849 fatwas

  • Shaking hands and placing it on their chest Date: 12-12-2001

    After hand shaking, somebody put their hand toward their chest and some people don't do this. Please kindly tell me which action is correct according to Qur'an and Sunnah?.. More

  • Interpretation of dreams Date: 26-9-2001

    Would it be possible for you to give Taabir of my dream. Or you know some person who can do that? Please give me the contact... More

  • Being over weight Date: 16-9-2001

    What does Islam say about being over weight?.. More

  • Muslim eating or drinking while standing Date: 13-9-2001

    What is the ruling on a Muslim drinking/eating while standing? Is it Makrooh, Haram or what?.. More

  • Dreaming of being the Prophet's wife Date: 10-9-2001

    I want to get married, Insha Allah, with a Moroccan girl but I have one problem: she told me about a dream on June 1996 where she saw that she get married with the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). She saw that he smiled to her as his wife. She get up and she opened the Holy Qur'an by chance, in Surah Al-Ahzab where it talks about Prophet's wives. Last year,.. More

  • Sleeping Without Covering the Body Date: 9-9-2001

    On very hot nights I sleep without covering my body with a sheet and I've heard that I mustn't sleep without covering the body because of Jinn according to a Hadith. Please help me to understand the good way of Islam. .. More

  • Choosing a vocation for Allah's sake Date: 20-7-2001

    I just finished a university degree in economics (4 years) here in Canada. I have been thinking recently of going into the Islamic Univ. Medinah, S.A. Do you recommend this to me from an Islamic point of view? Is it worth it to spend another 4 years to get another degree in Sharia? .. More

  • Response to "How are you?" Date: 4-7-2001

    If anybody ask me "How are you?" then how should I reply?.. More

  • Response to Salaam Date: 4-7-2001

    If any body sends me Salam or greeting, then how should I reply?.. More

  • Shaking hands with women in non-Muslim countries Date: 27-5-2001

    Is it allowed to shake hands with women if you are out side your countrywith people who do not know Islam? I travel to Europe and I meet non-Muslim women and when I did not shake hands with them once they thought it is personal and I am afraid that they will have a bad idea about Islam. I asked about this issue and I have been told that if they started.. More

  • Swearing by Allah's Name Date: 18-5-2001

    Is it true that you can never believe a man's word until he swears in the name of Allah? For example, in my case I should not believe this guy really cares for me unless he swears in Allah's name.I've always was taught that it's not good to always swear in the name of Allah, is that true?.. More

  • Expiating for an oath Date: 9-5-2001

    I have many questions, the first one: I made an oath not do something Haram, but I did it. Do I have to give a Kaffarah (expiation)? Can I give it by money (because I am in France now and it's difficult to give it as food)? Can I send it to Palestine for example? Do I have to give it considering the cost of food in France or in Palestine? Can I give.. More

  • Reciting Quran and Supplicating Over Food Date: 23-4-2001

    People in India used to recite Qur'an over their food and make Du'a (saying al-Fatiha); Is it permissible in light of Islam? Please answer. .. More

  • Significance of a dream Date: 22-4-2001

    Explain the significance of my dream. I dreamt many people were chasing me to kill me, so I ran until I found a mosque and entered it. Inside I met a man who resembled a Sahabie; he said this is the tomb of Prophet Muhammad and invited me to enter. So I entered... More

  • Broke vow to Allah Date: 10-4-2001

    I made a promise to "ALLAH" (vow) that if He help me to pass a problem I will fast for 10 days, but due to my stomach problem I can not fulfill my promise because it will affect my illness. Please advise me what to do to manage this. .. More