164 fatwas

  • Can not go to Friday prayer Date: 29-8-2004

    I own a pharmacy in California USA. It is very hard to find a pharmacist to take my place on Friday. The Masjid is 20 miles a way and it takes me 30 minutes to get there. I can no longer close the pharmacy and go to Friday prayer. Is this acceptable to miss the prayer? Or do I have to close the pharmacy? .. More

  • Praying alone or in congregation in the mosque Date: 9-8-2004

    Is it considered asin if you do not pray Jumu'ah" in the Masjid and pray alone at home without strong reason that stops you from going to the Mosque. So if it is not a sin is it 'Makrooh' or what? Please in the message that you are going to send, mention the name of the scholar that answers my question... More

  • Breaking one's Wudu and trying to make Friday prayer in Jumu'ah Date: 2-8-2004

    1. If one misses the Jumu'ah (Friday prayer) service due to passing of wind, can he go to another mosque to observe the prayer? 2. What is Islamic Fiqh? .. More

  • Two Imams leading the Friday worship Date: 21-7-2004

    Can two imams lead the Friday prayer, one reading the khutbah and the other leading prayers?.. More

  • Prays Jumu'ah and other prayers individually Date: 15-7-2004

    I study in a Christian school where the lunch break is between 12:00and 12:45. So I pray Zuhr and Friday prayer after 12:30 in the school without making Jama'ah. Is it permitted?.. More

  • The Khutba and Friday prayer Date: 14-6-2004

    Is the Friday Khutba fard or Sunnah according to Qur'an and Sunnah. If some one intentionally misses the Khutba but attends the prayer has he completed the salat of Jumu'ah? .. More

  • Raka'h after the Jumu'ah prayer and meaning of Jazakallah Date: 13-6-2004

    1. I would like to know how many Sunah Rakah's are to be offered for Jumuah Prayer, growing up I prayed 2 rakah upon entering the mosque and after jamah salat i have prayed 2 rakah and then 2 again but I am unsure as to the significance of the sunah rakahs. If you have already answered this question could you please guide me to the fatwa number? 2... More

  • Problems with attending Jumu'a prayer early Date: 12-5-2004

    I live in a country where innovations are rampant. Among these innovations is reading the Qur’an loud in-group in the Masjid, after both Fajr and Maghrib and before Salat al-Jumu’a. The reading is so loud that it prevents me from making Salat or reading the Qur’an in the Masjid. I decided therefore not to go to the Jumu’a prayer early... More

  • Praying Jumu’ah in congregation Date: 26-4-2004

    According to a famous Hadith, on the day of Jumu’a (Friday)one should reach the mosque as soon as possible and as time goes by the Thawab (reward) becomes less and less and once the Imam stands up the angels close their book and anyone entering after that does not getrewardedfor Jumu’a. Under these circumstances what about those who enter.. More

  • Time for Salat-ul-Jumah (Friday Prayer) Date: 27-3-2004

    Canthe Salat-ul-Jumu’abe performedat the time of Salat-ul-Asr?My friend argues that the Jumu’a is for the gathering of the Ummah, so we can do it by that time when people will be free from their work. Replyfrom Qur’an or Sunnah... More

  • Delivering Friday sermon in local language Date: 17-3-2004

    The pray in Friday noon in Sierra Leone is in the Sierra Leone language and I didn't understand any word for that.Can I pray in my room?.. More

  • A preacher jokes during Khutba so that people will not get sleepy Date: 18-2-2004

    My question is regarding giving Khutbah or sermon prayer. I have heard that the Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam) when he gave his Friday Khutbah, his eyes turned red in seriousness. Is this true? So, if it is, is it permissible for an Imam or Khatib to add a little joke on his sermon as to add a little humour so that the Ma'moom will not.. More

  • Sunnah Prayer Before And After Jumu'ah According To Hanafi School Date: 30-12-2003

    How many Rak'ah should we pray for the Friday prayer according to Hanafis? .. More

  • Has an exam scheduled during Jumu'ah prayer Date: 10-6-2003

    On Friday I have an exam which is 3 hours long. It starts from 11 to 2 pm; this means I will miss the Jumu'ah prayer. I need some advice to deal with this situation... More

  • Problems Praying Jumu’ah with Their Imam Date: 8-6-2003

    I'm a young man living in Brazil. We have an Imam. But some of the people who pray with him want me to pray instead of him especially Jumu'ah prayer because of the Khutbah. But I pray in another mosque. So, can I lead them in Jumu'ah prayer after having prayed in another mosque and with another Imam? .. More