154 fatwas

  • Difference between ‘Uluww and Istiwaa’ Date: 10-1-2008

    What is the difference between ‘Uluww and Istiwaa’ over the Throne?.. More

  • Meaning of Jehovah, Yaweh and Jah Date: 1-1-2008

    Is the Allah of Noble Quran is the same sovereign God called as Jehovah or Yaweh or Jah by the Christians?.. More

  • “As-Sitteer” is one of the most beautiful Names of Allaah Date: 5-12-2007

    Are As-Saatir, As-Sitteer and As-Sattaar among the Most Beautiful Names of Allaah? What is the evidence? .. More

  • The Name Al-Baseer in the Quran Date: 11-11-2007

    Al-Baseer (The All Seer) is one of the Names of Allaah the Almighty. How many times has it been mentioned in the Quran? .. More

  • Names of Allaah mentioned in the Quran Date: 8-4-2007

    How many names of Allah are mentioned in the Holy Quran? .. More

  • All the verses of the Quran should be understood literally Date: 25-9-2006

    Assalamu Alaikum sheikh my question is on aqeedah and the interpretation of sifaat of Allah SWT in the Quran. I am busy learning arabic at a madrassah the teacher is Ashariy. i would like to know about sheikh ibn baaz statement that all the verses in quran should be taken literally what did he mean by this. if yadd in the arabic language both means.. More

  • Interpreting the Names and Attributes of Allaah Date: 19-9-2006

    Asslaamu Alaikum. This is the exact wordings from the book (page 79) english translation of the explanation by Dr. Khallil Harras of Aqeedatul Waastiya of Ibn Taymiya is 'How can hand be interpretated to mean power when the text proves mentioning of palm, fingers, right and left, closing, opening, etc. Which can only happen only in the case of real.. More

  • Allaah is bashful of whoever is shameful Date: 6-9-2005

    Allaah said: "If you are ashamed of me, I will be ashamed of you". This is a statement is quoted very often but I am sure it is not in the Quran. I do not know the Arabic text but is it mentioned in the Hadeeth?.. More

  • Arms and Legs of Allaah Date: 18-8-2005

    Does Allaah have Arms and Legs like us or not? .. More

  • Questions Allaah's Mercy Date: 9-8-2005

    I know the high status a woman in Islam has. One non-Muslim asked a scholar that when compared to man, woman experience many difficulties. Every month she experiences bleeding and menstrual pain. If she has menses just five minutes before sunset in Ramadhaan, she has to make up the whole fast. She has to bear the child for 9 long months and has.. More

  • Referring to Allaah as 'a spiritual father' Date: 16-6-2005

    I have a question about Allaah. I am a new Muslim, recently converted from Christianity, and am trying to understand something. I know that we are not Allaah's biological children just as Jesus was not, but is it wrong to refer to Him as our spiritual Father? We call each other "Brother" and "Sister" everyday in our family of Islam. But in.. More

  • Explanation of sayings Date: 15-6-2005

    Please clarify that is it Shirk to say that universe exists in God and God is beyond the universe. Are spirits small part of God like drops from ocean? Please explain in detail the meaning of the words "breathed into him of my spirit" in the Holy Quran (15:29). Also explain the meaning of Hadeeth: "He who knows himself knows his Lord." .. More

  • Describing Allaah's Attributes Date: 18-5-2005

    Sometimes I read poems of Muslims. They write things like God is beauty God is truth, but as converted Muslim one of the philosophical ideas who made me Muslim (it is of course Allaah Who guided me) is the principle that we only know about God that what he gave us from knowledge about Him (Aayat Al-Kursiyy). My question: Can we say God is beauty?.. More

  • Who Created Allah? Date: 20-4-2005

    I am seeking an appropriate/ideal answer for my kids question, ‘who created Allah?’ .. More

  • Name of Allaah Date: 28-3-2005

    Is Ar-Rasheed one of the names of Allaah and where is the Daleel for it except in the Asmaa' al-Husnaa? .. More