197 fatwas

  • The missed prayers during bleeding outside the time of monthly periods must be made up Date: 30-3-2006

    I underwent an operation by speculum in my womb. After a month from the operation, some small blood tissue started to come out and then I became pure in the same day at discontinuous intervals. I thought at the beginning that it was menses, so I stopped performing the prayer for half a day and then I performed the prayer. I went to the doctor and.. More

  • Blood discharge having the description of menses Date: 28-3-2006

    There is what is called nowadays ‘artificial menses’, which is a medical treatment for women who are in menopause, and it has some symptoms similar to that of ordinary menses. There are many benefits in it for the health of the woman. So what is the ruling on the acts of worship of this woman when she is in such artificial menses? .. More

  • The blood discharges of a woman are menses unless proven otherwise Date: 28-3-2006

    I mothered a baby before four months and I am breastfeeding. Since two days, I had some discontinuous blood discharges. I usually have menses nine months after giving birth. Is this considered menses or post menstruation bleeding? .. More

  • The ruling when the duration of menses changes Date: 28-3-2006

    When does one become pure from menses if they exceed ten days while it usually does not exceed one week? .. More

  • The prayer a woman should perform if she becomes pure after the time of ‘Asr started Date: 26-3-2006

    When a woman becomes pure from menses or post partum bleeding after the time of ‘Asr started, does she have to perform Thuhr and then ‘Asr, or should she perform ‘Asr prayer only, and how is she going to make up for other prayers, i.e. when she becomes pure after Fajr, or after Thuhr, or after Maghrib or after ‘Ishaa’? .. More

  • A woman having a miscarriage after the embryo had a human form Date: 26-3-2006

    My wife had a miscarriage in her second month of pregnancy, when should she perform the prayer? .. More

  • Having blood discharges after becoming pure within the period of post partum bleeding Date: 26-3-2006

    We know that it is not permissible to have intercourse with one's wife during her post partum bleeding. However, sometimes the blood discharges stop after twenty days and then they come back after every three or four days, and the wife is unable to distinguish whether this is post partum bleeding or just a normal bleeding. Is it permissible for.. More

  • The blood that your wife had was menses Date: 25-3-2006

    My wife became pure three weeks after giving birth to a child, and she started fasting. Then she had blood discharges after two weeks from then (after she became pure), and this was accompanied with the usual pain of monthly menses. So, she stopped fasting on the grounds that it was her monthly period, but she was surprised to notice that this blood.. More

  • Bleeding after the minimum period of purity are menses Date: 25-3-2006

    I have amenia and this caused inconsistency in my menses. I had blood discharges during the first six days of Ramadhaan, and then I had blood discharges again on the 24th of Ramadhaan which lasted for the same period of menses. So I was confused as to whether they were menses or blood outside the monthly periods. .. More

  • Blood discharges after speculum on the womb Date: 25-3-2006

    Yesterday, I had a speculum on my womb and after this I had blood discharges as if I was having my menses and it continued for two days, yesterday and today, so I stopped praying. I am very worried about my prayer. What should I do in such a case especially that the doctor confirmed to me that this bleeding will continue for two or three days after.. More

  • The bleeding you had was menses Date: 25-3-2006

    I gave birth to a child last year and I did not have menses, and now after a whole year, I had some discontinued brown discharges and some red bleeding; they stop one day and then they come again. So, am I obliged to fast or not? .. More

  • The bleeding you had during the first five days was menses Date: 23-3-2006

    Do I have to perform the prayer before my monthly menses, as the monthly periods after taking birth control pills are as follows: From three days to five days: they are only very small drops (of blood), and then I have menses for seven complete days, so it is twelve or thirteen days in total. The question is: What is the ruling on the first.. More

  • The two white fluids that women discharge Date: 21-3-2006

    What is the difference between the white fluid that comes out exactly at the end of menses and white fluid discharge which a woman has during the period of purity? Do these fluids invalidate ablution? .. More

  • A woman in menses is not obliged to wash her private parts Date: 21-3-2006

    Is a woman in menses obliged to wash her private parts during menses as there are times I could not wash because of the abundance of blood?.. More

  • The ruling on bleeding outside the usual monthly periods Date: 20-3-2006

    My menses lasted for 14 days and this is unusual, so I did not perform prayers during this period of time. Do I have to make up for the days that exceeded my regular periods of one week? .. More