189 fatwas

  • Keeping away from a possessed person to avoid harm Date: 14-2-2010

    salam aleikum. I have heard from some sheikhs that its better to not be around people who have jinns inside them than to be around them, for once own security. Even if the person who dont have jinns listen everyday to sura al baqara and read the 3 sura in the night like our lovely prophet have teach us. is this true. and also i want to ask you in surat.. More

  • She experiences many extraordinary occurrences Date: 6-1-2010

    salam aleikum. i have one really big problem. i think. i dont know how to explain this in short way but ever since i was child i could see jinns and feel them. i have converted to islam 2 years ago and since i have become muslim i feel things before they happen. i know that somebody have die before anybody else know. i know who is pregnant and if they.. More

  • Her friend does not pray and might be possessed by jinn Date: 4-1-2010

    I have a friend. Even though she does not pray or read the Quran so frequently, she is still a good person. She refrains from the little things that are great sins in Islam like lying, cheating, inappropriate thoughts etc. Her only sin is backbiting/gossiping. Since last week she has started seeing ppl in her home, a maid cleaning the floor an upper.. More

  • How to respond to Jinns living in your house Date: 3-1-2010

    We learned that there are Jinns living with us in our house, and we have spoken with them. What should we do now?.. More

  • Jinns: their fate in the Hereafter and why they possess humans Date: 28-12-2009

    Will Jinns go to Hell or Paradise? Do they pray like us and how? Why do they enter the human body?.. More

  • Some of the money he keeps at home always disappears Date: 8-7-2009

    Whenever we kept the amount its getting short by 50,100 & 250 the currency is in Saudi Riyals. Even we change the places in a room. What may the reason there is no chance to rob by someone of the house members. Hide the money no one knows where the money kept eventhough when I checked getting short. please tell us what is the reason behind... More

  • Why satan refused to obey the Command of Allaah Date: 5-5-2008

    I have a doubt about Satan's refusal to obey the command of Allah. Human beings defy Allah as most of them are doubtful. But,how Satan, as he might have seen the hell,defy Allah's commandment? or is it that, as he has been created of fire,it won't hurt him? Kindly clear my doubt... More

  • A jinni asking a person to put a Mus-haf in a mosque Date: 13-4-2008

    Salaam, If with no any previous contact, experience and/or reason, a muslim jinn (Spirit) requested that a Holy Qur'an should be offered to any Jumu'at Masjid on the Friday as Sadaqah. Should that offering be made? PLEASE, GIVE ME A VERY SOUND AND PRECISE FATWA. Ma'Assalam. .. More

  • Evidence from the Quran and Sunnah of the existence of the Qareen (companion) Date: 8-1-2008

    Is it permissible to believe in the existence of the Qareen (companion)? What is the extent of his influence on man?.. More

  • Different forms of Jinn Date: 8-1-2008

    What are the forms the Jinn can assume?.. More

  • Pharaoh was lured by the devil Date: 1-1-2008

    بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds; and may his blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad and upon all his Family and Companions. Dear Sheikh, my question is regarding the Pharaoh of Egypth. Was Pharaoh possesed by the Satan because he was arrogant,.. More

  • People having relation with an angel Date: 6-12-2007

    One of my friends claims that he has a relation with the angels and that they help him cure some sick people and tell him about some matters of the Unseen. Is it possible for something like that to happen? .. More

  • Is it possible to photograph a jinni? Date: 3-12-2007

    Is it possible to photograph a jinni? It is said that a young man took a photo of a jinni in a cave but then died. .. More

  • Mentioning Allaah secures a fetus from Satan Date: 29-11-2007

    Is there a way to secure a fetus from the Jinn? .. More

  • The devil can assume the image of a dead person Date: 12-11-2007

    I read a book written by Kenneth Ringwhere he talked about people who claimed to have died and seen Paradise or Hell through a near-death experience. What is the opinion of Islam on this? Have you read this book?.. More