837 fatwas

  • Swearing by Allah's Name Date: 18-5-2001

    Is it true that you can never believe a man's word until he swears in the name of Allah? For example, in my case I should not believe this guy really cares for me unless he swears in Allah's name.I've always was taught that it's not good to always swear in the name of Allah, is that true?.. More

  • Expiating for an oath Date: 9-5-2001

    I have many questions, the first one: I made an oath not do something Haram, but I did it. Do I have to give a Kaffarah (expiation)? Can I give it by money (because I am in France now and it's difficult to give it as food)? Can I send it to Palestine for example? Do I have to give it considering the cost of food in France or in Palestine? Can I give.. More

  • Significance of a dream Date: 22-4-2001

    Explain the significance of my dream. I dreamt many people were chasing me to kill me, so I ran until I found a mosque and entered it. Inside I met a man who resembled a Sahabie; he said this is the tomb of Prophet Muhammad and invited me to enter. So I entered... More

  • Broke vow to Allah Date: 10-4-2001

    I made a promise to "ALLAH" (vow) that if He help me to pass a problem I will fast for 10 days, but due to my stomach problem I can not fulfill my promise because it will affect my illness. Please advise me what to do to manage this. .. More

  • Vows, promises and oaths Date: 4-4-2001

    First of all I'm confused about the differences between oaths, promises, and vows. In Qur'an it says that you should keep your promises (including promises made to God), but in some Hadiths it say that you shouldn't make vows. Please clarify this for me. Secondly, the reason I asked the first question is that I made a promise to God that I would.. More

  • Seeking the Truth in Islamic Knowledge Date: 24-3-2001

    I want to be like the companions of the Prophet and the Salaf in following the Prophet's teachings. However, in our country it is difficult to do so our Ulama' and scholars confuse me about whether teaching the truth about Islam. By their answers to some questions regarding the government or a sensitive issue, they seem fearful of stating the whole.. More

  • Reading books of the scholars Date: 12-3-2001

    I am in a dilemma whether to read and follow the book written by Sheikh Qaradawi "The Halal and Haram in Islam". I came to know it had some weak Hadith. Please help me in this regard. The second part of the question is what should we do if we are in a situation like this where the ahle-ilm (the family of learned/knowledgeable people) sometime misguide.. More

  • In doubt about a vow she made Date: 25-2-2001

    I am a Muslim girl living in Europe. I need your advice in the problem that I have last week I said to one of my friends if I discovered that M and I (it is 2 persons a male and female) married I swear on Allah (I said I swear 3 times) I will also marry F (a male who asked me for marriage). Within myself I promised God that for sure I would marry him.. More

  • Expiation for broken vow Date: 19-2-2001

    What is a Muslim supposed to do if he is fasting for the expiation of his oath to Allah and during the last day of the three consecutive fast breaks his fast in the middle for no reason? .. More

  • Made a Promise To Allah Not to Sin But Broke His Promise Date: 14-2-2001

    If a Muslim makes a promise to Allah to stop a particular sin but repeats this sin and therefore breaks his promise to Allah, does the person have to make kafarah: and if so what is it? please give Qur'an or Sunnah as proof. .. More

  • Favoring actions on the right hand side Date: 23-1-2001

    Is it Bidah or Sunnah to let the person on your right side to enter the door?Is it Bidah or Sunnah to shake hands from your right hand side onwards when you are shaking hands with a group of people?.. More

  • Swearing on the Quran Date: 6-1-2001

    My sister swore on Holy Quran when she was very angry not to use something which is very important for her. Later she regretted it; now she doesn't know what to do so she can use it again. .. More

  • Use of left hand and left-handed people Date: 1-1-2001

    What does the Prophet Muhammad, may his soul be blessed, say about the use of the left hand for left handed people? Am I, as a left-handed person, supposed to avoid using the left hand to eat or during 'wudu', for example?.. More

  • Broke vow made on Quran Date: 18-12-2000

    I swore by the Quran not to do something, then did it. What is the expiation for swearing by Quran? .. More

  • Bowing Head to Honor Anthem Date: 15-11-2000

    1. Is it allowed in Islam to bow one’s head to honor the national anthem of any country including Islamic country? If it is allowed, what's the logic behind it? 2. What are the important things to do in Ramadan and what are the prohibited ones? Who is eligible to pay Zakat? 3. One of my friend lends money on interest, how should I act toward.. More