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  • Delaying 'Asr and then forgetting to perform it Date: 16-1-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum. I have a question regarding the difference between neglecting and forgetting the prayer. If there are 30 minutes left for 'Asrand I wait with the intention of praying in about 15 minutes, and then, while I am eating, I forget about 'Asrand the sun goes down. Does this fall under neglect or forgetting, because I forgot at the end?.. More

  • Making up for missed prayers if their number is not known Date: 12-11-2015

    I started praying when I almostturned 16 if my memory serves me correctly. I missed most prayers before that, not all. Even after 16, for some time, I may have missed prayers due to not bathing after a wet dream. I have read that one should make up for the missed prayers out of caution.1- My first question is, from what time? I have an approximate,.. More

  • She misses Thuhr and ‘Asr prayers because of work Date: 16-9-2015

    assalamu ‘alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh, I am a single mother and I work 9hrs a day in the medical field where I cannot take a break to offer salah. This means I will miss Dhuhr and Asr prayers. Does that mean that when I make them up once I get home that Fajr, Maghrib, and Isha are then invalid, or does that mean that dhuhr and Asr are invalid? .. More

  • How to make prayer the comfort of your heart and the delight of your eyes Date: 24-8-2015

    What is the religious ruling on he who forces himself to perform prayer? .. More

  • Health benefits of prayer Date: 24-8-2015

    What is the relationship between health and prayer? .. More

  • Ruling on performing a prayer whose time is due before making up a missed one Date: 24-8-2015

    I heard some scholars saying that if a person offered the ‘Asr prayer and then remembered that he had not offered the Thuhr prayer, he must offer the Thuhr prayer and then offer the ‘Asr prayer again, since offering prayers according to the prescribed order is obligatory. However, it is narrated that the Prophet, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam,.. More

  • Falling asleep before a prayer's time and therefore missing it Date: 20-8-2015

    I am a young man who works as a nurse. On Thursdays my work starts at 8:00 PM and lasts until 10:00 AM. Afterwards, I go to sleep and miss the Jumu‘ah (Friday) prayer which is at 12:50 PM. Taking into consideration that all my efforts to wake up were in vain, am I excused by the Sharee'ah for not attending it? .. More

  • Cursing a person who does not pray Date: 20-8-2015

    I listened to an Islamic recording concerning one who does not pray. It is mentioned that such a person is a disbeliever, cursed and disobedient. Is there a specific ruling for each case? When is his heart sealed and stamped? May Allaah Almighty reward you? .. More

  • Debate between Imaams Ahmad and Ash-Shaafi‘i about unbelief and leaving prayer Date: 19-4-2015

    Shaykh, is this story true: ''There is a debate between Imams Shafi’i and Ahmad which Ibn al-Subki documented in Tabaqat al-Shafiyyah al-Kubra 2/61. Imam Ahmad debated Imam Shafi’i on the point of one who abandons the prayer for no reason. The account is as follows: Shafi’i said to Imam Ahmad, “Do you say that he disbelieves?” Imam Ahmad replied,.. More

  • Making up for prayers performed incorrectly Date: 18-4-2015

    Assalamu alaykum respected scholars. Six months ago, I went through an incredible religious awakening after reading the Quran for the first time (I'm Muslim-born), and this has prompted me to study my religion further and start taking my five pillars more seriously, with salah being my absolute top priority. However, even though I've turned to Allah.. More

  • Making up for deliberately missed prayer in a time of dislike Date: 9-2-2015

    asalaam alaikum prayers that are miss intentionally without any valid reason can we make the prayer in makrooh times?[I know we can make prayer in makrooh times if we miss for a valid reason] .. More

  • Muslim commits unbelief by abandoning prayer altogether Date: 12-1-2015

    Al salam alaikum, I was staying up late one night and out of laziness and sleepiness, I did not pray Fajr because I needed to make ghusl and I was very tired, so I slept. There were also instances where I made tayammum instead of ghusl out of laziness. I have repented alhamdulilah but the matter is complicated because I was engaged at the time and I.. More

  • Forbidden to delay prayer until the time for it ends Date: 10-1-2015

    Assalaamu'alaykum, I asked a question here a few days ago regarding the prayer and was referred to other fatwas on the same topic. While they were enlightening unfortunately they didn't answer my specific question which was: When speaking of the punishment of 'delaying' the prayer, is delaying considered praying outside of the fixed prayer time (i.e... More

  • What to do when one is not sure whether he has performed a certain prayer Date: 24-7-2014

    I don't remember whether I prayed Isha yesterday, there is an equal chance or whether I did or did not.. .. More

  • It is disliked to sleep before the time of 'Ishaa' starts Date: 11-5-2014

    Salam, Whenever my period is nearby,I become very weak in my salaat.What I mean by that is that I would delay one of my prayers,which it is mostly Isha by sleeping.I have been seeing a pattern for this for about a year.I tried to figure out on ways to help myself to pray Isha on time.For examples,my family would try to wake me up whenever they see me.. More