158 fatwas

  • Explanation of sayings Date: 15-6-2005

    Please clarify that is it Shirk to say that universe exists in God and God is beyond the universe. Are spirits small part of God like drops from ocean? Please explain in detail the meaning of the words "breathed into him of my spirit" in the Holy Quran (15:29). Also explain the meaning of Hadeeth: "He who knows himself knows his Lord." .. More

  • Describing Allaah's Attributes Date: 18-5-2005

    Sometimes I read poems of Muslims. They write things like God is beauty God is truth, but as converted Muslim one of the philosophical ideas who made me Muslim (it is of course Allaah Who guided me) is the principle that we only know about God that what he gave us from knowledge about Him (Aayat Al-Kursiyy). My question: Can we say God is beauty?.. More

  • Who Created Allah? Date: 20-4-2005

    I am seeking an appropriate/ideal answer for my kids question, ‘who created Allah?’ .. More

  • Name of Allaah Date: 28-3-2005

    Is Ar-Rasheed one of the names of Allaah and where is the Daleel for it except in the Asmaa' al-Husnaa? .. More

  • Those whom Allaah loves Date: 30-12-2004

    Does Allaah love only those that believe in Him or does He love all human beings? .. More

  • Allaah's location Date: 18-11-2004

    The Salafi scholars say that Allaah is above seven heavens and never comes inside the creation. But, we read in the Qur'aan that Allaah spoke with Moosaa, may Allaah exalt his mention,in Mountain Toorand Allaah spoke with him behind a tree. Does this not mean that Allaah comes inside the creation as well? Does a person become Kaafir.. More

  • Interpreting Allaah's Attributes Date: 9-9-2004

    Salafi scholars say that the Allaah's Attributes as mentioned in the Qur'aan and Sunnah should not be interpreted in figurative or metaphorical sense. They insist all Muslims to believe that Allaah have two eyes, two hands, feet, shin, face, heart, fingers, etc. But I really couldn't understand why the same Salafi scholars interpret the following.. More

  • Fearful of losing his faith Date: 7-9-2004

    My problem is there even after your reply. I sometimes feel that I am not believing in the fundamental beliefs of Islaam like God is one and Lord of the worlds etc. I really hate myself. I sometimes think that I am destined for Hell this makes me cry. I pray 5 times daily in mosque and I am very particular about everything in Islaam. I feel no problem.. More

  • Using Allaah's Names Date: 29-8-2004

    Many People use the Ninety-Nine Names of Allah as (e.g. Ar-Rahman (The Merciful). The word "A" or "Ar" which means "the" I don't know why many people use it. They have a poster, links, sites with "THE" in translation of "Al" or "Ar" not ("Ya Rahman, Ya etc.") Shouldn't people respect Allah and call Allaah's Names in "YA" (O' Merciful, O' etc.)?.. More

  • Allah's Eyes Date: 10-8-2004

    Imam Ibn Qayyim says on commenting the Hadith "You must know that he (the Dajjal) is one-eyed and Allah, the Exalted and Glorious, is not one-eyed". Imam Ibn Qayyim says that this Hadith confirms that Allah has two eyes. A scholar said that this is same as saying if it is not BLACK then it is WHITE? Is the scholar not correct? .. More

  • Meaning of word Allah Date: 15-7-2004

    Can you translate 'Allah' into Arabic for me?.. More

  • Greatest Name of Allah Date: 13-3-2004

    Which is the Greatest Name of Allah? .. More

  • Translating 'Allah' as 'God' Date: 27-7-2003

    I have been in a discussion with two friends about the name of Allah. Both said that the meaning of La Ilaha Illa Allah is there is no god but GOD. So they translated Allah in God. They also went on saying that Allah is an Arabic name and the translation into other languages is sinful and not allowed. They insisted that Allah should be translated into.. More

  • Location of Allah Date: 10-6-2003

    This is an urgent matter as it is dividing our small mosque community. One brother insists that he will not pray behind our elder brother because the elder brother believes Allah is present everywhere while the younger brother insists that we must all believe that Allah (SWT) is only above His "Arsh". My own reading of the Qur'an is that Allah (SWT).. More

  • Complex Thoughts about the Existence of Allah Date: 10-5-2003

    I'm a Muslim. I'm suffering from (devilish) insinuation regarding the Day of Judgment and the existence of Allah that we have never seen Allah so why do we believe in Him? Does He exist above the sky? .. More