342 fatwas

  • A Muslim jokingly saying he wants to be a Christian or a Jew Date: 22-2-2010

    What is the ruling if a person unintentionally or for joke says he want to enter Christianity or he wanted to become Jew or wanted to enter other religion than Islam...does this make him a kafir straight away?what we have to do if we make mistakes and unintentionally utter such words...thank you... More

  • Love and loyalty for Muslims only Date: 17-2-2010

    There is a cooperative society in which Muslim and Hindu bakeries sell their bread. We used to only buy bread from the Arabs. The society directors stopped dealing with Muslim bakeries and contracted with the Hindus. Although we objected, they ignored us. Are we permitted to buy from a bakery which is owned by a Hindu? .. More

  • Two Muslims accusing each other of hypocrisy or disblief Date: 17-8-2009

    Assalamu alaikum, Could please tell give an answer to the following please. If someone calls a another a person, a munafiq because he lies and sins. And in return, the person replies by calling him a kaffir, who is to blame and which word is the most sinning, a Munafiq or a Kaffir? Jazakamullah kahirun. .. More

  • A Muslim student in UK expresses her admiration for Christianity and the Church Date: 16-8-2009

    Slam Alicoum,AMuslimsister went for a scholarship to the UK and failed and the UK government refused to accept her again. Her brain was washed by British people and the church there. She thinks that they are more advance than us and the church board and pop are more nicer and kinder that Muslim Sheikhs. She is emailing the British embassy and American.. More

  • Making up the prayers and fast missed while having doubtful faith Date: 2-8-2009

    Asalam-o- Alaikum A person(born in Muslim family) gets into severe depression and remains in the miserable situation for almost 2 years. He becomes doubtful with reagard to existence of Allah during that period and leaves the prayers entirely however did manage Ramadan and most friday prayers with the doubtful iman. Later on(at the end of those 2.. More

  • A secular court wants to discuss with him his sex life with his ex-wife Date: 30-6-2009

    as salaamu alaykum respected scholars! I am requesting guidance for a continued problem with the secular courts in the west. I am again requested to attend a hearing for in family court. to be discussed is sexual content between my ex-wife and I during our marriage. What I know in Islam is that what happened in private must remain in private. if this.. More

  • Apostated when he was young Date: 26-1-2009

    I apostated more than three times when I was young and now I want to be firm on islam but recently I read that in the tafsir of Ibn Kathir from ali (ra) that istitaba of Murtad is three times and after he is killed basing himself on an ayat in surat Al Nissa. Does it means that after three apostasy Allah does not forgive the apostate if he makes Tawba... More

  • Wants to leave Islam to Hinduism Date: 28-4-2008

    Reconverting to Hinduism or Zoroastrianism: I am a Balochi. Fortunately, I have been able to travel wide around the world and exposed to other cultures/religions, and have an avid interest in history. Due to the poor impression of Islam in the west, I am seriously contemplating of converting back to my ancestor's original religion of Hinduism or Zoroastrianis.. More

  • A husband accusing his wife of not being a Muslim Date: 9-4-2008

    A husband accused his wife of not being a Muslim, saying, "A Jahoodi stays a jahoodi even if s/he has become a Muslim," and "Why do you still wear a hijab? You should take it off as it is only appearance," and "Your prophet....." as if they don't have the same religion. The wife feels greatly humiliated. In a hadith it says that someone who accuses.. More

  • Committing a major grave sin Date: 18-3-2008

    What is the ruling of a person who committed a major grave sin and died without repenting?.. More

  • Making fun of Quranic Verses Date: 18-3-2008

    What is the ruling of a person who uses Quranic verses to make jokes? .. More

  • Dresses like a Muslim only to please her husband Date: 2-3-2008

    Assalamu aleikum, I am a non-muslim who got married to a muslim man. Initially, I converted to islam because I was afraid to lose him. After marriage I started to doubt my faith and a few months later I renounced it. Now I don't know if our marriage is valid anymore since I'm not practicing any religion. My husband thinks that I will eventually become.. More

  • Deeds of a person who re-embraced Islam after apostating Date: 11-2-2008

    Assalaamu alaikum, A sister from our forums is asking the following question. We hope you can answer it. Jazak Allah khair: "If someone reverts to islam and after a few years goes back to their former religion (christianity) and then goes back to islam again... is the slate wiped clean again as when they reverted the first time? or is that time counted.. More

  • Insulting Allaah is disbelief Date: 17-1-2008

    My husband insults Allaah the Almighty, is it obligatory for me to leave him?.. More

  • Criteria to identify a Muslim Date: 14-1-2008

    Is it permissible for the bride to uncover her hair on her wedding night if it is a party for women only? Can she do this in the presence of a Christian woman, who happens to be her uncle’s wife and who claims to be a Muslim even though we have not heard her declaring the Two Testimonies of Faith? Should we treat her as a Muslim sister or not?.. More