166 fatwas

  • A man leading the female prison inmates in the Friday prayer Date: 1-8-2010

    In American prisons women of all faiths are accommodated to practice their religious worship and provided a faith leader to conduct it. In light of this, I have been asked to conduct two jumu'ah prayers for an all women prison (one maximum and minimum security residents). This is the only time they are allowed to congregate for collective worship.. More

  • His employer does not allow him to attend the Friday prayer Date: 21-7-2010

    salam alaykom i live in a kafir country and i was studying but me and my mother have decided that we want to return to our land so i stopped my studys and started working as a courier delivery driver and we need some money to pay off some debt and a riba debt which my mum took but my boss will not allow me to pray friday prayer and i feel i am falling.. More

  • Rulings of the Friday Khutbah Date: 4-7-2010

    Could you explain the conditions, pillars, wajibaat and sunan of giving khutbah? also, is it from the sunnah for the khateeb to tell people to send Peace and Blessings on the Prophet in the second khutbah?.. More

  • A husband declaring his wife a disbeliever does not affect their marriage Date: 24-3-2010

    Assalaamu alaikum, During an argument with her husband, a sister was told by her husband "you don't believe in God", 6 times in broad daylight, in a restaurant where other diners can here... The sister is asking if her marriage is still valid now that her husband has declared takfeer on her? Is there any (islamic legal) implication to our marriage?.. More

  • His work conflicts with performing the Friday prayer Date: 24-3-2010

    assalamou alaikoum recently my work situation changed as i no longer have the ability to go to Joumouaa (Friday prayer) in the same way that i use to. the reason for that is that rosters have changed. my work is bus driver for the general public. and my duty is to report for work and get to drive the bus according to a set timetable which means that.. More

  • Missing Friday prayer Date: 21-3-2010

    I'm working in an electrical company and I have to do shift duties. I have to give this service for 24 hrs to the public. My duty is to supervise the faults attended by the technicians and to give necessary information to attend it. Sometimes I miss my Friday prayer because of this and I always fear that it might not be an excuse, and I'm not allowed.. More

  • Holding two Jumu'ah prayers in the same mosque for necessity Date: 23-2-2010

    Assalamu Alikum. I live in north of the UK and we have a small mosque where we pray Jumaa. Because the number of people coming to pray jumaa is too large the mosque has decided to have two jumaa prayers. It is also most likely that the same imam will do the 2 prayers. 1. Is there anything wrong in having 2 jumaa prayers for this reason? 2. Is it permissible.. More

  • Correcting the Imaam during the Friday Khutbah Date: 30-9-2009

    Asalamu alaykum wa rahamatu allahi wa barakatu. Is it permissible to correct the Imam of Khubtbah Jumaa during the khutbah. It recently happened and a sister correcting Omar ibn Khatab was the example used to justify the behavior wa allahu alam. Jazak allahu khiran.. More

  • Listening to Friday Khutbah in case one does not understand it Date: 5-8-2009

    Assalamu Alaikkum when i go to jumma prayer is it permissable to recite quran ,zikr or make dua while imam gives his speech or kutba, because i am out of my country and i cannot understand imams language even a single word. jazakallahu hairan.. More

  • Ruling on the one who does not pray three Friday Prayers Date: 8-7-2009

    ASSALAMO ALAIKUM..! i m shafia... i wanted to know i have heared thosands of time that if a person skips three JUMMA'S NAMAZ.. so he will be no more MUSLIM...! IS it true.. if is dat so.. so how to convert in MUSLIM again.. sat d procisure to become MUSLIM again...! and is it aplicable in all muslims.., or just MALE persons...! please guide me.. More

  • Duration of Friday Khutbah Date: 2-7-2009

    As salamu aleykum, The local mosque offers on Friday always a long Khutbah of approx. 45 minutes. Is this not against the Sunnah, as in the Sunnah we are commanded to shorten the Khutbah of Friday as mentioned in ahadith in Sahih Muslim and Sunan Abu Dawud ? I read in a fatwa: The khutbah should be to the extend of the tiwaal e mufassal (i.e the Surahs.. More

  • Delaying the Friday prayer and shouting while Imaam is giving Khutbah Date: 11-6-2009

    QUESTION 1: Can a Jumuah (Friday prayer) be delayed or postponed? The Imam who is suppose to give the sermon is coming late. Jumuah should start at 1pm but Imam came at 1.45pm. QUESTION 2: During the sermon, can the worshipers shouted "Allahuakbar! Allahuakbar! and "you tell them!" Can the worshipers make such "noises" while the listening to.. More

  • Praying the Friday prayer before the beginning of Thuhr time Date: 8-4-2009

    Salam, im a university student and we are trying to organize a jumma for the students, most of them have a break from 12-2, we used to pray jumaa from 1-2, however with DST sala isnt till 1:45 is there any way we would be able to make the khutba at 1 however make adan and prayer at 1:45? Jazaka ALlahu Khairan or any other suggestions.. More

  • 10-Year-old boy attending the Friday prayer Date: 19-3-2009

    Assalaam u Alaikum, My son will be turning 12 years old soon and he will be going to Junior High School next year. The closest masjid is about 2 miles away and he will have to miss half a day of school on Fridays to attend the Jumu'ah prayer. I am not even sure if the school will allow it. At what age does Salatul Jumu'ah become compulsory for a boy.. More

  • A woman is not obliged to perform the Friday prayer Date: 15-1-2009

    salam alaykum wr wb, my question is does a female muslim have to pray jumaaat home. i take a shower then i pray 2 rakas jummah then i pray 4 rakas dhuhr then 2 rakas sunnah all at home. Do i have to do all those if i dont go to masjid.. More