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  • Bringing children to the Friday prayer Date: 23-11-2008

    A sister is asking the following question, "is it permissible to bring children to the friday khutbah? if a child runs around quietly, is it permissible to tell them to stop? if a child runs around and giggles or shouts, possibly disturbing the others, is it permissible to tell them to stop? if a person gets disturbed during the friday khutbah and doesn't.. More

  • Ruling on bending for few seconds during the Friday Khutbah Date: 15-11-2007

    I do see Imams during Friday Khutubah, they would bend for few seconds, what is why meaning of this, what do they say and what are the things expected of the congregation? I had a Fatwa that if just say " Allahuma soli ala mohamoddin" this is enough during Tashahhud. If the Imam or one personally recite something which is not a verse of the Holy Quran.. More

  • Religious lessons before Jumu‘ah Date: 10-11-2007

    Is it permissible to give religious lessons before the Khutbah (speech) of Jumu‘ah?.. More

  • Traveling on Friday before the prayer is due Date: 4-9-2007

    Salam alikum, I am now in germany doing my speciality in medicine. tommorow (freiday) i want to visit my freind in an anther city that is about 500 k m. away from my homecity i got a train-reservation for my tripp at 11:00 i.e. 2 hours before Salat aljomaa the traval will take about 5 hours my quetion is Am i allowed to traval 2 hours befor the.. More

  • Sitting in the position of Habwah during the Friday Khutbah Date: 2-9-2007

    Al-sallamu Al-laikoum Is it prohibited to sit on hips by erecting feet, stricking them to the stomach and holding them with hands on Frifay while imam is delivering the sermon? Please, indicate a Hadeeth on this issue. Jazzakoum Allahu khair.. More

  • Establishing Friday prayer in more than one place without necessity Date: 13-6-2007

    as salaam alaykum, i live in calcutta, India. In our city there are 3 big mosques which follows the Salafi daa'wa, so for Jumu'aa prayers we gather in this 3 mosques only, apart from this 3 mosques there are several place where 5 times prayers are held daily but this places are not mosques. Recently in one of the 3 mosque above mentioned, renovation.. More

  • Appointing a fixed time for the Friday prayer Date: 10-5-2007

    I would like to know how the juma'h (Friday prayer) was performed by our prophet {S.A.W}. 1- What was the time of the Friday prayer? (note: In my country Maldives, the government have fixed the time for the Friday Prayer call, that is 12:35 pm, Is this permissible according to Prophet's {S.A.W} sunnah?) 2- Is there any Sunna prayer after the Athan.. More

  • Works for a company which does not allow him to attend the Friday Prayers Date: 27-3-2007

    Salam Alaikom, i know this brother works for a company only 3 days a week ie. Friday, Saturday & Sunday. The problem is they would not allow him to attend the Friday prayers at the masjid, since he only works 3 days a week. is it ok that he is missing every Jumah(congregation) because of his job? please note that he does perform his 5 prayers daily.. More

  • Performing supererogatory prayer on Friday before the meridian Date: 13-3-2007

    assalamoalaikum on friday,before friday prayer time whether there is zawaal time or not.if it is,which time we can read the sunnah prayer before farz,between the two azaan... More

  • Performing the Friday prayer when it is raining or snowing Date: 23-1-2007

    Assalamo alaykum wa rahmato Allah My question is in regards to an incident that occurred in The Islamic Center of Boulder located in Colorado, USA. Due to harsh weather conditions (heavy snow), the Islamic Center announced that Friday prayer will be canceled two consecutive weeks. Some Muslims, however, live close to the masjid and could make it to.. More

  • A woman paying school fees after Athaan of Jumu'ah Date: 18-12-2006

    what do u think about pay school fees from any lady afterazan of jumaa.. More

  • His parents prevent him from performing the Friday prayer Date: 13-8-2006

    Asalamu Alaikum. I have a huge problem. My parents (mostly my mother) will not allow me to leave school and pray the Friday Prayer. Every time I give my mother an ayah or hadith she says that I'm misinterpreting it. When I show her the interpretation of a scholar, she says he's Iranian or some other nationality and does not know Arabic as well. The.. More

  • Abandoning Friday prayer without any sound reason Date: 21-3-2006

    What is the ruling on someone who deliberately abandons Friday prayer without any valid reason, and then prays Thuhr, is his prayer valid or not? .. More

  • The number of persons with which the Friday prayer can be held Date: 28-12-2005

    My question is regarding Fatwa 83782, if you don't mind can you give the proof of the Fatwa as my friend is not agreeing with this he says he is not finding anywhere that 3 members can offer Jum'ah. I will be grateful to you if you can help me with strong Dalil. May Allaah bless you with all the good things in the world and Hereafter, Aameen... More

  • Saying Aameen after the Imaam's supplications in the Friday sermon Date: 29-11-2005

    This question is a reply question to the answer of Fatwa 85371 under title “Jum'ah sermon Du'a is Sunnah.” The following is part of your Fatwa. “As for the Du'a of the Imaam during Friday sermon and the fact that the people praying with him say Aameen, this is Sunnah.” My question is since this is one of our hot titles among my colleges.. More