218 fatwas

  • Four year student in US wants to join prayers Date: 28-4-2003

    I am a student in USA. I just came from my country (Jordan) to study in USA for 4 years. My question: Can I pray Al-Zuhr and Al-Asr at the same time and the same thing for Maghrib and Isha? I spend most of my time at the university and it is difficult for me to find a place to pray there. The best way I find is to pray Zuhr and Asr at the same time. .. More

  • Delaying Asr prayer due to working hours Date: 30-3-2003

    Due to my difficult working hours, I never prayed the afternoon prayer, only after Maghrib prayer. Can I add the afternoon pray to the noon pray? .. More

  • A Muslim who does not know how to pray Date: 4-2-2003

    I know a Muslim who does not know how to pray his parents never taught him. He is religious and tries to be the best Muslim he can. Is this person considered a Muslim or does he just have the name even though he does everything in the 5 rules of Islam other than pray?.. More

  • Giving up prayers is the most abominable action Date: 30-12-2002

    Essalamou Alaikoum wa Rahmatou Allahi wa Barakatouh, Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the World; I deeply want to thank your efforts to help Muslim people today to practice Islam in good way. My question is the following and I hope to receive an appropriate answer: Who is the Best for Allah SOUBHANAOU WA TAALA, a person who pray the five prayers all.. More

  • Not praying in time and making up missed prayers Date: 4-12-2002

    Due to my busy schedule lately I have missed or said prayers late. I am a university student, I work, and my wife and we are expecting a child soon. I also have to transport her to and from school and work as we only have one car. Often the only prayers I make on time are Fajr and Isha. Is it okay for me to say prayers late, as I have not found a place.. More

  • The deeds of a person who does not pray Date: 2-12-2002

    If any body does not perform his/her daily prayer for five times regularly but he/she wants to perform fasting or the other basic three pillars. Does performing the other three pillars of Islam has any value? .. More

  • Making up missed Fajr prayer Date: 30-9-2002

    Is it permitted to make up the missed Fajr prayer?.. More

  • Working hours conflict with prayer times Date: 9-9-2002

    I'm working in a foreign company and the hours of work are from 8:00AM till 7:30PM without a break, so I can't pray each prayer in the time except Fajr, Maghrib and Isha. Are my prayers acceptable or what is the solution?.. More

  • Needs to say Isha prayer after sleeping Date: 3-9-2002

    I am a woman and work in an office. I have gone through a lot of problems which have made me quite tiresome. I work full time and by the time I reach home it is almost Maghrib. I say my prayers and then eat something. After eating I become drowsy and find it difficult/hard to say my Isha prayers. What do, I go to sleep and then get up. Sometimes,.. More

  • Times to make up missed prayers Date: 12-8-2002

    Can I pray the missed obligatory prayers after the dawn prayer, or the Asr prayer, if I am fear I will miss the present obligatory prayers? .. More

  • Making up missed Nafil prayer Date: 15-7-2002

    If we missed Nafil prayer (non-obligatory prayer), can we make it up?.. More

  • Praying Zuhr and Asr together Date: 8-7-2002

    I live in America in Chicago but I'm go to public schools. There's no place to pray Zuhr. Do I can pray both Zuhr and Asr together?.. More

  • Prayers out of their fixed time Date: 7-7-2002

    In North Europe in summer Isha prayer is at midnight. In the mosques, Isha prayer follows Maghrib prayers immediately. The logic behind that is understood, but my question concerns praying at home, can we do the sames, i.e. praying Isha after Maghrib, even though we will stay awake after that watching television or doing any other thing till the proper.. More

  • Making up for Abandoning Prayer Date: 2-7-2002

    My sister is 33 years old and wants to pray to seek forgiveness for not praying during that time. She wants to know what to do for Allah to forgive her. .. More

  • Struggling to maintain prayer Date: 16-6-2002

    I became Muslim about five years ago now, from the outset I have been having problems establishing my prayer. I know how to perform them and understand the concept of having Khushoo and even sometimes I felt as though the whole world and everything in it meant nothing during my prayer. Yet still even after that I become so lazy in performing them that.. More