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  • Irregular bleeding due to taking hormone pills Date: 3-12-2008

    salaam.i have been waiting for the mirena coil to be fitted and have been taking a hormone pill from the first day of my period and 3 three weeks now and am still taking it.the pill is making me bleed irregularly sometimes really heavy clots,my question is can i make up my fasts i have missed and pray... More

  • Suffers from irregular menses Date: 22-5-2008

    Assalamu alaikum: Due to amedical condition one goes through when pregnant, the use of an IUD was necessary. I read your fatwas about it and this was a dire need. If one uses a hormonal IUD which disturbs the mesturation to where one might spot one time in the day and nothing at the end of the day. or one might spot all day then nothing for 2-3 dys.. More

  • Woman’s ablution while she is in menses Date: 8-5-2008

    Assalaamu alaikum, Can a woman make wudhu during her period and still recieve ajr for doing it, even though it technically won't "count" (i.e. even if she's in wudhu she can't touch the Qur'an, pray, etc.)? For example, if you follow the Sunnah of making wudhu right after you wake up, always staying in a state of wudhu, and so on, then can you continue.. More

  • Seeing reddish or brownish spots after the end of menses Date: 6-11-2007

    Assalamu 'alaikom ya sheikh .. My usual number of days for my period is around 6 days. usually, after i perform ghusl and start praying, after a few days i see some spots of blood that is sometimes red or brown in color. is this considered menses? do i have to perform ghusl before each prayer? I heard some scholars say that if it were within 10.. More

  • Saw blood after the end of her normal menses Date: 2-9-2007

    Assalamu Alaikum wa Rathmatullahi wa Barakatuhu. I had my menses and after five days, the bleeding stopped and becomes brownish in colour. I started praying again and had relations with my husband. Following intercourse, I started bleeding again, lightly, but red in colour. Does this count as my menses or a vein. This is the first time I have.. More

  • Has discharges and some blood after her monthly period is over Date: 20-5-2007

    Salam. Sometimes after my monthly period is over, I get alot of discharge and sometimes it has a little blood. Some times the blood is streaked-tinged and other times it is very dark blood. This usually only lasts about 2 days or so. The other days it would just be yellowish vaginal discharge. My question is: Can I have intercourse with my husband without.. More

  • Woman having discharges before her monthly period Date: 29-3-2007

    salam alaykom,r the brown small spots that a woman see b4 her period immediately and that she see only like 2 times per day are they considered period?or she should fats and pray on those days until she see the red blood?i have read a fatwa for Sheikh Qardawi saying that the blood of period is well known by it's smell and darkness and that the brown.. More

  • Prayers of a woman whose menses repeat every seven days Date: 26-12-2006

    my frined is in problem.she is to face the menstrual period abnormility.actually her menstrual cycle repeats after every seven days instead of one month or 28days.doctors say that it is harmonal imbalance and has no proper cure.now the question is that whether she can offer her prayers or not?i mean she feels that she must offer her prayers.what do.. More

  • Allaah predestined menses on women Date: 2-4-2006

    Why is it that a woman has menses every month and not every two months or every year for instance?.. More

  • If her menses change after post partum bleeding, what should she do? Date: 2-4-2006

    The menses before giving birth to a baby was regular and lasts for six days every month. After giving birth to a baby, and after the end of the forty-day period, I was surprised by the discharge of blood of menses for two days only and then the blood stopped. So I waited for six days as usual and then I purified myself and performed the prayer. Then.. More

  • A pregnant woman does not have menses Date: 1-4-2006

    There is a pregnant woman who has menses nearly every week. Is she obliged to perform Ghusl (a ritual bath) each time? How will she perform the prayer? .. More

  • The missed prayers during bleeding outside the time of monthly periods must be made up Date: 30-3-2006

    I underwent an operation by speculum in my womb. After a month from the operation, some small blood tissue started to come out and then I became pure in the same day at discontinuous intervals. I thought at the beginning that it was menses, so I stopped performing the prayer for half a day and then I performed the prayer. I went to the doctor and.. More

  • Blood discharge having the description of menses Date: 28-3-2006

    There is what is called nowadays ‘artificial menses’, which is a medical treatment for women who are in menopause, and it has some symptoms similar to that of ordinary menses. There are many benefits in it for the health of the woman. So what is the ruling on the acts of worship of this woman when she is in such artificial menses? .. More

  • The blood discharges of a woman are menses unless proven otherwise Date: 28-3-2006

    I mothered a baby before four months and I am breastfeeding. Since two days, I had some discontinuous blood discharges. I usually have menses nine months after giving birth. Is this considered menses or post menstruation bleeding? .. More

  • The ruling when the duration of menses changes Date: 28-3-2006

    When does one become pure from menses if they exceed ten days while it usually does not exceed one week? .. More