189 fatwas

  • Incense does not invite Jinn Date: 12-11-2007

    Does incense, particularly Jawi and Fasookh, invite Jinn?.. More

  • Impermissible use of jinn and treating a possessed person Date: 12-11-2007

    Is magic by using a Jinn correct, meaning doing magic to a person and making use of a Jinni by making the person possessed by him as a means of magic? Can magic spell be undone if the Jinni leaves the body of the possessed person?.. More

  • Jinn created from fire Date: 12-11-2007

    What were the Jinn created from?.. More

  • Mentioning Allaah and reciting Quran expel jinn Date: 11-11-2007

    What should I do in order to drive the Jinn out of the house? .. More

  • Satan: man’s enemy in all respects Date: 11-11-2007

    Are Satan's whisperings limited to religious aspects or do they include the affairs of everyday life, such as doubting the locking of the door, for example? .. More

  • Can the Jinni companion of a dead person address the living? Date: 11-11-2007

    My mother died and when I am alone I see her before me, as if she is with me, and she informs me of incidents that take place afterwards. Given the fact that the spirit ascends to its Creator (Allaah), how do you explain what is happening? What are the actions that I may benefit my parents with?.. More

  • The extent of Satan’s knowledge Date: 11-11-2007

    What is the extent that Satan has reached in the various branches of knowledge? Is there any mention of this in the Sunnah?.. More

  • Jinni speaks in person’s tongue Date: 10-11-2007

    Is it true that a jinni can speak in the tongue of the possessed?.. More

  • Thoughts of disbelief Date: 10-11-2007

    What is the ruling regarding a person who has thoughts of disbelief but never utters them or believes in them?.. More

  • Seeing Maryam ( Virgin Mary) in reality or in dreams is a Satanic illusion Date: 10-11-2007

    Some Christians and also some Muslims claim that Maryam (Virgin Mary) appears before them as a body of light to bless them, heal their patients and endow them with goodness. What is the interpretation of this? .. More

  • Cursing Satan is permissible by text of the Quran Date: 10-11-2007

    It is permissible to curse devils, like addressing saying "May Allaah curse your Satan"?.. More

  • Satan was created from fire Date: 8-11-2007

    In terms of Creed, what is the agreed upon essential nature of Satan?.. More

  • Thinks she is possessed by jinn Date: 18-9-2007

    Assalamu alaikum wa rahmat Allahu wa barakatu. I was just searching for a place to put my questions and concerns into, and my friend suggested I use this website. So, inshAllah it will help me with the question im about to ask. I've been experiencing weird things lately, and I was wondering if you would help me out. It was just two days ago, when i.. More

  • Feels unable to move her hands and legs until she recite Quran 2:255 Date: 7-5-2007

    Assalaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullaah Dear Shaikh, One of my female relatives has been complaining lately that after praying her Fajr Salaat, she recites Surah Yaseen and reads the Azkaar-as-Sabaah, and when she lies on the bed, after a while, she starts having a strange feeling (unable to move her hands and legs), as if someone is in front of her, able.. More

  • A young boy treating incurable diseases Date: 24-4-2007

    I would like to explain a bit more for the reason of asking my previouse question no:2144651. I am from Maldives. Near my Island a child aged not more than 11 years have been giving treatment for many patients of different big problems which the modern medicine had done almost nothing. It is understood that a Jinn is coming to him and providing the.. More