189 fatwas

  • Satan is a Jinn not an Angel Date: 30-10-2003

    My question is regarding the issue of Satan and God. It is said, that when God created Adam he asked all the Angels to bow to Adam, everyone did except Satan. He refused. The question is: He is not Angel, but a Jin, then being a Jin, why he was included in this order? When he was ordered to leave, did he leave alone or he had some followers that left.. More

  • There will be good results Insha Allah, but do not hasten Date: 18-10-2003

    Since the beginning of my marriage which was about 6 years now, my husband and I had a spell on us, the reason why I know this, is because I started seeing the Jinns' faces on the carpet, and feeling them on my body, which made me develop a fear in my life, supposedly this was done, to make me divorce my husband, so another would marry him, but we are.. More

  • Getting help from Jinns Date: 21-9-2003

    I ask about the possibility to ask in Islam for the help of the devils to clear treasures of the earth... More

  • Muslims of Jinns will enter Paradise Date: 14-9-2003

    It is known that Muslim Jinns will go to Jannah, Insha Allah. Will we see them in Jannah and is there any Saheeh evidence on this issue?.. More

  • Uncertain about some bad thoughts Date: 14-9-2003

    My brothers for the last year and a half I did not feel very good I pray the prayer but something from my stomach end my head push me to think bad things about Islam and not to be a good Muslim believer. I must be strong and wait that what happens to me vanishes but can you tell me something about this... More

  • How to get rid of Jinns Date: 11-9-2003

    My relative has Jinn (ghost) at his house, and it is disappearing dishes, watch, glasses, etc. from the house. Please tell me what should my relative read so that Jinn will go away... More

  • About devil and Jinn Date: 30-7-2003

    How can Christian people manage to remove the Jinn from possessed people? Also what is the secret in somebody telling they had a sign to do something or find something, a priest putting his hand on your shoulder and eliminating your suffering? Sometimes you may fall when they do this with no pain... More

  • Difference between Satan and Jinn Date: 29-7-2003

    What is the difference between Satan and Jinn?.. More

  • Using Jinn for useful purposes Date: 26-5-2003

    I have read a lot about the magic that some people practise. This including sorcery and fortune telling, etc. I know that doing; learning or teaching magic is Haram. May Allah keep it away from us. The thing is that $Sulaiman$$ had Jinns which helped him in certain things. Is this black magic? Can we humans in today's world use Jinns to our advantage,.. More

  • Satan Does Not Worship Allah Date: 23-12-2002

    If all jinns and humans are ordered to worship Allah SWT then does Shahiatan(devil) also worship Allah? Please answer in the light of Quranic text? .. More

  • Living in apartment "haunted", or occupied by Jinn Date: 12-9-2002

    I'm a newly married person (1 year marriage). I was living in an apartment, but my wife was not satisfied at all with it. She suffered a lot from this apartment as she saw a lot of horrible things, and she was hearing people talking to her, threatening that they will harm her, or will let me divorce her. She was even suffering hallucinations.I have.. More

  • Human's Communicating with Jinns Date: 9-6-2002

    How can humans communicate with Jinns? .. More

  • Jinn Exist Date: 20-4-2002

    Do Jinn still exist in this world? If yes, can we see and talk to them? Is there any power attributed to them by Allah? Will they be helpful to human beings in any manner? .. More

  • Seeing Jinn, Satan and Iblis Date: 19-3-2002

    In the world we cannot see jinn, Satan and Iblis. Can we see them in the Hereafter? In the world can jinn or Iblis see angels or can Jinn see Iblis or Satans?.. More

  • Characteristics of Jinn Date: 18-3-2002

    I want to know about Jinns. Where they live, how they live, their life style, their bodily structure, their power/strength, what they eat, how they born everything. Will you please inform me about them? .. More