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  • She has blood discharges after reaching menopause Date: 1-12-2010

    Assalamu alaikum, I am menopausal. It has been 8 months since my last period. I ovulated about 2 wks ago, and now i have bleeding discharge. The blood does not flow out like a normal period, only when i wipe after urination. should i pray ? .. More

  • Her menses is too long to enable her to get pregnant Date: 1-11-2010

    Salam alaikum wa rahmatallah. Due to a medical condition, I have spotting after my period that I'm afraid is keeping me from getting pregnant... The spotting is from a condition called adenomyosis that causes the lining of the uterus to grow abnormally into the muscle of the uterus, so the body can't let go of it easily during menses. I've had this.. More

  • Brownish and yellowish discharge before menstruation Date: 25-6-2010

    What is the ruling on the brownish or yellowish discharge that comes out one or two days before menstruation? This discharge might take the shape of a blackish or brownish thin strand and so forth. What is the ruling if this discharge is after menstruation?.. More

  • A pregnant woman seeing blood two days before delivery Date: 24-6-2010

    If a pregnant woman sees blood one or two days before delivery, should she abandon praying and fasting?.. More

  • Fasting of a woman who sees spots of blood after 60 days of delivery Date: 24-6-2010

    A woman had spots of blood after having post-partum bleeding for two months and attaining purity. Should she fast or not? What should she do?.. More

  • Fasting of a woman who had a miscarriage during pregnancy Date: 24-6-2010

    A woman who was at the beginning of pregnancy had an accident and so she had a miscarriage after heavy bleeding. Should she complete her fasting or not? If she does not fast, would she bear a sin?.. More

  • The minimum period of post-partum bleeding Date: 7-6-2010

    Should a woman who has post-partum bleeding wait for forty days without fasting or praying, or is the criterion for this the cessation of blood, and that whenever it is that she attains purity, she should perform Ghusl and pray? What is the minimum period of post-partum bleeding?.. More

  • She has different discharges after seeing the sign of purity Date: 2-5-2010

    Assalamu alaikom wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh respected scholars, I have a question regarding menstruation ,which has been causing me a lot of hardship and difficulty.When I first started menstruating ,it used to last for 6 days and since I didn't pray back then, I didn't pay attention to any discharges that came afterwards.However, nowadays ,the usual.. More

  • A menstruating woman collecting her lost hair to wash it at the end of her menses Date: 27-12-2009

    assalamu alaikum is it mentioned in the sunnah of our beloved prophet muhammed [s.a.s] thta a mensturarting women need to collect all her lost hair during the days and then wash it at the end of the days when we purify ourselves ? as this has been the practise from a group of people here in india ..... More

  • She saw blood outside her monthly period Date: 17-11-2009

    As-salamu alaikum. I would very much appreciate it if you answer my question and not refer me to similar case because I looked for similar questions but still had my doubts. My period lasted for 10days (lets say it started on the 13 aug and seized on 22 aug) I took Ghusl but it came back after 8days and lasted another 10days (that is 30 aug until 8.. More

  • She gets few spots of blood sporadically after her menses Date: 17-11-2009

    salam PLS urgent help needed. a girl is getting few spots of blood mixed with white started at 18 days from the date of her period, on the first day it was just as though period started so she stopped praying, next day also she did not pray, but there were no spots then on the third day she took bath and prayed thur then again found spots and didnot.. More

  • A woman having small blood clots before or after her menses Date: 9-11-2009

    salam. a girl gets dried tiny pieces of blood mixed with white, on the date when her period is supposed to come (or 1 or 2 days before or after),they are not found everytime. sometime its noticed once and sometimes more than once, ...this last for atleast 2 days. what should she do? does she hvae to take bath and pray when she finds her self clean.. More

  • She saw blood for 20 days in one month Date: 8-11-2009

    Salam Alaykum, I need to ask a question (it is quite sensitive / embarassing) please about menstruation whilst breastfeeding. I am breastfeeding and experiencing bleeding a good 20days out of every month for the past 2 months, is all this blood from Haid / menstruation or Istihaddah? I am confused because i can't tell difference in the blood.. More

  • She sees clotted discharges after her menses stops Date: 6-10-2009

    Assalamu alaykum w.r.b. My menses stops on the 4th day, from 5th - 7th day my pads are spotless but when I urinate, a thick light reddish brown clot equal to the size of a groundnut mixed with white clot drops. Should I consider myself in menses or take ghusl & start salaah ? Pls. advise as I get so restless when I'm not performing salaah. Jazal.. More

  • Her menses stops and then comes back Date: 8-7-2009

    Recently, I got married. 4 months has been passed.I have irregular peroids like once in 2 months. After married, i am getting periods every month. This is the 4 month.This month, during my menses, I have bleeding for five days and then the bleeding stops for three days. Then, on the 10th day the bleeding returns, but with less intensity. Request you.. More