193 fatwas

  • She has problems with her period since she embraced Islam Date: 16-7-2012

    Salam alaikum wa rahmatAllah wa barakatuhu, I need dire advice from you. Since I reverted I have problems with my menstruation. Physically I am healthy so my doc says it is stress, I assume all the abuse and racism that Muslim women suffer in my city, directly or indirectly. Before I reverted my menstruation lasted max. 7 days, after I reverted.. More

  • A menstruating woman reading Quran, shaving her pubes and cutting her nails Date: 21-6-2012

    assalamu alaikum, may allah reward u all with the greatest blessing to see him. i have three questions. first is that can a woman in menses memorize and revise and read quran? since there are two opinions i am confused and i feel myself impure during the time of menses.so, please help me in this regard second question is that a woman who does not.. More

  • When should a woman perform Ghusl after her menses? Date: 6-3-2012

    If a woman whose monthly cycle ends within the 7 days, then should she wait for 24hrs before performing ghusl? For example, the bleeding stops on Tuesday Fajr time, but there is still a discoloured discharge, then is it permissible for her to wait for 24hrs, so Wednesday Fajr she will start to pray. .. More

  • A woman experienced bleeding for months and quit praying and fasting Date: 13-2-2012

    I have not fasted in Ramadhaan for three years because of my irregular menstrual bleeding; I may not menstruate for three or five months then experience menstrual bleeding for a month or two consecutive months. I happened to menstruate during the whole month of Ramadhaan for three years now; do I have to make up for 90 days of fast, or should.. More

  • Ablution for menstruating woman to protect herself against Satan Date: 19-12-2011

    Salam alaikum, Can a menstruating women also make wudoo in the morning to unloosen the knot Shaitan makes while sleeping? .. More

  • She sees blood 13 or 14 days after her last menses Date: 18-5-2011

    assalmualaikum I just wanted to know that most women get their peroids at least 15 days apart and should stop praying during their periods however somtimes mine are 13, 14 days apart does that mean I should still pray salah the 1 or 2 days before the 15th day and stop praying ater the 15th day because the first two days are not considered as my periods?.. More

  • She gets blood drops 4-15 days before menstrual bleeding Date: 18-4-2011

    a girls get blood drops 15-4 days before her date, then it stops the same day for next day, then again she sees blood drops, sometimes she dont see any blood (again after seeing once) till her date n sometimes she sees blood drops in evey 2-3 days. so all these 15-20 days comes under period or she have to take ghusl everytime ? pls answer ASAP.. More

  • She has sporadic bleeding after the end of her postnatal period Date: 6-4-2011

    i gave birth 3 moths ago. 1 moths after the 40 day i started 2 spot during the day. It occurred 1 to 2 day a week. Slowly it increased. Know i spot for 2 to 7 day. I get clean for 10 days and i start 2 bleed again. Im getting confused Im not if it is my period. It doesnt look it. I was told the bleeding is deu to my body recovering from birth... More

  • She performed Hajj while experiencing bleeding Date: 28-3-2011

    I went to HAJJ last year. With the lady doctor consult, I started some pills to delay my periods so I can perform HAJJ. Just before few days to HAJJ, a very slight bleeding or can say spotting starts. I went to a doctor and she advised me continue the pills and do prays and HAJJ as this spotting is a result of Harmon disturbance. I did my.. More

  • Sees brownish discharge, but thinks she may be pregnant Date: 14-3-2011

    Assalamualikum wa rahmatullahi wabarakat, i want to know if i can perform swalaat after browish discharge. One and a half day after bleeding i appeared this brown discharge for a duration of 3days. I really dont know if im pregnant or not. Please help me. Jzakallah.. More

  • She cannot differentiate whether her bleeding is menses or not Date: 20-12-2010

    assalam o alikum, i m a 28 years old married girl with 3 kids,recently i m diagnosed with an ovarian cyst due 2 this i m having bleeding all the time, some times heavy n some times very light,i cannot differenciate wether its periods or not coz i use to feel cramps n pain with the bleeding same like i use to feel in periods. my Dr gave me med for.. More

  • She has blood discharges after reaching menopause Date: 1-12-2010

    Assalamu alaikum, I am menopausal. It has been 8 months since my last period. I ovulated about 2 wks ago, and now i have bleeding discharge. The blood does not flow out like a normal period, only when i wipe after urination. should i pray ? .. More

  • Her menses is too long to enable her to get pregnant Date: 1-11-2010

    Salam alaikum wa rahmatallah. Due to a medical condition, I have spotting after my period that I'm afraid is keeping me from getting pregnant... The spotting is from a condition called adenomyosis that causes the lining of the uterus to grow abnormally into the muscle of the uterus, so the body can't let go of it easily during menses. I've had this.. More

  • Brownish and yellowish discharge before menstruation Date: 25-6-2010

    What is the ruling on the brownish or yellowish discharge that comes out one or two days before menstruation? This discharge might take the shape of a blackish or brownish thin strand and so forth. What is the ruling if this discharge is after menstruation?.. More

  • A pregnant woman seeing blood two days before delivery Date: 24-6-2010

    If a pregnant woman sees blood one or two days before delivery, should she abandon praying and fasting?.. More