189 fatwas

  • Unusual methods used in treating jinn possession Date: 8-10-2014

    Salam alaykoum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu, I know people who practice roqya so weird: - They used a candle reading Surat al Fatiha over and pouring the wax on the bodies of people thinking it burn jinn - They use a verse of Surah al Baqarah verse 148 from "Wherever You May Be, Allah Will the bring you forth [for Judgement] all together Indeed, Allah.. More

  • Using incense in exorcism is not part of the Sunnah Date: 20-9-2014

    what is the islamic view on using some selected scents/perfume/roll on for exorcism, by rubbing it on thirty three parts of the body? .. More

  • Disbelief and sins enable the devil to control people Date: 11-7-2014

    Hello.Im Lena from Russia.Im 32 years old not married. Im non muslim. Some time ago i saw devil in my dream. devil said to me - i love you. and he pushed me to say back to him that i loves him too. Im afraid very much. what does it mean? I think that i cant marry cause devil dont accept any man come to me. Can you help me please? .. More

  • She finds mysterious geometric shapes on her body Date: 2-5-2014

    Assalamu alaikom wa rahmatullah, My question might seem a bit strange ,but I really need a reassuring answer for it .I have noticed geometrical marks on my body ,one which first appeared in ramadan and the other one recently.The first mark is a square on my left arm and the other looks like an arrow pointing down on my left leg. Everytime I look a these.. More

  • It is nonsense to say that two people were married by Jinn Date: 7-4-2014

    Asslamualikum A girl lives in my neighborhood. She keep the Jinn in her body. When Jinn in her body Jinn made Nikah that girl to other boy. Jinn told both are now husband and wife. Can Jinn made naikah in place of Molvi (QAZI). Both girl and boy are living as husband and wife. It is right as per Sariyat. .. More

  • The most unrighteous being on the face of the earth Date: 31-3-2014

    Greetings Dr. Zakir Naik. Its known that Muhammad (pbuh) was the most righteous human being on earth. Who will be the most unrighteous ? Reply me as soon as possible. Its urgent! .. More

  • Allaah chains the rebellious Jinn and they may retain their disbelief Date: 27-2-2014

    We believe that Jinn have free will, if they do, how does the Allaah chained them in the month of Ramadhan, if Allaah have Chained them, how can still they live as an unbeliever. When they know Allaah is one who chained them up. I really don't understand this at all. 2) My mother and her sisters saw the little kid more than once running in her house,.. More

  • A Muslim should not live in fear of Jinn Date: 24-2-2014

    I learnt from your and other websites we cannot see Jinn in their true form unless they become a human or animal etc. What i do not understand which is making my life miserable with sleepless night is how can person talk to jinn , if he cannot see them unless they appear in human form. I thought we can speak with them only if they appear in human form,.. More

  • They heard the voice of a stranger reciting Quran in their home Date: 13-12-2013

    Assalamu Alaikum My house is a two floor building. We recite Quran everyday including Al Baqara, Ayatul qursi, mulk etc. We make salaah including nafl as well. My house is located in a big compound that the other houses are far from our home. Now, my question is that: One day my mother was working in kitchen and she heard recitation of Quran from the.. More

  • Claiming that Iblees's grandson became Muslim Date: 13-12-2013

    Assalaam alaikum i saw video clips of hanafi fiqh scholar saying about hama bin heem bin laheem bin iblees who was a great grand son of iblees (satan) converted to islam by noah pbuh and he was alive till prophet mohammed pbuh time. can you please let us know this is true. He quote this story from imam askalani ra book. .. More

  • Do Jinn live in houses left empty for long? Date: 21-11-2013

    I would like to know if it is true that when you purchase a home, and if you leave it empty for however long, do jinn come and live there? Does one need to ask the jinn to leave the home before moving in? How long can a house be left empty? Shukran .. More

  • Bones as food for the Jinn / Performing Sujood As-Sahw in 'Eed prayer Date: 5-10-2013

    Some people said not to put bones of cooked fish, beef, chicken etc to water or wet bone plate. Because it is the food of Jinn and other animals like cat, dog. They also said when the bones put in dry condition after eating, the bones transformed into fresh as it was cooking and The Jinn eat those food. What Shariah say about this? Is it true that there.. More

  • What Iblees looked like in Paradise is insignificant Date: 29-5-2013

    Assalmu Alaykum, Was Iblees good looking when he used to live in paradise with the angels? Are some of the jinns good looking? Jazakum Allah khayran .. More

  • The claim that demons fear the cross and suffer when Bible is recited Date: 21-3-2013

    Why does the demons fear the cross for Christian religion? And when a non Muslim have demon inside his body, how their religion guy force the demon to go outside from the body and the demon suffer when they read the bible And as we know that their religion not true .. More

  • Suspected link between dreams and jinn possession Date: 13-2-2013

    BISMILLAH ARAHMAN RAHIMRAHIM::Glory be To ALLAH the Lord of the World and peace and blessing be upon prophet Mohammad(SAW),, Qn: I have been having signs and symptoms of Jinns ie chestpain and on and off depression, extreme laziness.. I started listening to quran then Ruqya audios. and noticed improvement...There after i constantly dreamt a group of.. More