du'aas be accepted since the food and clothing of the person making du'aa should be from halal income ? .. More

  • Is non-halal meat impure?

    Asalamu Alaykum. Is non-halal meat najis I know pork is najis but what about non-halal chicken and beef. My Local Sheikh said non-halal meats like chicken is not najis. Is there a difference of opinion? Please show me evidence. Thank you. .. More

  • Is broiler chicken Halal?

    Is broiler chicken Halal? Given the way they are raised. By giving antibiotics, kept in a unclean environment and very small cages, and health of the bird where it becomes so fat it can't move. And Allah knows the best. .. More

  • Father Prevents Son from Eating Certain Kinds of Lawful Food

    assalamualaykum. Please awnser my question straight and dont send me another fatwa as i get confused sometimes by it. My dad doesnt let me do so many things. He doesnt let me have rice, or chocolate, or chewing gum, or energy drinks, or chips, or let me have cold water etc, saying that it is harmful for me. Does this mean that i have to listen to him.. More

  • Buying permissible things from shops that sell other forbidden items

    I live in North America and would like to know if it is allowed to buy things (like food) from shops that sell crosses, amulets, etc. These stores (like Walmart) also sell things with holy words that will not be respected, like food packages that have "Christ" written on them. Are we in sin by buying other products? These shops sell more products and.. More

  • Ruling on Eating Asafoetida

    I would like to know whether hing Or asafoetida( a flavoured spice used by indians) and castor oil are halal Or haram .. More

  • Trusting People Who Sell ‘Halal’ Foods

    Assalaamu Alaykum. Where I live in the west, there are a lot of mosques and Muslims. Many stores advertise that they sell halaal food. Should I trust these stores, or should I ask for proof? What about if the store is owned by a Muslim? .. More

  • Disposing of Packages That Have Word Halal or Scholars on Them

    Assalamu'alaikum warahmatullahi wabarokatuh. I want to ask. What is the ruling on disposing a product's package that word حلال or halal label is written on it or word علماء is written on it?Shukron. .. More

  • No Harm in Using Oil that Is Not Changed by Impurity

    Salaam,Is it halal to eat food that was cooked in oil that could have come into contact with oil that has been used to fry non-halal chicken? The restaurant says that 'this can occur during the filtration process for the oil' and that 'every effort is made during oil filtration to keep the oils separate but we cannot guarantee that cross contamination.. More

  • Eating Food Products that Contain Animal Enzymes or Animal Rennet

    Assalamu Aleykum. is it halal to eat snacks with enzymes in the ingredients. For exemple the nacho cheese flavored doritos chips from where i'm from (Canada) doesn't have pork enzymes but it may have enzymes from other animals. And what about the cheese. Is it okay to eat cheese made from animal rennet?.. More

  • Using Medicine that May Contain Doubtful Ingredients

    Salam aleikum wa rahmatu Llahi wa barakatu. In a lot of medicine there are doubtful ingredients which we not know if they are halal or halal, such as gelatine, magnesium stearate,ecc... It is very difficult to know if it is animal or vegetable origin. Is it halal to take it? We often found them in Muslim countries and sometimes find only ,for some.. More

  • Eating Food If Not Sure It Is Lawful

    Asalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh, nowadays there are many foods like sweets or drinks that have certain indregends that can be made from plants but also animals. The problem is that many times it does not say wether it is made out of plants or animal indregends. If i have a drink for example and there is something in it that I am doubtful.. More

  • Eating Foods Containing Emulsifier Agents

    Asalam u aliekum What is the ruling of eating foods like (chocolates, bread, cookies etc ) containing emulsifier agents like e471, e472 or anyother like that. Mostly when we don't know either they are vegetable basis or pork basis?.please guide.JazakalAllah u khair .. More