267 fatwas

  • The prayer of a person who dyed his hair with an impure substance Date: 12-1-2014

    What is the Sharee‘ah ruling when a woman dyes her hair with something other than black? Knowing that this dye includes some alcoholic substances, is the prayer valid in this case? .. More

  • Reason behind writing six timings for prayers in calendars Date: 12-1-2014

    Why are there six prayer times written in all calendars and agendas while there are only five obligatory prayers in Islam? Is not the Fajr prayer the same as the morning prayer? Can you please explain and clarify the difference between the Fajr and morning prayers and which one is the obligatory prayer? .. More

  • Some mosques perform the prayer early while others delay it Date: 12-1-2014

    I live in a city that is not relatively large but what surprises me is that I find two different times for the prayer of Thuhr and two Athaans as well. What is the ruling on this? .. More

  • Recommended times for performing obligatory prayers Date: 12-1-2014

    When is it recommended to perform prayer? Is it at the beginning, middle or the end of its time? Are there any exceptions? .. More

  • She doubts that she prayed before the right time Date: 22-12-2013

    assalamu 'alaykum i prayed isha, but i didnt look at the time, so i feel uncertain now did i do it on its due time, or did i do it before its time???... i have a feeling that before getting up for prayer when i last had a glimpse at my watch, i think it was 6.20, but im not too sure, as i didnt look properly, it could have been just the seconds hand.. More

  • Praying during or right after consuming alcohol or drug Date: 15-9-2013

    Can a person pray during or just after they have used drugs or alcohol, or should they skip the prayer? .. More

  • It is recommended for a man to cover his head during prayer Date: 1-9-2013


  • It is permissible to offer prayer in trousers Date: 12-6-2013

    I read in an islamic book that the Prophet ( salilahu alayhi wasalam ) forbade praying in saraweel without a cloak over them. The reference is Sunan Abu Dawood hadith number 594. So is it really impermissible to pray in saraweel or did the Islamic book make a mistake? .. More

  • The calendar does not count if it contradicts the correct Athaan time Date: 8-5-2013

    I am from Morocco and in our country there is a united Athaan for the Fajr prayer according to the astronomical system without considering the differences in sighting. Is it permissible for me to pray alone so as to offer my prayer in the due time? Or am I obliged to pray with the congregation despite the fact that they offer their prayer before the.. More

  • Offering the prayer while putting lard on one's body Date: 8-5-2013

    Is it permissible to seek alleviation by dressing the body with lard? Does it affect the purity or validity of the prayer?.. More

  • What counts is the prayer time of the town to which one travelled Date: 8-5-2013

    On January 13th at 10 pm, I traveled from an American town (in which the prayer times are: Fajr 6:10 am, Shurooq 8:00 am and Ishaa’ 6:40 pm, I reached my destination in Germany on the 14th at 12 pm and the prayer times there were: Fajr 6:40 am Shurooq 8:10 am and Thuhr 12:30 pm. After finishing procedures, it was 1pm, so the plane departed after Ishaa’.. More

  • Ruling on prayers offered in a state of complete absentmindedness Date: 7-5-2013

    I suffer greatly from daydreaming to the extent that I am always absentminded and never stop thinking. Therefore, sometimes I finish my prayers whereas I am not conscious of it at all. Do I have to make up my prayer whether the obligatory or the voluntary ones?.. More

  • Specifying an hour and fifteen minutes as a time gap between Maghrib and ‘Ishaa' Date: 5-5-2013

    We live in a Muslim-majority city in which there are five mosques. Some of these mosques proclaim the Athaan (i.e. call to prayer), especially the ‘Ishaa' Athaan, according to Al-Aqsa prayer times while the other mosques raise the Athaan an hour and fifteen minutes after the Maghrib prayer. This means that there is a time gap between the Athaans of.. More

  • It is a sin to deliberately pray in a state of Janaabah Date: 4-4-2013

    Fifteen years ago, I was on a business trip to a foreign country. I arrived on Thursday and spent that night in a hotel with no clean facilities; almost devoid of bathrooms. And if there were any, one could not have bathed in them anyway. I woke up that day to find that I had a wet dream, but could not perform Ghusl. So, I left the hotel and met my.. More

  • Ruling on spitting in the direction of Qiblah or on one's right Date: 26-2-2013

    assalam alaykum.pls,what is the ruling on spiting saliva or mucus such as nasal discharge in direction of qibla or on one's right both in prayer and outside prayer.jazaakumullah khayran .. More