158 fatwas

  • Allah is Merciful Date: 5-5-2003

    Could you send me a short note on Allah is Merciful with references from the Qur'an... More

  • Using words in daily practice that are attributes of Allah Date: 1-4-2003

    Is this right to use word 'create' or 'creator' in our daily life as the word is among the Names of Allah (Al-Khaliq). In computer science different languages are used and this word is used in these languages, e.g. 'create table' is a command in a language to generate a table. Also guide me which words can be used in our daily life which are also among.. More

  • Reference to Allah as masculine Date: 9-9-2001

    Why is Allah (SWT) always referred to as He and why not She. Though we all know that He is of neither sex. My intended wife is a bit of a feminist. She keeps asking me this question and more often that not, I am answerless. Please help me out... More

  • ‘Thank goodness’ as an expression Date: 24-5-2001

    We often see on motor vehicles stickers in the Arabic language with words that mean “Al-Hamdu lillaah” but translated into English as “Thank goodness”. Can Al-Hamdu lillaah mean “Thank goodness?” .. More

  • Islam is the Religion of the Truth and the Religion of all the Prophets Date: 6-11-2000

    I am a Muslim. Sometimes I don't feel sure about Islam. I wonder if I can be100 percent sure. Can you please send me some information or books in English so I can read about Islam? .. More

  • Where is Allah located? Date: 23-10-1999


  • Meaning of God Date: 11-8-1999

    What is the meaning of God?.. More

  • True name of God Date: 2-8-1999

    What is the true name of God? Is it ALLAH or Yahweh or what? Where can I find information on the language of Aramaic and the name used by Jesus?.. More