163 fatwas

  • Class time conflict with Jumu'ah prayer Date: 4-9-2002

    I am a student at one of the USA universities. I need one more semester to graduate. Next semester I have a time conflict between the Jumu'ah prayer time and the classes that I need. The first it has happened to me. What should I do?.. More

  • Praying Jumu'ah in Mosque with a tomb Date: 14-8-2002

    My apologies for asking this question once again. It is because that I need a little more clarification. For your valuable answer concerning the performance of Salat in Masjid (s) with tombs inside. What should one do in the case of performing the obligatory Jumu'ah Prayers in a Masjid with a tomb? I work in a town that has only one Masjid which has.. More

  • Time of Jumu'ah Prayer Date: 21-7-2002

    I am living in Italy and for the prayer of the Friday I got to the mosque. I observed that they make 'al-Azan' before the schedule time of Al-Zuhr (16 minutes before). Consequently, the 'Khutbah' starts also before this schedule time. However, the Salah itself is done after the schedule time. When I asked for an explanation, the responsible of the.. More

  • Jumu'ah prayer in non-Muslim countries Date: 8-7-2002

    Regarding Friday prayer in non-Islamic countries if there is no Masjid available. Is it possible to pray Friday at home if there is no other place? What should be done if there are only 2 or 3 people for Salat?.. More

  • The opening of the Khutba by the Prophet Date: 20-5-2002

    What is the reason behind the opening Khutba of the Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam) when he begins with Thanaa and Tahmeed and the three verses of Qur'an regarding Taqwa and the mention of Bidah?.. More

  • Jumu'ah for Muslim prisoners Date: 6-5-2002

    Is it permissible for brothers who are incarcerated to conduct Jumu'ah on Fridays?.. More

  • Three Muslims Praying Friday Prayer Date: 3-3-2002

    We are three Muslims in Japan for three months. Can we pray Salah al-Jumu'ah as a group? .. More

  • Praying Jumu'ah twice in a mosque Date: 4-2-2002

    Why should Muslims pray Jumuah' prayers? Who should pray Jumuah'? Where should Jumuah' be prayed i.e. what level of congregation? Is Jumuah' Farthi (mandatory) or is it Sunnah?Can one pray Jumuah' twice if the mosque is small i.e. can one group pray first while the second group wait and then the second group pray their turn?.. More

  • Unable to Attend Jumu'ah Prayer Sometimes Date: 20-1-2002

    What happens if I can't attend the Jumu'ah prayer? Can I pray Jumu'ah at home? I am only able to go to the mosque sometimes. .. More

  • Permissibility of leaving Jumu'ah Prayer after performing Eid prayer Date: 19-1-2002

    Is it true that if one perform Eid prayer he can leave the Friday prayer? .. More

  • Minimum number of people for Jummah prayer Date: 8-1-2002

    What is the minimum number of people for jummah prayer?.. More

  • Entering the Friday prayer after it began Date: 1-1-2002

    If I entered the prayers on Friday and the Imam had already started the prayer. Do I pray two Rak'ah or do I have to pray four Rak'ah?.. More

  • Gathering for sermon inside the mosque after Jumah prayers Date: 26-12-2001

    What is the fatwa about gathering and having sermon inside a mosque immediatley after Jumah prayers?.. More

  • Misses Friday Prayers because the Mosque is Very Far from Him Date: 27-9-2001

    I live alone with no Muslims working with me or nearby. I work in a place with no mosques around me. The nearest mosque is at least half an hour away from work (so 30 minutes to go and 30 minutes to return 1 hour). I only have 1 hour for lunch. How do I pray the Jumaah on Friday? I read a Hadith saying that if you miss 3 you aren't a Muslim any more... More

  • Performing missed Friday prayer in Jamat Date: 25-9-2001

    How do I perform Friday prayer if I miss praying with the Jamat, according to Qur'an and Sunnah?.. More