828 fatwas

  • Favoring actions on the right hand side Date: 23-1-2001

    Is it Bidah or Sunnah to let the person on your right side to enter the door?Is it Bidah or Sunnah to shake hands from your right hand side onwards when you are shaking hands with a group of people?.. More

  • Swearing on the Quran Date: 6-1-2001

    My sister swore on Holy Quran when she was very angry not to use something which is very important for her. Later she regretted it; now she doesn't know what to do so she can use it again. .. More

  • Use of left hand and left-handed people Date: 1-1-2001

    What does the Prophet Muhammad, may his soul be blessed, say about the use of the left hand for left handed people? Am I, as a left-handed person, supposed to avoid using the left hand to eat or during 'wudu', for example?.. More

  • Broke vow made on Quran Date: 18-12-2000

    I swore by the Quran not to do something, then did it. What is the expiation for swearing by Quran? .. More

  • Bowing Head to Honor Anthem Date: 15-11-2000

    1. Is it allowed in Islam to bow one’s head to honor the national anthem of any country including Islamic country? If it is allowed, what's the logic behind it? 2. What are the important things to do in Ramadan and what are the prohibited ones? Who is eligible to pay Zakat? 3. One of my friend lends money on interest, how should I act toward.. More

  • Questions about Islam, sites etc. Date: 31-8-2000

    Asaalam Alakum. I am a new Muslim and have lots of questions that I want answered about Islam. If the prayer is very important, how shall I go about it? Do you recommend any site where I could find the answers?. If there is any audio site can I download it? Also, do I tell my parents I am converted since I am from hindu background?.. More

  • Interpretation of dreams Date: 1-8-2000

    Assalam Alaykum Almost every night I dream of forgetting to wear my veil. The dreams are so realistic that I often wake up feeling very disturbed. What do these dreams denote?.. More

  • Lying With Feet Toward Qiblah Date: 6-7-2000

    Asalam alaikum. Is their any ruling against lying with your feet outstretched in the direction of the Ka’bah? When we place beds in a house, would it be more desirable to avoid having the feet pointing towards the Ka’bah? This would be done as a sign of respect, reverence, dignity and humility, as is the case when we face towards the same place.. More

  • Swore to do something Date: 29-5-2000

    One day, I swore that I would do something bad but not "Haram." When I thought about what I did, I knew that I should've not said that. Do I have to make "kafarah" for what I did?.. More

  • Eating after intercourse without purification Date: 3-5-2000

    Can one eat after having intercourse without tahara?.. More

  • Best way of following Islam Date: 20-4-2000

    What is the best way for following Islam?.. More

  • Swearing to get another person to do something Date: 31-3-2000

    Can a person swear to another person that he should do or not to do something without the acceptance of the second person? Does it mean that the second person has sworn? .. More

  • Thirteen year-old daughter frequently breaks vows Date: 23-3-2000

    My adult 13 year old daughter has sworn many times by god and she never fulfilled it. What will she do, fast or give money or am I allowed to pay for her? .. More

  • Vowed never to miss a prayer but did so Date: 5-3-2000

    I am 19 years old. I have many problems: first, I did not pray on time yesterday. I took oath to never leave any prayer but I could not pray Isha at the specific time because I slept. I do not know what I should do. Should I fast three days or what? .. More

  • Saying Salaam in the bathroom Date: 8-2-2000

    Is salam in the bathroom permitted or Haram? .. More