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  • Obligation on Husband to Spend on Medication and Treatment of His Wife Date: 31-3-2021

    Assalamu'alaykum. I read one of your fatwas in which the majority of the scholars decided that the husband is not obliged to pay for his wife's treatment. This has caused me confusion, Is there any of the scholars who obliged the husband to do so? If so, may i know who they are? .. More

  • Consulting Husband Is Not Inferiority or Dependence Date: 18-2-2020

    Salam alaikoum My question is related to if a wife depends on her husband a lot for things is that a bad thing? I realized and other people have noticed that my life is almost always me doing things based on what his opinions are. Even when I want to go back to study after years of giving up my husband supports me but advised me to do as many online.. More

  • Husband Overburdens Her and Does Not Help Her at Home Date: 31-10-2019

    Assalam alaikum. May Allah have mercy upon you, and reward you for the help this site is providing. Im feeling like im losing myself because of housework and the expectations of my husband and myself that I can not manage to live up to. I live with my husband and four children, I just gave birth a month ago so i have a small baby. My husband works 3.. More

  • Wife Going Out with Her Mother or Brother Without Husband’s Permission But He Does Not Object Date: 9-5-2019

    If my wife go outside with my mom or her mom/bro to buy her derss or to visit relative wothout informing me though i wont mind for that, will she be sinfull for that? .. More

  • Bored of Spending on Her Jobless Husband Date: 14-4-2019

    Salam alaikumI have been paying for bills and everythg since my husband become jobless for 2 yrs now. He tried to get a job but to no avail. Im tired of having to pay for everythg. He obviously doesnt give me money to spent and if he have money from doing odd job he didnt gv me any either. Allah said men are protectors n mainteners of woman, but right.. More

  • Clarifying the Permissibility of Beating the Wife Date: 1-1-2019

    As Salamu Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. I hope you can answer my question. I have read in sura 4:34 a wife may be disciplined if she is not obedient. I ve also read about using a siwaak to do this but i am not sure that it is correct. If she is disobedient and does not change her behaviour towards her husband then using a siwaak to discipline.. More

  • Husband Should Spend On His Wife Sufficiently Date: 4-10-2018

    My husband is a doctor. I have a son and a daughter. My husband earns enough to fulfill our needs properly and is also able to save his earnings. He provides money for necessary needs of the family for example education, food, clothing for our son and daughter etc. But he is really reluctant to pay any money for my clothing or any extra need.I am not.. More

  • Should She Divulge Her Husband’s Sins Date: 23-9-2018

    Salam. If a woman is planning to get married to a well known male in the community who is not known to wrong others, but when the woman married him, his true colors showed, is the woman allowed to publicly tell others about him? He secretly married other women before her and 1 of them was wronged by him. What are the Islamic conditions to solve this.. More

  • Neglecting His Wife to Spend Time With Friends Date: 29-7-2018

    Salam aleikum Sheikh.I have been married for almost 10 years and have 3 small kids and för many years of ramadan about 6 läst years im Always eating iftar by myself bcz my husband dosent want to eat with me. He eats iftar outside Home and im very sad by this since ramadan is a special Month. No sister i know is having it like this . Everybody.. More

  • Husband is wife's Heaven or Hell and vice versa Date: 3-1-2018

    Please answer personally and do not refer to any similar fatwa. I have asked this question several times, but I did not get an answer. I am asking about what we learn from a certain hadith: that for a woman, marriage is important; it is either her Hell or her Heaven. But the hadith addressed to men indicates that it is not that important; it is neither.. More

  • Husband's absence for less than four months Date: 3-1-2018

    Assalaamu alaykum. The maximum period during which a man can stay away from his wife without permission is 4 months. I know that it is more appropraite to not stay away from her, but I want to know if a man will be sinful if he stays away from his wife for less than 4 months for whatever reason/personal work; and is he obliged to listen to his wife.. More

  • Guardianship over wife does not mean oppressive control Date: 3-1-2018

    Assalaamu alaykum. I am at the age at which many people are asking me when I am getting married. However, I do not want to get married anymore because I do not want to give up authority over my own life. As an adult, I never have to ask my parents for permission to go somewhere or do something, whereas a wife would need permission to go on a trip or.. More

  • Husband's permission to wife to visit her parents Date: 1-1-2018

    Assalaamu alaykum. My question is the following: my wife and I married around four years ago. We live abroad, and her parents live in another country. She keeps going to see her parents every year for two months despite me telling her not to go for that long and to go every year but for one month only. She does not listen to me and says that it is her.. More

  • Wife contacting parents without husband's knowledge Date: 13-11-2017

    I live in the USA, and my parents live in Pakistan. They miss me very much. I do not have a phone. My husband does, but sometimes he is too busy to attend my parents' calls. My mother mailed me a cell phone with a connection, but my husband returned it. My parents are old, and I have not met them in five years. I have some money; can I buy a cell phone.. More

  • Ibn 'Abbaas did not divulge secrets of intercourse Date: 2-11-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. Shaykh, I read a hadith which says that some people went to ‘Abdullah ibn ‘Abbbaas, may Allah be pleased with him,asking him about coitus interuptus, and so he called his slave girl and asked her to tell them. How come ‘Abdullah ibn ‘Abbbaas, may Allah be pleased with him,called his slave girl in front of non-Mahrams (permanently.. More