369 fatwas

  • Describing something as blessed while it is actually not so Date: 20-12-2010

    hi, is it an act of kufr to say something is mubarak when its actually not? for example if take a picture of ayat with my phone, is it kufr if i then say that my phone is mubarak because i have a picture of the quran in it? .. More

  • No apostasy because of major sins Date: 2-11-2010

    There are Hadeeths that negate the faith of someone who commits a sin; does this mean that he has become a disbeliever?.. More

  • Solving civil cases by local courts in non-Muslim countries Date: 1-11-2010

    Assalamu alaikum.Is there Ijmaa that civil cases like divorce can be solved by local Qazi's in non Muslim countries and there is no need for an Islamic govt. for this whereas for criminal cases this is not applicable and should be only by Islamic government?Could you give authentic evidence. Jazakhallah Khair.. More

  • Mocking Islam Date: 28-9-2010

    What is the ruling for those who mock the religion, for example, on Internet websites?.. More

  • Will a Muslim who commits suicide be in Hell forever? Date: 27-9-2010

    Will the person who commits suicide be doomed to be in Hell forever? .. More

  • The difference between mocking the religion (of Islam) and sinning Date: 26-9-2010

    Which is the graver sin: watching photos of nude women or mocking Islamic beliefs? My friend and I have had an argument over which one is graver. .. More

  • Fearing loss of a job does not justify judging according to other than the Sharee’ah Date: 30-8-2010

    If the law includes rulings that contradict those of the Sharee‘ah (Islamic jurisprudence), such as bans on polygamy and annulment of certain marriages despite their validity in Islam, is it permissible for the judge to issue verdicts according to it? Moreover, can he give them precedence over Islamic legislations, knowing that if he violates the.. More

  • Consequences of insulting Allaah the Almighty in a fit of rage Date: 30-8-2010

    What is the ruling on a person who has performed the [obligatory] pilgrimage, and after a period of time, happens to slur Allaah the Almighty in a state of rage? How does that affect his pilgrimage? Moreover, is he considered to have become a disbeliever due to this act? .. More

  • He smiled and laughed after hearing a story that mocks religion Date: 26-5-2010

    As Salam Alykum, I just wanted to ask about somthing related to Mocking the Religion. The other day I heared a story about a person that did some bad things and said she did it because Allah (SWT) likes for a person to a job well or be sincere in it, and I smiled or laughed a little, and it got me worried thinking that I mocked the religion when I.. More

  • Accusing a person of claiming to be a prophet Date: 3-5-2010

    Assalam o Alaikum Dear Sheikh What is the fatwa regarding a person who has been accused of claiming to be a prophet or accused of being associated with someone who considers himself to be a prophet? And if that person publicly denies this accusation publicly in these words: " I bear witness that there is no God but Allah and Muhammad SAW is the last.. More

  • Celebrating Christmas is not enough evidence to declare a Muslim non-Muslim Date: 21-3-2010

    Assalamu alaikum. Dear sheikh. Is the muslim that celebrates christmas a kafir? Please keep in mind that when he is asked he says that he is only celebrating the birthday of Isa and he celebrates only with his family (in his house) not with any christians. Is this person a kafir or just a bidai? Some brothers discussed this and one said he was a kafir.. More

  • She insulted the Quran during a quarrel with her husband Date: 17-3-2010

    Salaam Please can you help me, i am so upset and ashamed of myself, alhamdulilah i love allah and love my religion allah has helped me through so many difficulties. I am ashamed to say this when i was having an arguement with my husband he asked me something and i was quite angry and said 'i swear on the effing quran that i didnt do this' astagfirullah.. More

  • A Muslim jokingly saying he wants to be a Christian or a Jew Date: 22-2-2010

    What is the ruling if a person unintentionally or for joke says he want to enter Christianity or he wanted to become Jew or wanted to enter other religion than Islam...does this make him a kafir straight away?what we have to do if we make mistakes and unintentionally utter such words...thank you... More

  • Love and loyalty for Muslims only Date: 17-2-2010

    There is a cooperative society in which Muslim and Hindu bakeries sell their bread. We used to only buy bread from the Arabs. The society directors stopped dealing with Muslim bakeries and contracted with the Hindus. Although we objected, they ignored us. Are we permitted to buy from a bakery which is owned by a Hindu? .. More

  • Two Muslims accusing each other of hypocrisy or disblief Date: 17-8-2009

    Assalamu alaikum, Could please tell give an answer to the following please. If someone calls a another a person, a munafiq because he lies and sins. And in return, the person replies by calling him a kaffir, who is to blame and which word is the most sinning, a Munafiq or a Kaffir? Jazakamullah kahirun. .. More